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 [JNSN581] Richard Johnson, had at least three children, baptised at Farnworth. as follows:

Elizabeth (born at Crowe, baptised at Farnworth, 4th April 1615);

Richard (born at Bold, baptised at Farnworth, 7th April 1622);

 [JNSN591] Henry (born at Bold, baptised 23rd April 1625), see next.

[JNSN591] Henry Johnson (born 1625). There were at least two families, Henry Johnson, having children about this time, including the following baptised at Warrington, as follows:

Henry (baptised 2nd February 1639/40);

Randle (baptised 17th October 1641);

Elizabeth (baptised 14th March 1640/1);

 [JNSN601] John (born at Fearnhead, baptised 29th October 1643), married Anne Davis, see under JOHNSON (2) later;

 [JNSM601] Henry (baptised 28th September 1645), yeoman of Knowsley, married Margaret. He died in 1696 and by his will, dated 7th February 1695-96, it is possible to determine his children, as follows:

John, chief beneficiary of his father, executor of his will together with his mother Margaret;

Thomas  (baptised 16th August 1674), to receive after the death of his mother Margaret, the cottage in possession of Thomas Ratcliffe as the time of Henry's death, but which then passed to Margaret;

Henery (baptised 20th January 1677/8). He died at Knowsley, and was buried at Huyton (4th February 1687/8), and was therefore missing from Henry's will;

Edward (eldest minor);

William (second minor);

Anne (third minor, Henry's "elder daughter");

[JNSM612] Margaret (baptised 10th January 1685-86, youngest "minor"), married her first-cousin [JNSN611] Thomas Johnson, see JOHNSON (2) below.

Henry died at Knowsley, and was buried at Huyton (14th April 1696). His total assets were valued at 117:1s:8d, and included 58 in money.


[JNSN601] John Johnson (son of [JNSH591] Henry see JOHNSON (1) above), baptised at Warrington, 29th October 1643), married (at Warrington, 7th September 1669) Anne Davis. They had least five children, baptised at Warrington, as follows (though there could be two families here):

Joseph (baptised 24th February 1669/70);

Alice (baptised 27th April 1673);

Ralph (born at Little Sankey, baptised 9th August 1673);

[JNSN611] Thomas (born at Orfoard, baptised at Warrington, 27th June 1675), married 1. ---, then 2. Margareta Johnson,  see later;

Peter (baptised 16th November 1676).

  14th Century Chancel
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 [JNSN611] Thomas Johnson (born 1675), married 1. ---. They had one child, born at Knowsley, and baptised at Huyton, as follows:

Mary (baptised 26th October 1701).

His first wife died, and afterwards Thomas married 2. (at Farnworth, 30th March 1703 IGI) his first-cousin [JNSM612] Margareta Johnson (born 1686, daughter of Henry, see JOHNSON (1) above). They had at least two children, as follows:

Jane (born at Knowsley, baptised at Huyton,15th August 1703);

[JNSN621] Joshua (born at Tarbock, baptised at Huyton, 4th March 1707/8), married 1. Sarah Parkinson, then 2. Ruth Parkinson, see next.

 [JNSN621] Joshua Johnson (born 1708, of Halewood) married 1. (at Hale, 5th November 1728) [PKSN622] Sarah Parkinson (of Speke, born 1708, see PARKINSON). They had three children born at Ditton and baptised at Farnworth as follows:

[JNSN631] Thomas (baptised 7th May 1730), married Mary Whitfield, see later;

Margaret (baptised 30th July 1733);

Anne (baptised 12th October 1735);

William (baptised 14th August 1737).

Afterwards, Sarah (wife of Joshua) died at Ditton (buried at Farnworth, 23rd March 1737/8). Afterwards, Joshua had a relationship with 2. Ruth Parkinson (baptised at Childwall, 1st January 1714-15, daughter of John). They had two children born at Ditton and baptised at Farnworth as follows:

Susanna Parkinson (baptised 27th April 1739, illegitimate daughter of Joshua and Ruth Parkinson), died at Ditton (buried at Farnworth, 20th May 1739);

Anne Parkinson (baptised 14th February 1741/2, illegitimate daughter of Joshua and Ruth Parkinson), died at Ditton (buried at Farnworth, 28th April 1742).

A document held at Chester Archives (P283/4080/184 of1745) concerns an order of penance for their fornication.

Afterwards, Joshua married 2. (at Farnworth, 5th May 1743) Elizabeth Bottan. They had two children born at Cronton and baptised at Farnworth as follows:

Betty (baptised 27th April 1750);

John (baptised 21st September 1754).

Joshua died at Cronton (buried at Farnworth, 3rd March 1781).

 [JNSN631] Thomas Johnson (born 1730) married (at Prescot, 4th June 1759) [WHIF632] Mary Whitfield, both of Parr, (born 1731, see WHITFIELD). They had three children born at either Cronton or Widnes, but in each case baptised at Farnworth as follows:

[JNSN641] Thomas (born at Cronton, baptised 24th April 1763), married Elizabeth Glover, see later;

William (born at Widnes, baptised 1st March 1765);

Mary (born at Widnes, baptised 3rd December 1769).

Mary died at Widnes (buried at Farnworth, either 29th August 1789, or 8th June 1798), and Thomas died at Widnes also (buried at Farnworth, 17th November 1808).

 [JNSN641] Thomas Johnson (born 1763), a husbandman, married (at Farnworth, 2nd February 1789) [GLOV642] Elizabeth Glover (born 1767, see GLOVER).



Farnworth Church
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They had six children born at Cronton and baptised at Farnworth as follows:

Elizabeth (baptised 15th August 1790), married (at Prescot, 14th September 1807) Peter Houghton;

 [JNSN652] Sarah (baptised 29th July 1792), married (her sister Elizabeth's husband's brother} James Houghton, see later;

William (baptised 19th October 1794, mother shown as Betty);

Ann (baptised 18th September 1796);

Thomas (baptised 25th November 1798);

Mary (baptised 22nd February 1801).

[JNSN652] Sarah Johnson (born 1792, daughter of Thomas) married (at Prescot, 26th December 1810) [HOUG651] James Houghton (born 1785, see HOUGHTON).