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[HUNT311] Aubrey de Caen.

[HUNT321] Walter FitzAubrey de Caen.

[HUNT331] Roger I de Huntingfield (born c.1098), married [CROU452] Emma de Croun (daughter of Guy I of Freiston, see CROUN).

[HUNT341] William FitzRoger de Huntingfield (born c.1122), married [GIGN342] Sybil de Gigney  (daughter of [GIGN331] Roger de Gigney, lived 1100-55). William died 1155, and Sibyl died 1189.

[HUNT351] Roger FitzWilliam de Huntingfield (born c.1148) married [QUEN372] Alice de Senlis (daughter of Saher de Quency, of Long Buckby and Daventry (Northants), see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM). Roger and Alice both died 1204.

[HUNT361] William de Huntingfield (son & heir of Roger), Keeper of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (1209-11), Justice Itinerant (Lincs), of Huntingfield and Mendham (Suffolk), and of Harlton (Cambs), and of Fishtoft, Frampton and Southorpe (Lincs), married (by 1194) [WIMA458] Isabel de Gressenhall (born 1160, widow of [DESC451] Osmund de Stuteville, see STUTEVILLE (COWESBY LINE), daughter of William FitzRoger, see WIMAR). William was one of the 25 Magna Carta Barons. Isabel died 1207, and in June 1219 William obtained a licence to visit the Holy Land, where he probably died a year later.

[HUNT371] Sir Roger de Huntingfield (born c.1175), of Huntingfield, Pettistree and Mendham (Suffolk), and of Fishtoft, Frampton and Southorpe (Lincs), etc, married 1. ---; then 2. (1236) [HOBR372] Joan de Hobrugg (daughter of William, see HOBRUGG). He died about 10th July 1257. Roger was Lord of the Manor of Byng (1253-56) and his widow Joan was Lord of this Manor 1256 to her death (7th September 1297).

[HUNT381] Sir William de Huntingfield (born 24th August 1237, son of Roger & Joan), of Huntingfield, Pettistree and Mendham (Suffolk), and of Frampton and Southorpe (Lincs), and of East Bradenham (Norfolk), and of Boxworth and Harlton (Cambs), etc, married 1. [GREY482] Emma de Grey (daughter & heiress of John, see WILTON (GREY) BARONY). By marriage, William acquired Bacton Manor (Norfolk) and the advowson of Alderton (Suffolk). He rebelled against King Henry III in the Barons' War and was present at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265), but was pardoned after his trial (1267), and his lands were restored to him (4th November 1269). Emma died 1264 (apparently leaving William with no issue) and he later married 2. Sibilia. After William's mother (Joan) died (1297) he was Lord of the Manor of Byng until his death in 1313. A third of the Lordship then passed in dower to his widow Sibilia, (his son & heir being only 8 years of age)

[HUNT391] Sir Roger de Huntingfield (born 1305, son of William and Sibilia), of Huntingfield, Athelington and Mendham (Suffolk), and of East Bradenham (Norfolk), and of Frampton and Southorpe (Lincs), and of Hatfield Peverel (Essex), Lord of the Manor of Byng (1253-56 & 1297-1302), married (c.1277) [LAXT392] Joyce Engayne (daughter of Sir John, see LAXTON). By marriage, Roger acquired Wilstone Manor (Herts). Roger died about November 1302, and Joyce died 1312.

[HUNT402] Joan de Huntingfield (born c.1278, daughter of Roger) married [BASW401] Lord Richard Basset of Weldon (see WELDON (BASSET) BARONY).