[HASN601] William Harrison married (at Calverley, 14th October 1668) [MADD602] Mary Maud. They had four children born at Idle and baptised at Calverley as follows:

Maud died at Idle (buried at Calverley, 7th July 1703). William died at Idle also (buried at Calverley, 4th May 1716).

[HASN611] Jonathan Harrison (born 1675) of Bayldon married 1. (at Baildon, 24th October 1698) Jane Roundell (born 1679) of Leeds Parish. They had one child born and baptised at Pudsey as follows:

Jane died, and afterwards Jonathan married 2. (at Calverley, 8th May 1701) [MRSH612] Martha Marshall. They had nine children born at Stanningley and baptised at Calverley as follows:

Jonathan (a tailor) died at Stanningley (buried at Calverley, 10th April 1738).

[HASN621] Jonathan Harrison (born 1707, son of Jonathan & Martha), a tailor, married (at Calverley, 23rd June 1731) [BANK622] Mary Banks (born 1710, see BANKS). They had four children born at Stanningley and baptised at Calverley as follows:

[HASN631] William Harrison (born 1732), a tailor, married (at Calverley, 15th May 1755) [STAS632] Nancy Stables (born 1731) of Leeds, witnessed by Thomas Constantine. They had nine children born at Stanningley as follows:

Nancy (“Ann”) died (age 67) at Stanningley (18th June 1798, buried at Calverley, 20th June 1798). William died (age 75) at Stanningley also (19th September 1807, buried at Calverley, 22nd September 1807).

[HASN641] George Harrison (born c.1772), a clothier, married 1. (at Calverley, 29th June 1794) [ROGE642] Deborah Roger (born 1772), witnessed by Jonathan Harrison (George's brother). They had eight children born at Stanningley and baptised at either Calverley or Pudsey Congregational Church as follows:

George died (age 34) at Stanningley (buried at Calverley, 18th October 1807). Afterwards, Deborah (widower) married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 8th January 1810) James Keighley (clothier). Deborah Keighley died (age 47) at Stanningley (buried at Calverley, 5th December 1819).

[HASN651] Thomas Harrison (born 1794), a clothier, married 1. (at Leeds, 12th July 1812) [HUTC652] Elisabeth Hutchinson (born 1793, see HUTCHINSON), witnessed by Joseph Hutchinson (Elizabeth's brother). Elisabeth was just age 19, whilst Thomas was still 17. Their first child Joseph was born at Stanningley (1813). Thomas was not present at either birth or baptism of Joseph, as 8 months earlier he had enlisted at Manchester with the Royal Horse Artillery (on 22nd December 1812, calling himself “Jonathan Midgley, born in Leeds”). He did not return home until March 1818, when he “deserted”. He returned to the army shortly afterwards, taking with him his wife and son.

For a summary of his army career from 1812 to 1835 see THOMAS HARRISON'S ARMY CAREER.

After Thomas was discharged from the army (1835), he and Elisabeth returned to Stanningley. Altogether Thomas (a clothier) and Elisabeth had seven children:

Nelson Croft married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 24th January 1883) Ann Taylor. And their son:

Taylor Croft (born 10th June 1883) married (at Farsley, St. John, 28th April 1909) Laura Beatrice Cole. Taylor Croft was a councillor, then Mayor of Pudsey (1944-45);

Elisabeth died (age 45, of palsy and asthma) at Stanningley (26th December 1838, no trace of her burial, presumably at Sunfield). Afterwards Thomas, a clothier of Stanningley, married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 17th June 1839) Martha Ward (born at Calverley Mill, 13th April 1803) of Potternewton, witnessed by Mary Gledhill. They had two further children born at Stanningley and baptised at Calverley as follows:

By the 1851 Census, Thomas was a grocer at Richardshaw, Stanningley in Pudsey. Thomas died (age 63, of a fever and congestion of the brain) at Stanningley (16th November 1857, buried at Pudsey, St. Paul, 19th November 1857). Martha died (age 72, of bronchitis) at Stanningley also (14th June 1875, buried at Pudsey, St. Paul, 16th June 1875).



deconsecrated building
formerly St. Paul's Pudsey

(26 July 2008)

[HASN662] Elizabeth Harrison (born 1820, daughter of Thomas & Elisabeth) married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 28th August 1836) [WODD661] William Wood (born 1818, see WOOD).


Thomas Harrison = Martha Ward
1841 Census  1298/13-5  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
Thomas HARRISON     45 clothier Y
Martha HARRISON     35          Y
Ann    Harrison     13          Irish
George Harrison     10          N
Ellen  Harrison      5          Y
1851 Census  2313-57  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
Thomas HARRISON H M 56 Clothier, Grocer & Pensioner Calverley
Martha HARRISON W M 47                              Calverley
Thomas Harrison S -  6                              Calverley
Henry  Harrison S -  5                              Calverley
1861 Census  3348-92  Stanningley (Pudsey), Wheaters Fold
Martha HARRISON H W 57 grocer                       Calverley
Thomas Harrison S - 16 pupil teacher                Pudsey
Henry  Harrison S - 15 ap                           Pudsey
1871 Census  4509-90  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw Lane
Martha HARRISON H W 67 grocer                       Calverley
Henry  Harrison S U 25 shoe maker or cordwainer     Stanningley