in East Riding and Wakefield area

IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

[KEMP621] --- Kempley and his wife Elizabeth had at least one child:

[KEMP631] Francis, see later.

Elizabeth (widow) was buried at Hornsea (22nd November 1735).

[KEMP631] Francis Kempley (masoner) married (at Rise, 2nd August 1725) [PLMR632] Mary Palmer (servant). They had several children, born in the Hornsea/Tunstall area (where Francis was a bricklayer), including:

William (baptised at Hornsea, 7th September 1726), died at Hornsea (buried there 19th January 1726/7).

Francis (baptised at Tunstall, 4th May 1729);

[KEMP641] George (baptised at Tunstall, 3rd February 1731/2), presumably went to Wakefield, see later;

Mary (baptised at Hornsea, 20th February 1734/5);

Jane (baptised at Hornsea, 13th December 1737 IGI).

[KEMP641] George Kemplay married (at Wakefield, All Saints, 18th March 1756, witnessed by John Carter and the parish clerk James Priestley) [SMTA642] Ann Smith (born 1735, see SMITH).


  Wakefield All Saints
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They had seven children born at Wakefield and baptised at All Saints:

Christopher (baptised 22nd January 1757), married Elizabeth Inman;

Sarah (baptised 6th January 1760);

Betty (baptised 25th November 1764);

[KEMP651] George (baptised 25th July 1767), see later;

Ann (baptised 16th April 1770);

Hannah (baptised 1st May 1773), married Joseph Oades;

Mary (baptised 10th September 1776).

Ann died at Wakefield (buried at All Saints, 15th January 1794). George died at Wakefield also (buried at All Saints, 25th May 1796).

[KEMP651] George Kemplay (born 1767) married 1. (at Rothwell, 29th March 1789,  witnessed by Joseph Marriott and Richard Robertshaw) [WDSN652] Elizabeth Woodson (born 1766, see WOODSON).



Rothwell Church
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They had four children born at Wakefield and baptised at All Saints as follows:

Sarah (born 29th November 1791, baptised 13th January 1792), lived 2 months;

William (baptised 3rd May 1794), died (age 7 months) at Wakefield (buried at All Saints, 30th December 1794);

[KEMP661] Joseph (baptised 16th January 1796), see later;

George (baptised 14th February 1798).

Elizabeth died (age 33) at Wakefield (buried at All Saints, 23rd May 1799), and George afterwards married 2. (at Wakefield, St. John, 6th October 1803, witnessed by James Ellis and Jos. Birkby) Ann Aball. They had five children born at Wakefield and baptised at All Saints:

William (baptised 6th October 1804), never married, died 1882, probably at Stanley Workhouse;

Mary Ann (baptised 6th September 1806), present at her sister Maria's wedding in 1835;

Elizabeth (born 2nd November 1808, baptised 21st January 1809), died (age 14 months) at Wakefield (buried at All Saints, 1st January 1809-10);

Maria (born 15th October 1810, baptised 5th January 1811); married (8th January 1835, Wakefield, St John) William Rippon;

James (born 2nd June 1813, baptised 24th June 1813 and again 28th December 1816), married Martha Burnell. His surname was recorded as Kemp at his marriage, but afterwards as Kemplay when their children were baptised.

George, latterly a cropper, died (age 54) in Westgate, Wakefield, (buried at All Saints, 11th November 1821, though his surname was recorded as Kemp in the register). At the 1841 Census Ann, independent, was at the Fox & Hounds Inn in Wakefield, whilst at the 1851 Census Ann (age 80, laundress) was at White's Yard, Wakefield, together with her unmarried son William (age 46, shoemaker), and grandson William Rippon (age 14, groom). Ann Kemplay was recorded as buried 15 March 1855 in Wakefield.

[KEMP661] Joseph Kemplay (born 1796, son of George & Elizabeth) married 1. (at Wakefield, St. John, 29th March 1818, witnessed by Samuel Booth and his cousin William Woodson) Ann Holgate (born 1798, daughter of William & Mary, baptised at All Saints, 6th October 1798).



Wakefield St. John
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They had one child born at Wakefield as follows:

Elizabeth (buried at St. John, 12th July 1818), age 6 weeks.

Ann died (age 20, about two weeks after giving birth) in New Street, Wakefield, (buried at St. John, 15th June 1818). Afterwards Joseph moved to Leeds, and was next mentioned when his son George was baptised at Leeds, St. Peter, (25th December 1824). See KEMPLAY in Leeds for continuation.


George Kemplay = Ann Aball
1841 Census  1272/8-33  Wakefield, Fox & Hounds?
Ann     KEMPLAY        70 independent
1851 Census  2327-249  Wakefield, White's Yard
Ann     KEMPLAY  H   W 80 laundress   Wakefield
William Kemplay  S   U 46 shoemaker j Wakefield
William Rippon   G/S - 14 groom       Wakefield