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[FZOS321] Herfast de Crepon (son of [HERB301] Herbastus de Crepon, see HERBASTUS DE CREPON).

[FZOS331] Osbern de Crepon, was a Steward of Normandy to [NORM321] DUKE ROBERT I, married [VAUD322] Emme de Ivry (daughter of Count Raoul of Ivry (see VAUDREUIL). Osbern was murdered at Vandreuil (c.1038) by William, son of [TMON321] Roger I de Montgomery (see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM). (William de Montgomery was afterwards slain in revenge.)

[FZOS342] Emma FitzOsbern (daughter of Osbern de Crepon) married [VERN341] William de Vernon (see VERNON).

[FZOS341] William FitzOsbern (born c.1030, son of Osbern de Crepon), Seigneur of Breteuil, Steward of Normandy, married 1. [TONY412] Adelise de Toeni (born c.1035, see TONY), died c.1070; then 2. (1070) Richilde (daughter of the Count of Egisheim Alsace). Richilde had previously married 1. Count Herman of Hainault; then 2. [HAIN341] Count Baldwin I of Hainault.

William took a leading part in the planning and execution of the Battle of Hastings. As his reward, he was granted great estates in England, namely the Isle of Wight and the County of Hereford, granted the Lordship of Strigoil (Chepstow), becoming 1st Lord of Wight and 1st Earl of Hereford (1067). He built, rebuilt or planned strong castles at Wigmore, Clifford, Ewyas Harold, Monmouth, Richard's Castle (built by Richard FitzScrob), Usk and Chepstow (see MARCHES). He gave land at Chepstow for the building of a Benedictine Priory and Church, which commenced shortly after his death. A century later his earthwork "motte and bailey" fortress at Usk was improved upon by [PEMB361] Richard de Clare, see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM.


Chepstow Priory Church
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church interior
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William died at Flanders (22nd February 1070-71), and Richilde died March 1086-87.

[FZOS352] Emma (daughter of William & Adelise) married (1075) [GAEL351] Earl Ralph (see NORFOLK & SUFFOLK (GAEL) EARLDOM), against the wishes of King William I.

 [FZOS353] Adeliza FitzOsbern (born at Breteuil, daughter of William & Adelize) married [GREY401] John de Croy (see WILTON (GREY) BARONY).

[FZOS354] William, Comte de Breteuil, probably married Adeline de Montfort.

[FZOS362] Isabella de Breteuil married [LOVL351] married [LOVL351] Ancelin Goel lupus, de Perceval, Comte d'Ivry (see LOVEL)..


 [HER2431] Roger de Pitres (born c.1035, of uncertain origin), Sheriff of Gloucester, married [BAAL352] Eunice de Baalun (born c.1040, daughter of Drew, Lord of Baalun, see BAALUN). He died c.1086.

 [HER2444] --- (daughter of Roger) married [LAME401] Norman de la Mare (see DE LA MARE NORMANDY).

[HER2441] Walter Fitz Roger de Pitres (born c.1065, son of Roger), hereditary Sheriff of Gloucester, was tenant-in-chief in the Domesday Survey in Gloucs and Hants, and became Constable of England.


Caldicot Castle
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He was a great castle builder, and he took over Caldicot Castle from his uncle, Durand, Sheriff of Gloucester, (1127).






Walter married his aunt, [BAAL354] Emma de Baalun (born c.1067, daughter of Drew, Lord of Baalun, see BAALUN). Emma and Eunice were half-sisters. Walter died c.1127.

 [HER2452] Matilda FitzWalter de Pitres of Gloucester (daughter of Walter) married [CLIF411] Richard FitzPonce (see CLIFFORD).

[HER2451] Miles of Gloucester, Constable of England, married (c. May 1121, son of Walter) [NEWF452] Sibyl de Nova Mercato (daughter of Bernard de Nova Mercato, Lord of Brecknock, see NOVA MERCATO). Miles was present at the Siege of Shrewsbury (1138), but joined EMPRESS MATILDA on her arrival 1139, taking her to Gloucester, where he received from her the Castle of St. Briavellís, and the whole of the Forest of Dean. He accompanied Matilda to Winchester, and then to Reading (where he acted as her constable), and then on to London. He accompanied her in her flight to Gloucester, and was with her subsequently at Oxford, where she created him 3rd Earl of Hereford (25th July 1141) as a reward for his assistance. He also became 3rd Lord Abergavenny (1141). Miles died 24th December 1143, leaving five sons and three daughters (see ABERGAVENNY (GLOUCESTER & HEREFORD) BARONY for more details).

 [HER2464] Margaret (1st daughter of Miles) married [HERE441] Humphrey III (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM below). She took the County of Hereford, and also Caldicot Castle.

 [HER2462] Bertha (2nd daughter of Miles) married [ABER361] Lord William (see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). She took the Lordship of Brecknock and Abergavenny.

[HER2463] Lucy (3rd daughter of Miles) married [HERZ461] Herbert FitzHerbert (see HERBERT). She took the Forest of Dean.


[HERE411] Richard de Meri, married (c.1052) Billeheud (born c.1036).

[HERE422] Adelaide de Bohun (born c.1074) married (c.1086) [ALBI441] Seigneur Main (see BELVOIR (ALBINI) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[HERE421] Humphrey I de Bohun (born c.1058) was Seigneur of Bohun & Carentan (before 1066), and was a kinsman of William the Conqueror. He held land in Norfolk as tenant-in-chief of the king at the Domesday Survey.

[HERE431] Humphrey II (born c.1079) married (c.1097) [SALI353] Maud (or Mabel) (see SALISBURY (SALISBURY) EARLDOM). Humphrey died c.1129.

[HERE441] Humphrey III (born c.1109) married (1137) [HER2464] Margaret (see HEREFORD (GLOUCESTER) EARLDOM above), and thereby inherited Caldicot Castle, which the family then held for two centuries. He died 6th April 1187 [but elsewhere stated to be during 1165].

[HERE451] Humphrey IV (born c.1143) married (c.1175) [DUNK459] Margaret (see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM). Humphrey was hereditary Constable of England, and styled himself Earl of Hereford. He died c.1187, and Margaret died 1201.

[HERE461] Henry (born c.1176, son of Humphrey) married (c.1197) Maud (see ESSEX (FITZPIERS) EARLDOM). Henry was hereditary Constable of England, and became 5th Earl of Hereford (1200) through his paternal grandmother, Margaret. He fought at the Battle of Lincoln (20th May 1217), when the forces of Dauphin Louis of France (future King Louis VIII of France) were defeated in the streets of Lincoln by supporters of the young King Henry III.

Llanthony Secunda Priory
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The Earl was about to embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, when he died (1st June 1220) and was buried at Llanthony Secunda Priory (close to Gloucester Castle).

Maud afterwards married 2. Roger de Daunteseye. Maud became suo jure Countess of Essex (1227), after the death of her brother William. Maud died August 1236.


[BOMI251] Sir Ralph de Bohun (born 1202, son of Henry) married Cecily, Countess of Ballymadden). Ralph died 1270. See BOHUN OF MIDHURST.

[HERE471] Humphrey (born c.1200) married 1. [LUSX392] Maud d'Eu (daughter of Raoul I, Count of Eu, see THIRD HOUSE OF EU). Humphrey became 6th Earl of Hereford (1220) after his father died, then 7th Earl of Essex (1236) after his mother died. After Maud died, Humphrey married 2. Maud d'Avenbury. This 2nd Maud died October 1273, and Humphrey died September 1275.

[HERE482] Maud (daughter of Humphrey & [presumably] Maud) married 1. Anselm, 9th Earl of Pembroke; 2. (before June 1250) [QUEN391] Earl Roger, see WINCHESTER QUENCY EARLDOM.

[HERE481] Humphrey the younger (son of Humphrey & his 1st wife Maud) married 1. [ABER402] Alianore de Briouze see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY). After Alianore died, Humphrey married 2. Joan (eldest daughter & coheir of Robert de Quency, who was younger son of [QUEN361] Earl Saher (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM)). Humphrey fought at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265) where he was taken prisoner, and died shortly afterwards at Beeston Castle (October 1265). Joan died November 1283.

[HERE491] Humphrey (born c.1249, son of Humphrey & Alianore) married (1275) [FIES422] Maud de Fiennes (see FIENNES). Humphrey became both 7th Earl of Hereford & 8th Earl of Essex (1275). He died (subsequent to Maud) at Pleshey (December 1298).

[HERE501] Humphrey (born c.1276) married (at Westminster Abbey, 14th November 1302) [PLAX415] Princess Elizabeth (see PLANTAGENET KINGS). Humphrey became both 8th Earl of Hereford & 9th Earl of Essex (1298). Humphrey fought at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314) and was taken prisoner at Bothwell Castle, whither he had retreated with other lords, having been betrayed by the Governor, Sir Walter FitzGilbert. Humphrey was exchanged for Elizabeth de Burgh, wife of Robert the Bruce, and also his daughter and nephew. Elizabeth died May 1316.

Later, Humphrey sided with Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster, against King Edward II. On 16th March 1321-22 they were retreating north looking for help from Robert the Bruce. Reaching Boroughbridge, they found the north side of the River Ure guarded by the King's supporters. The old wooden bridge was too narrow for horses, and Humphrey and his men dismounted to cross on foot, whereupon he was struck by a spear thrust through a crevice in the planking from below. Humphrey was mortally wounded, and died on 5th May 1322 following, at Boroughbridge, and was buried at the Church of the Friars Preachers, York.

The Earl of Lancaster had sought refuge by the altar in the nearby church at Boroughbridge, but was dragged away and shortly afterwards beheaded in his own castle at Pontefract, with his head facing Scotland. Two other ringleaders, Roger Clifford and John Mowbray were hung at York, 14 bannerets and as many knights-bachelors were put to death. 86 knights-bachelors remained in prison; and only 5 were subsequently liberated. On 11th July, 138 persons submitted to a fine to save their lands and lives. And so opposition to King Edward II crumbled -- for the moment, as he was murdered 5 years later. Humphrey was buried at York. A memorial was [allegedly] placed in Exeter Cathedral by his daughter Margaret, who married the 10th Earl of Devon. The simple plaque (removed before 2002) reads:


Earl of Hereford, he married Elizabeth

daughter of Edward I, was taken

prisoner at the Battle of Bannockburn,

died 1322

Sir Humphrey (1322)
(10 May 1996)


[HERE511] William (born 1312, 5th son of Humphrey) married (1335) [NORT519] Elizabeth Badlesmere (see BADLESMERE BARONY), who had previously married 1. [MRCH501] Sir Edmund Mortimer (see MARCH (MORTIMER) EARLDOM), died December 1331. William was created 6th Earl of Northampton (1337). He was present of the Battle of Sluys (24th June 1340).

He sailed to Brittany as King Edward III's Lieutenant (Summer of 1345). He fought in the 1st division, which was led by the Black Prince, at the Battle of Crecy (26th August 1346), and participated in the Siege of Calais (1346-47). He was invested Knight of the Garter (1349). He took part in the victory over the Spanish fleet off Winchelsea (August 1350), and in October was made Warden of the Scottish Marches (see MARCHES). He was Admiral of the Fleet in the North (1351-53). He was in Artois with Edward III (1355, and took part in the Expedition to France (1359-60).

William died 6th September 1360.

[HERE522] Elizabeth (daughter of William) married (1359) [ARU2521] Earl Richard (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM).