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(see NORTHUMBRIA (SIWARD) EARLDOM full details of 1st Earl)

[NTHM331] Waltheof became 1st Earl of Huntingdon (1065) and 1st Earl of Northampton too, when Tostig was banished. After the Conquest he was restored to the Huntingdon Earldom (1070), and later to his father's Northumberland Earldom (1072).


[SLIZ361] Simon de St. Liz (born c.1072, said to be either the son of Ranulph the rich, a Norman, or the son of Landri de Senlis), married (probably 1090) [NTHM349] Maud (daughter of Earl Waltheof, see NORTHUMBRIA (SIWARD) EARLDOM), following which he became 2nd Earl of Huntingdon (1090-c.1111) and 2nd Earl of Northampton (1090-c.1111, see NORTHAMPTON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM). After Simon died at La Charitie Priory on his way to Jerusalem (c.1111), Maud married 2. (1113) [DUNK431] King David I of Scotland, who then also became 3rd Earl of Huntingdon (see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM below).

[SLIZ374] Hugh de St. Liz (son of Simon) married [RIDE372] Hawise (daughter of Geoffrey Ridel, see RIDEL).

[SLIZ385] Emma de St. Liz (born c.1106, daughter of Hugh) married [NEWF451] Ivo de Neufmarche, see NOVA MERCATO).

[SLIZ375] Adelicia (daughter of Simon) married [MAUD351] William III (see WARWICK (MAUDUIT) EARLDOM).

[SLIZ379] Maud (daughter of Simon) married 1. [NORQ431] Robert FitzRichard, Lord of Little Dunmow (see(HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP), died 1134; then 2. [ALBI451] William de Albini (see BELVOIR (ALBINI) LORDSHIP); then 3. (after 1136) [QUEN361] Saher I (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM).

[SLIZ371] Simon de St. Liz (born c.1098, son of Simon), 5th Earl of Huntingdon (1138-53), 4th Earl of Northampton (1136-53), married [BEAM377] Isabel (born c.1121, daughter of Earl Robert (see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). He died August 1153, and afterwards Isabel married 2. Gervase de Paynell.

[SLIZ382] Isabel (born c.1135, daughter of Simon) married [MAUD361] William IV (see WARWICK (MAUDUIT) EARLDOM).


DUNK431] David I the Saint of Scotland (born c.1084, 6th son of King Malcolm III of Scotland & Margaret), was Earl of Huntingdon (1113-36), and King of Scots (1124-53). See under KINGS OF SCOTLAND (HOUSE OF DUNKELD) for full details.

[DUNK441] Henry of Scotland (born c.1114, younger son of David) became 4th Earl of Huntingdon (1136, though he resigned his Earldom 1138), and tried unsuccessfully (1136-38) to help his niece EMPRESS MATILDA secure the English throne. He married (1139) [SURR435] Ada (daughter of Earl William, see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM). He died 12th June 1152, and was buried in Kelso Abbey.

  Kelso Abbey
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Countess Ada founded the Cistercian Nunnery at Haddington (c.1155). In the grounds was St. Martin's Kirk in the Nungate, for the benefit of the residents of the town.



St Martin's Kirk ruins
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South entrance with north
entrance beyond

interior view
west wall

Ada died 1178.

[DUNW451] William the lion (born c.1143, son of Henry) was 7th Earl of Huntingdon (1165-74 & 1185), and 2nd Earl of Northumberland (1152-57, see NORTHUMBERLAND (DUNKELD) EARLDOM), and later King of Scotland (1165-1214, see also HOUSE OF DUNKELD), see below under KING WILLIAM THE LION.

[DUNK459] Margaret (daughter of Henry) married 1. (1160) [RICH371] Count Conan (see RICHMOND EARLDOM); then 2. (1175) [HERE451] Humphrey IV (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).

[DUNK452] Marjorie (born c.1152, daughter of Henry) married [ANGS471] Earl Gilchrist (see ANGUS EARLDOM).

[DUNK461] David (Born c.1144, younger son of Henry) was Knighted (May 1170), and became 9th Earl of Huntingdon (1185-1219). He married (26th August 1190) [BAYE383] Maud (daughter of Earl Hugh, see CHESTER (BAYEUX) EARLDOM). He died at Yardley, Northants, (17th June 1219), and Maud died c. January 1233

[DUNK472] Ada (3rd daughter of David, 9th Earl) married [HAST471] Sir Henry (see HASTINGS BARONY).

[DUNK473] Isabel (2nd daughter of David, 9th Earl) married [BRUC471] Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale (see ANNANDALE LORDSHIP).


[DUNW451] William the lion (born c.1143, son of [DUNK441] Earl Henry, see above under HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM) was 7th Earl of Huntingdon (1165-74 & 1185), and 2nd Earl of Northumberland (1152-57, see NORTHUMBERLAND (DUNKELD) EARLDOM), and later King of Scotland (1165-1214, see also HOUSE OF DUNKELD). He was captured at Battle of Alnwick (13th July 1174), and taken in chains to meet Henry I of England at Falaise (France). He became 7th Earl of Huntingdon again (1185), but immediately resigned the earldom in favour of his brother David, see below) He married (at Woodstock Palace, Oxford, 5th September 1186) [BEAU413] Ermengarde (daughter of Vicomte Richard, see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE). He also had at least 9 illegitimate children. William died at Stirling (4th December 1214) and was buried at Arbroath Abbey .

  Arbroath Abbey
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 Ermengarde died 1234.

[DUNW463] Isabel (illegitimate daughter of William, by a daughter of Robert Avenal) married 1. [BRUC471] Robert de Brus (see ANNANDALE LORDSHIP), 4th Lord of Annandale, (whose great-grandson was King Robert I of Scotland); then 2. [ROOS471] Robert (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).

[DUNW464] Aufrica (illegitimate daughter of William, by an unknown mother) married [SAYY091] William de Say (see SAYE OF AUNAY).


[DUNW461] Alexander II (born 1198, son of King William) married 1. (June 1221, at York Minster) [PLAN395] Princess Joan (born 22 July 1210, daughter of King John of England, see PLANTAGENET KINGS) died March 1238 at Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, buried at Tarrant Crawford Abbey, Dorset); then 2. (15 May 1239, at Roxburgh) Marie (daughter of Enguerrand de Coucy). Alexander was King of Scotland (1214-49). He died 6 July 1249 and was buried at Melrose Abbey. Afterwards Mary married 2. [BRI2402] Jeane de Brienne (see BRIENNE COUNTY)..

[DUNW472] Marjorie (illegitimate daughter of Alexander, married [DURW441] Allean Durward (see DURWARD).