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[LANK331] Eldred of Workington (born c.1035), Lord of Kendal, married Aldgytha of Northumberland (born c.1037, of uncertain origin).

[LANK341] Ketel FitzEldred (born c.1055), 3rd Lord of Kendal, married 1. ---; then 2. [TAIL332] Christiana (born after 1086, daughter of Yves de Taillebois, see TAILLEBOIS). Ketel died after 1120.

[LANK351] Gilbert de Lancaster (born c.1104, son of Ketel & Christina), 4th Lord of Kendal, married [TAIL342] Goditha (born c.1106, daughter of William de Taillebois, see TAILLEBOIS).

[LANK362] Christian (born 1128, daughter of Gilbert) married [FLEM271] Sir Michael Fleming (born 1124, see FLEMING).

[LANK361] William I Taillebois de Lancaster ([born c.1130], 5th Lord of Kendal, married 1. ---; then 2. (c.1154) Gundred (born c.1117, daughter of Earl William, see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM). (Gundred had previously married 1. Earl Roger, see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM, died 1153). William founded the stone castle at Kendal, replacing the older timber one.



Kendal Castle ruins

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The Lordship of Kendal spread across Westmorland, Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire. The estate included several castles, Cartmel Priory and great tracts of forestland. William died 1170.

[LANK372] Avicia (born c.1154, daughter of William, by uncertain wife) married [MORV441] Richard de Morville (see MORVLLE).

[LANK371] Sir William II de Lancaster (born c.1154, son of William, by uncertain wife), Lord of Kendal, Steward to King Henry II, married [DEST458] Hawise (daughter of Robert de Stuteville, see STUTEVILLE). William died 1184, and afterwards Hawise married 2. [MORB441] Baron Hugh de Morville, of Burgh upon Sands, (see MORVILLE (1)).

[LANK382] Helwise de Lancaster (daughter & sole heiress of William II), became a ward of [MARS371] Sir William Marshal, see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM, but later married [FRID441] Gilbert FitzRoger (son of Roger FitzReinfred) who thereby became Lord of Kendal in his wife's right. See KENDAL (2) below.


[FRID411] Sir Reinfred.

[FRID421] Sir Fulk FitzReinfred.

[FRID431] Roger FitzReinfred (born c.1114, son of Fulk), married [ROUM432] Hawise/Rohaise (born c.1120, daughter of Earl William, see LINCOLN (ROUMARE) EARLDOM). He died 1187.

[FRID441] Gilbert FitzRoger (born c.1162), feudal Lord of Kendal, married [LANK382] Helwise de Lancaster (widow, and daughter & sole heiress of Sir William II de Lancaster, see KENDAL (1) above). Gilbert died at Kendal (5th May 1220).

[FRID453] Hawise de Lancaster (daughter of Gilbert), married [BRUS381] Lord Peter II de Brus (see SKELTON LORDSHIP).

[FRID454] Avicia de Lancaster (daughter of Gilbert) married [CRAW451] Sir William de Lindsay (see LINDSAY). 

[FRID451] William de Lancaster (born c.1189, son of Gilbert), 5th Baron of Kendal, married [BRUS382] Agnes de Brus (born c.1192, daughter of Peter and Joan, see SKELTON LORDSHIP). He died 29th November 1246.

[FRID462] Alicia de Lancaster (daughter of William), married [CRAQ461] Sir William de Lindsay (see LINDSAY).