[HOWS581] Edward Howsden (born c.1550) married 1. Esbell ---. They had two children born and baptised at Hinxton as follows:

Edward (baptised 12th September 1574), married 1.--; then 2. (at Little Hormead, Herts, 18th November 1644) Margaret Allen. He died at Hormead Parva (c. July 1646).

[HOWS591] John (baptised 29th June 1576), see later.

Esbell died at Hinxton (July 1576), and afterwards Edward married 2. (at Babraham, 23rd January 1587) Justice Smith, by whom he had three further children born and baptised at Hinxton as follows:

Robert (baptised 16th November 1588);

Mary (baptised 11th September 1597);

Richard (baptised 1st February 1601).

Justice died at Hinxton (February 1617), and Edward died at Hinxton (January 1627).

[HOWS591] John (born 1576) married (at Hinxton, 28th October 1604) Alice Twynne (baptised at Hinxton, 16th March 1579/80, daughter of Francis & Alse).

Hinxton Church
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They had eight children born and baptised at Hinxton, as follows:

Mary  (baptised 18th February 1605-06), married (at Great Chesterford, 1631) Richard Roberts;

[HOWS601] Edward (baptised 17th April 1608), see later;

Anne (baptised 7th October 1610), married (at Strethall, Essex, c.1630/5) Christopher Emmerson;

Alse (baptised 22nd November 1612), died 1612;

John (baptised 29th January 1615);

Margrett (baptised 12th October 1617); died December 1636;

Richard (baptised 7th November 1619), married (at Cambridge, St. Edward, 8th April 1644) Jane Fordham;

William (baptised 16th March 1622), died at Hinxton (December 1695).

John died at Hinxton (August 1642).

[HOWS601] Edward Howsden (born 1608) married (at Cambridge, St. Mary the Great, 20th June 1631) [SWAN602] Mary Swan (born 1582, see SWAN). They had five children as follows:

Edward (baptised at Hinxton, 22nd March 1622), died at Ickleton (buried there 24th December 1663);

[HOWS611] Christopher (baptised at Ickleton, 5th June 1636), see later;

John (baptised at Ickleton, 25th April 1640), married (at Ickleton, 17th December 1663) Mercy Preist. He died at Ickleton (April 1700);

Daniel (baptised at at Ickleton, 20th July 1642), died (age 14) at Ickleton (buried there 10th August 1656);

Richard (baptised at Ickleton, 5th April 1646), married (at Ickleton, 16th April 1666) Elizabeth Jeggon. He died at Ickleton (October 1723);

James (baptised at Ickleton, 29th April 1649), married (at Ickleton, 11th July 1678) Susanna Gourner. He died at Ickleton (1690);
  Ickleton Church
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In the Hearth Tax assessments Edward had 4 hearths (1662), then 5 (1664). Edward died at Ickleton (buried there 26th September 1665), and Mary died at Ickleton also (buried there 25th November 1682).

[HOWS611] Christopher Howsden (born 1636) and his wife Ann had five children born and baptised at Ickleton as follows:

Katherine (baptised 10th July 1670), lived 2 months;

[HOWS621] Edward (baptised 27th October 1671), see later;

Eleanor Rebecca (baptised 10th August 1673);

John (baptised 8th September 1675), died (age 4) at Ickleton (buried there 20th January 1679-80);

William (baptised 11th July 1677).

Ann died at Ickleton (buried there 22nd January 1692). Christopher died at Stansted Mountfichet, Essex, (buried at Ickleton 11th June 1706).

[HOWS621] Edward Howsden (born 1671), shown as “son of Christopher of Ickleton”, married (at Fen Drayton, 16th September 1694) [INGY622] Mary Ingree (born 1669, see INGREE) shown as “daughter of Henry”. They had five children born and baptised at Fen Drayton as follows:

Henry (baptised 21st July 1695), died (age 3) at Fen Drayton (buried there 8th May 1698);

[HOWS631] William (baptised 23rd August 1696), see later;

twins John and Edward (baptised 10th April 1698), both buried 7 days after they were baptised;

Henry (baptised 8th May 1699), married (at Fen Drayton, 9th February 1721/2) Elizabeth Mowld.

Mary died at Fen Drayton (buried there 13th March 1725/6).

[HOWS631] William Howsden born 1696), shown as "of Fen-Drayton", married by licence (at St. Ives, 27th April 1723) [PERK632] Sarah Perkins shown as "of Fen-Stanton". They had six children born and baptised at Fen Drayton as follows:

Mary (baptised 5th April 1724), lived 3 months;

Mary (baptised 16th May 1725), presumably died young;

Sarah (baptised 2nd July 1727), married (at Fen Drayton, 6th September 1743) Robert Johnson;

[HOWS641] Edward (baptised 21st April 1730), see later;

Mary (baptised 11th June 1732), married (at Fen Stanton, 22nd November 1756) George Wade;

Martha (baptised 4th June 1735), married (at Fen Stanton, 1st November 1756) William Bettle.

William died at Fen Stanton (buried there 11th August 1762), and Sarah died at Fen Stanton also (buried there 24th July 1777).

[HOWS641] Edward Howsden (born 1730) married (at Fen Drayton, 14th December 1755) [TUNN642] Mary Tunwell (born 1733, see TUNNELL). They had ten children born and baptised at Fen Drayton as follows:

Ann (baptised 26th September 1756);

William (baptised 2nd October 1757), died young;

William (baptised 12th September 1760), died (age 9) at Fen Drayton (buried there 8th December 1769);

Mary (baptised 19th September 1761);

[HOWS652] Alice (baptised 7th October 1764), married (at Fen Drayton, 26th October 1788) [BULL665] James Bull (see BULL);

Edward (baptised 9th October 1766);

Hannah (baptised 1st October  1769), died age 17 months;

John (baptised 9th October 1772), probably married (at Over, 1791) Susannah Brand;

William (baptised 9th October 1772);

Hannah (baptised 3rd April 1774).

Edward died at Fen Drayton (buried there 5th January 1794), and Mary died (age 91) at Fen Drayton also (buried there 3rd June 1824).