[HUTC601] Humphrey Hutchinson and his 1st wife had seven children born at Pudsey and baptised at Calverley as follows:

After his 1st wife died, Humphrey married 2. (at Calverley, 19th October 1642) Elisabeth Cowling. Humphrey died at Pudsey (buried at Calverley, 30th April 1663).

[HUTC611] Thomas Hutchinson (born 1624, son of Humphrey by his 1st wife) married (at Calverley, 7th November 1655) [RILE612] Elizabeth Riley (born 1630, see RILEY). They had six children born at Pudsey and baptised at Calverley as follows:

Thomas Hutchinson was assessed with 2 hearths as the 1672 Hearth Tax at Pudsey. Thomas senior died at Pudsey (buried at Calverley, 22nd May 1697).

[HUTC621] William Hutchinson (born 1672), a clothier of Pudsey, married (at Bradford, 15th September 1713) [FAWL622] Ellinor Whaittam nee Fawley, a widow of Eccleshill.

Ellinor was probably the Ellin Fawley who was baptised at Cawthorne (20th June 1686), according to the International Genealogical Index, no parents shown. The page of the register is too indistinct to confirm, but there was a Robert Fawley baptised here (9th August 1683), no parents given, so there was a Fawley family here.

William and Ellinor had three children born at Pudsey and baptised at Calverley as follows:

[HUTC631] Joseph Hutchinson (born 1718), a clothier, married (at Calverley, 13th December 1742) [FARR632] Hannah Farrar (born 1722, see FARRAR). They had five children born at Pudsey as follows:

Joseph died (age 56) at Pudsey (14th August 1773, buried there 17th August 1773), and afterwards, Hannah married 2. (at Calverley, 10th April 1774) Joseph Claughton. Hannah died (age 65) at Pudsey (15th May 1786, buried there 17th May 1786).

There was a headstone at Pudsey, All Saints, now in use as a (well-worn) pathstone at St Lawrence, which reads:

HERE was interr’d the

Body of Joseph Hutchinson

of Pudsey who departed

this life the 14th day of August

1773 in the 57th Year of his Age.

Also Palley, Daughter of Joseph

Hutchinson, Junior, died August

the 11th, 1777, in the 2nd Year of her Age.

Also Hannah the Wife of the

Abovesaid Joseph Hutchinson,

Senior: She died May 15th 1786

in the 67th Year of her Age.

Also George, Son of the above

Joseph Hutchinson, Junior: he

died September 28th, 1787,

Aged 4 Years.

[HUTC641] Joseph Hutchinson (born 1753), a clothier, married (at Calverley, 13th November 1774) [DEAN642] Hannah Dean (born 1756), witnessed by Joseph Binns and Thomas Claugh. They had ten children born and baptised at Pudsey as follows:

** The deaths of their two children Mary (Palley) and George, were recorded on their grandparents’ headstone. See previous entry.

The family afterwards moved to Bowling in the Parish of Bradford. Joseph died (age 76) at Sticker Lane, Bowling, (26th October 1829, buried at Pudsey, All Saints, 29th October 1829). He was buried at Pudsey, All Saints, and his headstone (since removed to Pudsey, St Lawrence) reads:


Joseph Hutchinson of Bowling

late of Pudsey, who departed

this Life October 26th 1829.

Aged 77 Years

In life respected

And his death lamented.


Joseph (1829)
(October 1985)


Hannah died (age 86, of “old age and paralysis”) at Bowling (5th January 1842, buried at Pudsey, St. Lawrence, 9th January 1852).

[HUTC652] Elisabeth Hannah Hutchinson (born 1793, daughter of Joseph), though known only as Elisabeth, married (at Leeds, July 1812) a clothier [HASN651] Thomas Harrison (born 1794, see HARRISON).