[HAWK591] Christopher Hawkes and his 1st wife Alice had three children born and baptised at Kingston as follows:

Thomas (baptised 8th April 1621), died at Kingston (buried there 11th September 1654);

John (baptised 8th January 1624/5), buried same day he was baptised;

[HAWK601] Christopher (baptised 18th December 1625), see later.

Alice died at Kingston (buried there 13th October 1626), and Christopher afterwards married 2. (at Kingston, 6th October 1627) Mary Francis.



Kingston Church
(28 July 1993)

Christopher and Mary had four children born and baptised at Kingston as follows:

 Joseph (baptised 13th July 1628);

 Susan (baptised  21st March 1629/30);

 Mary (baptised 28th July 1633), married (at Kingston, 23rd June 1659) Robert Savell;

 Elizabeth (baptised 18th September 1635).

Christopher had 6 hearths at the 1662 Hearth Tax. Mary had 6 at the 1664 Hearth Tax for Kingston shortly after Christopher died there (buried there 23rd April 1664). Christopher's will included two shillings and sixpence to his son Joseph, two unmarried daughters Susan and Elizabeth, and grandchildren Robert and Christopher Savell (children of his daughter Mary), grandchildren Rachel and Christopher (children of his son Christopher) and grandchildren William and Annis (possibly children of his son Thomas). His wife Mary received the residue, including two and a half acres of land at Berrystead to be sold to pay his debts. (His will was made on the twenty-second day of April and he was buried on the twenty-third). Mary died at Kingston also (buried there 28th September 1680).

[HAWK601] Christopher Hawkes (born 1625) and his wife Susan had two children born and baptised at Bourn as follows:

Rachel (baptised 3rd June 1655);

[HAWK611] Christopher (baptised 3rd May 1660), see later.

Christopher possibly buried at Kingston (23rd April 1664 NBI), and Susannah died at Kingston (buried there 20th September 1695).

[HAWK611] Christopher Hawkes (born 1660) married (1685)  Flower Barton, also known as Flora. They had seven children as follows:

[HAWK621] Richard (born at Orwell, baptised there 26th August 1686), see later;

 Christopher (born at Orwell, baptised there 20th October 1687);

 Sara (born at Bourn, baptised there 30th March 1691);

 Thomas (born at Bourn, baptised there 4th May 1695);

 Susanna (born at Bourn, baptised there 14th November 1699);

 Honor (born at Bourn, baptised there 6th July 1701), married (at Great Eversden, 2nd October 1721) Robert Leet;

 John (born at Bourn, baptised there 3rd December 1706), married Elizabeth.

Christopher died at Bourn (buried there 2nd February 1708/9), and Flower "widow" died at Bourn also (buried there 17th November 1712).

[HAWK621] Richard Hawkes (born 1686) had an illegitimate child by Elizabeth Peel:

Richard (born at Arrington, 28th May 1708), died there (4th May 1710).

Afterwards Richard of Bourn married (at Cambridge, St Benedict, 6th August 1713) [KIDM622] Helen Kidman (born 1694, see KIDMAN). They had eight children born and baptised at Bourn as follows:

Susanna (baptised 13th November 1713), died (age 17 months) at Bourn (buried there 2nd April 1715);

Ellen (baptised 16th February 1714/5), died at Bourn (buried there 30th January 1738);

Flower (baptised 7th January 1716/7), possibly died at Bourn (buried there 25th May 1764);

Richard (baptised 3rd November 1718), married (at Bourn, 7th February 1741/2) Dorothy Fuller;

[HAWK631] Christopher (baptised 28th December 1722), see later;

John (baptised 4th January 1724/5), married (at Bourn, 3rd August 1746) Mary Shadwell;

Susanna (baptised 14th October 1726), probably lived 16 months, as "a child" was buried at Bourn (- February 1727/8);

William (baptised 24th September 1728), married (at Bourn, 18th October 1757) Elizabeth Luck.

Richard died at Bourn (buried there 24th April 1728), and Helen died five months later at Bourn also (buried there 26th September 1728).

[HAWK631] Christopher Hawkes (born 1722, son of Richard & Helen) married (at Melbourn, 1st November 1741) [PALM632] Mary Palmer (born 1723, see PALMER), both of Meldreth. They had four children born and baptised at Arrington as follows:

[HAWK642] Sarah (baptised 12th June 1743), married (at Arrington, 9th December 1764) [LYNE641] Ariah Lyon (born 1742, see LYON);

Mary (baptised 2nd February 1745/6), married Simon Story, twice widowed;

Flower aka Flora (born 16th September 1752, baptised there 1st October 1752), married 1. John Safford (of Bolnhurst); then 2. George Marlin (or Merten);

Susannah (baptised 9th May 1756).

Mary died at Arrington (buried there 24th April 1764), and almost 30 years later Christopher (who had been parish clerk since 1777) died at Arrington also (buried there 12th May 1793).