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in Leeds

For earlier history of this family see BODDY in North Yorkshire

[BODD671] John Boddy (born 1820, son of Thomas Boddy & Sarah formerly Harrison) became a shoemaker. None of his brothers took up this occupation, and he may have been influenced by his uncle Robert Boddy who was a shoemaker at Pickhill.

There were two John Boddys in the 1841 Census. One John Boddy was apprenticed to John Hutchinson, shoe maker, at Maunby (in Kirby Wiske parish). The other John Boddy (together with Richard Blakeborough, also of Pickhill) was with William Clough at Lord Mayor's Walk, York. It is difficult to distinguish between the two of them, but it would only make sense if the John Boddy at York was the grandson of [HARR651] Thomas Harrison (see HARRISON) living four doors away, and the John Boddy at Maunby was his uncle, who afterwards married Hannah Stott, and ended up in County Durham.

Later John Boddy moved to Leeds, possibly influenced by his uncle, Christopher Harrison (a cooper), who had been living in the Hunslet area of Leeds since before 1841. John lived in Imperial Street, Leeds, near to Samuel James (boot maker), who had married (at Ripon, Saints Peter & Wilfred, 24th December 1844) Elizabeth Hammond (daughter of George Duffield Hammond). George Duffield Hammond's younger brother, John Hammond (also a shoemaker), had also lived in Leeds (between 1827 and 1832). Living in Imperial Street, John would get to know Samuel James' unmarried sister-in-law Jane Hammond.

John Boddy, a shoemaker, married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 2nd February 1846) [HAMM672] Jane Hammond (born 1825, see HAMMOND), both of Imperial Street, witnessed by Samuel James (Jane's brother-in-law) and R H Pickard (parish clerk). John and Jane straightaway moved to Concord Street (next street parallel with Imperial Street). Around 1857 they moved some distance away to Mulberry Street (renamed Cranberry Street about 1860). John and Jane had eight children as follows:

Sarah Ann (born at 17 Concord Street, 22nd July 1848, baptised at St. Luke's, 15th January 1849, by which time the family had moved to 38 Concord Street), married (at Leeds, St. Philip, 23rd November 1872) Edward Gavins, witnessed by Sarah Elizabeth Gavins (Edward's sister);

[BODD681] George (born at 38 Concord Street, 6th May 1850, no trace of his baptism), married 1. Sarah Ann Parker, 2. Mary Heaphy Mosey, see later;

Thomas (born at 38 Concord Street, 1852), died age 8 (October 1858, buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, 17th October 1858);

John Henry (born at 38 Concord Street, 20th November 1855), died age 18 (31st August 1874, buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, 2nd September 1874);

Ellen (born at Mulberry Street, 1858, baptised at Lincoln Fields, 5th December 1859), married (at Richmond Hill Chapel, 26th December 1881) William Walsh Coulton, witnessed by J S Coulton and Edward Gavins (Ellen's brother-in-law);

Mary Jane (born at 24 Cranberry Street, 29th January 1862, baptised at Richmond Hill, 19th May 1862), married (at Richmond Hill Chapel, 10th August 1885) Andrew [birth registered as Alexander] Britton, witnessed by Emma Britton (Andrew's sister) and Edward Gavins (Mary Jane's brother);

Walter (born at 24 Cranberry Street, 19th March 1864, baptised at a Wesleyan Chapel, 11th July 1864), married (at Richmond Hill Chapel, 27th December 1892) Alice Ann Dyson, witnessed by Lucy Dyson (Alice Ann's sister) and Joseph Goldthorp;

William Herbert (born at 24 Cranberry Street, 10th February 1870, baptised 30th May 1870, at a Wesleyan Chapel), died age 4 (buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, 30th August 1874).

On the night of the Census in 1861, John Boddy was visiting his parents at Sinderby, together with Christopher Harrison from Hunslet. (Christopher's sister was John's mother.) But what prompted this visit has not come to light. John died (age 54, of a congested liver) at 22 Cranberry Street (23rd August 1875, buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, Leeds, 25th August 1875). At the 1911 Census, Jane was living with her married daughter, Mary Jane Britton, at 2 Cross Aysgarth Mount, Leeds. Jane died (age 85, of rheumatoid arthritis and heart failure) at Cross Aysgarth Mount (10th February 1912, buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, 14th February 1912).

[BODD681] George Boddy (born 1850, son of John) enlisted (1870) in the 68th Light Infantry.

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1841 Census  1355/4-10  York, Lord Mayors Walk
William       Clough         25 boot m
Jane          Clough         25
Mary          Clough          4
Owen          Clough          2
Frederic      Clough          4m
John          BODDY          20 boot m

John Boddy = Jane Hammond
1851 Census  2320-431  Leeds, 38 Concord Street
John          BODDY    H   M 36 boot & shoe maker 
                                   (journeyman)                Sinderby
Jane          BODDY    W   M 26                                Skelton
Sarah Ann     Boddy    D   -  2                                Leeds
George        Boddy    S   - 11m                               Leeds
1861 Census  3383-17  Leeds, 24 Cranberry Street)
John          BODDY    H   M 40 shoemaker                      Tadcaster ! 
Jane          BODDY    W   M 35                                Skelton
Sarah Ann     Boddy    D   - 12 scholar                        Leeds
George        Boddy    S   - 10 scholar                        Leeds
John Henry    Boddy    S   -  5 scholar                        Leeds
Ellen         Boddy    D   -  2                                Leeds
1861 Census  3633-124  Sinderby
Thomas        Boddy    H   M 60 fell monger etc                Baldersby
              and family  plus:
John          BODDY    S   M 40 shoe maker                     Sinderby
Christopher   Harrison Br$ M 45 cooper                         York
[$ Christopher is actually Brother-in-Law, not Brother]
1871 Census  4555-90  Leeds, 22 Cranberry Street
John          BODDY    H   M 50 boot maker                     Sinderby
Jane          BODDY    W   M 45                                Skelton
Sarah A.      Boddy    D   U 22 machinist                      Leeds
John H.       Boddy    S   - 15 lath maker                     Leeds
Ellen         Boddy    D   - 12 scholar                        Leeds
Mary Jane     Boddy    D   -  9 scholar                        Leeds
Walter        Boddy    S   -  7                                Leeds
William Henry Boddy    S   -  1                                Leeds
1881 Census  4520-130  Leeds, 22 Cranberry Street
Jane          BODDY    H   W 53                                Skelton
Ellen         Boddy    D   U 22 boot machinist                 Leeds
Mary J.       Boddy    D   U 19 boot machinist                 Leeds
Walter        Boddy    S   - 17 printers machinist             Leeds
George        Severs   Bd  U 37 railway signalman              Bridlington
1891 Census  3692-98  Leeds, 22 Cranberry Street
Jane          BODDY    H   W 67 living on private means        Skelton
Walter        Boddy    S   S 27 printers machinist             Leeds
1901 Census  4223-111  Leeds, 22 Cranberry Street
Jane          BODDY    H   W 74                                Skelton
George        Severs   Bd  S 57 guard railway                  Bridlington
1911 Census            Leeds, 2 Cross Aysgarth Mount
Andrew        Britton  H   M 51 manager wine & spirit merchant Leeds
Mary Jane     Britton  W   M 49                                Leeds 
Minnie        Britton  D   S 20 assistant, dress maker         Leeds
George        Britton  S   S 18 clerk clothiers                Leeds
Edith         Britton  D     15 assistant, school stationery   Leeds
Clara         Britton  D     13 school                         Leeds
Jane          BODDY    Rel W 85                                Skelton