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[HARL621] John Harling, of Mansergh hall houses, could have been the son of Edmund (born 1669), or of Edward (born 1676), or of Rowland (born 1675), or of Thomas (born 1674 or 1678), which makes it impossible to proceed further back. John probably had a sister Alice, who married married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 14th January 1698-99) Thomas Ustonson. Three months after this event, John Harling married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 18th April 1699) [USTO622] Julian Ustonson "of this town" (born 1666, see USTONSON). They had two children born at Mansergh and baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale as follows:

[HARL631] Richard Harling. “Ricardus de Kirby” married (at Beetham, 30th June 1731) [BOWN632] Isabel Bownas (born 1701, see BOWNAS).

Beetham St. Michael
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East end of church
(31 October 2008)

They were married by licence, which showed Richard was a barber, and both were of Kirkby Lonsdale. The bondsman was Thos. Fell, yeoman of Kirkby Lonsdale. The bond was witnessed by John Briggs and Robt. Crosfield.


They had three children born and baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale as follows:

The last child born in 1741 would be in keeping with Isabel having married later in life.

At the 1733 baptism, Richard was shown to be a barber. A Christopher Procter, Richard’s servant (presumably at the barber’s shop), died at Kirkby Lonsdale (buried there 30th January 1735/6). Richard (barber surgeon) was a bondsman for Rowland Tatham and Emma Powley, who were married by licence in January 1745/6. Richard (innkeeper) was bondsman for Christopher Holme and Anne Philipson, who were married by licence in 1745. Richard (an innkeeper and barber & peruke maker) died at Kirkby Lonsdale (buried there 10th September 1754). He died intestate and his widow Isabel together with their son John administered his estate. His assets were valued at £109:2s:0d, and one of the appraisers was Jue [?] Bownass, not yet identified, though possibly a close relative of Isabel. Isabel died (age 68) at Kirkby Lonsdale also (buried there 11th January 1769).

[HARL642] Jane Harling (born 1741, daughter of Richard) married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 13th November 1769) [GRNT641] John Garnett (born 1735, see GARNETT).