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[DARE411] Geoffrey Darel (born c.1091).

[DARE421] Thomas Darel (born c.1117), of Wheldrake, Yorks.

[DARE431] Marmaduke Darrel (born c.1144), of Sessay, Yorks, married Aceria.

[DARE441] William Darell born c.1167), of Sessay.

[DARE451] Marmaduke Darrell (born c. 1195), of Sessay.

[DARE461] William Darell (born c.1218), of Sessay, married (c.1241) [PERZ392] Ada de Percy (daughter of William, see PERCY).

[DARE471] Sir Marmaduke Darell (born c.1244), of Sessay, married (c.1267) Helewise/Helen de Insula (of disputed origin). He was living 1298.

[DARE482] Elizabeth Darell (born at Sessay, c.1272, daughter of Marmaduke) married [LEDE481] Sir Alexander (see LEDES below).


Recommended reading includes the two guide books on "Dumbarton Castle" (Ian MacIvor, 1958) and (Chris Tabraham, 2007).

[LEDE471] Robert de Ledes.

[LEDE481] Sir Alexander de Ledes (born c.1260) married (at Gipton, 1289) [DARE482] Elizabeth Darell (daughter of Marmaduke, see DARELL above). He was Coroner in Yorkshire (1288), summoned to serve against the Scots (1st March 1296), Governor of Dumbarton Castle (1296), replaced as Coroner in Yorkshire due to his appointment as Sheriff of Dumbarton (26th June 1297), Lord of Kirkby, Langthorn and Bolton all in Yorkshire (1316). His tenure at Dumbarton was brief, as immediately following the Englsh defeat at the Battle of Stirling Bridge (11th September 1297) the English were ousted from Scotland. Alexander was still living in 1325.

According to the 1958 Guide Book to Dumbarton Castle, King Edward I after his invasion of Scotland (March 1296) "took pains to secure Dumbarton for England by installing trustworthy governors".

  Present castle remains on site
of old Dumbarton Castle
Large white building is present
Governor's House
Viewed from across the
River Clyde
(18 June 2008)
Close-up of the
(almost) impregnable
Dumbarton Rock
on which stood
the fortifications

(2 July 2011)

Following the English abandonment, Dumbarton Castle was then used by William Wallace to imprison (for several months in chains and half-starved) three English knights captured at Stirling, viz William FitzWarin, Sir Marmaduke T(h)weng (a Yorkshireman) and William de Ros (of Wark). Dumbarton was later recaptured by the English and was held by Sir John Monteith from 1305 until 1309, when it was recaptured by King Robert I of Scotland, aka Robert the Bruce.

[LEDE492] Margaret de Ledes (daughter of Sir Alexander) married (c.1321-22) [DAIV491] Sir John Deiville (see DEIVILLE).