There were two Richard Lee's who married at Calverley in the period 1686-94, and two John Lee's baptised there in 1695-96. One had a family at Tyersall and the other at Idle Park, both at that time in Calverley parish. So whilst it is likely that John Lee (who lived at Eccleshill) was the son of Richard Lee, it cannot (as yet) be said of which one.

Further back, there was a Grant (in 1393) by John de Lee (son of Richard de Lee of Pudsay) to Sir John de Esseholt (Vicar of Calverley), John de Banke (Chaplain) and William Attewell (of Pudesay) of all his lands etc in Pudsay which he had of the Grant of Sir Robert David (Vicar of Bristoll [Birstal?]).

There was a Grant (in 1480) by Dennis Sharop and John Topcliff to William Ley (son of John Ley of Aketon) and Joan (his wife), and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to the right heirs of Jon Ley (of Pudsey), of the reversion of the tenements in Pudsey, held for life by John Ley of Pudsey, viz a messuage and land occupied by Robert Wroos and other lands described by reference to the holdings of Thomas Rothelay, Robert Skynner, Simon Lumby (Abbot of Kirkestall), William Calverley and places called Hollowscoles, Tolyntoftes, le Toftfeld, le Ingedoles, Ingedole syke, Colyrode, Colyrode Inge, Southrodeholme, Fyre Ryg Inge, the stream Tongbroke, Qwaywellrode, and appointment of John Stutheley and Hugh Applyerd to deliver seisin.

[LEEE621] John Lee (born 1696), a clothier of Eccleshill, married (at Bradford, 15th April 1718) [MOSL622] Martha Mosley (born 1688, see MOSLEY). They had four children born at Eccleshill and baptised at Bradford as follows:

Martha died at Eccleshill (buried at Bradford, St. Peter, 26th July 1763), and John died at Eccleshill also (buried at Bradford, St. Peter, 25th November 1772).

[LEEE631] William Lee (born 1719), a clothier of Eccleshill, married (at Bradford, 24th December 1741) [CRAB632] Hannah Crabtree (born 1721, see CRABTREE (1)). They had seven children born at Eccleshill and baptised at Bradford as follows:

William died at Eccleshill (buried at Bradford, St. Peter, 15th October 1763), and Hannah died at Eccleshill also (buried at Bradford, St. Peter, 18th August 1792).

[LEEE641] Matthew Lee (born 1762), a clothier of Eccleshill, married (at Bradford, 6th December 1784) [KITS642] Sally Kitson (born 1762, see KITSON), witnessed by James Whitley and Samuel Yeadon (parish clerk). They had ten children born at Eccleshill and baptised at Bradford as follows:

Sally died (age 80, of apoplexy) at Eccleshill (26th October 1842, buried at Eccleshill, Wesleyan, 30th October 1842), and Matthew (latterly clothier and shoemaker) died (age 84, of “old age”) at Eccleshill also (13th September 1845, buried at Eccleshill Wesleyan, 17th September 1845).

[LEEE651] William Lee (born 1787), a clothier, married (at Bradford, 8th August 1808) [BAXT652] Mary Baxter (born 1790, see BAXTER), witnessed by Sarah Baxter (parish clerk) and Samuel Hair.

Bradford St. Peter (now the Cathedral)
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(10 July 1997)

They had (at least) three children born at Eccleshill and baptised at Bradford as follows:

There is no further reference to William after he witnessed the marriage of his wife’s brother, James Baxter (September 1814). Many years later, Mary married 2. Charles Longbottom. They had one child at Eccleshill:

Mary died (age 72, of exhaustion from long-continued spasmodic vomiting) at Eccleshill (26th July 1863, though shown buried at Eccleshill Wesleyan 23rd July 1863), and was survived by Charles who died (age 75) at Eccleshill (buried at Eccleshill Wesleyan, 24th November 1875).

[LEEE661] James Lee (born 1812), a woollen slubber, married (at Shipley, St. Paul, 12th September 1836) [RHOD662] Hannah Rhodes (born 1813, see RHODES), witnessed by Thomas Charnock and Christiana Rhodes (daughter of Hannah's uncle John).





Shipley St. Paul
(13 July 1988)

Shipley St. Paul
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They had seven children, six of them girls, as follows:

James died (age 47, of erysipelas and meningitis) at Calverley Bridge (22nd May 1859, buried at Eccleshill Wesleyan, 24th May 1859). Hannah moved to Armley about 1865. probably at the same time as her son Epaphras. She died (age 66, of phthisis) at Armley (1st April 1879, buried at St. Bartholomew, 3rd April 1879).

[LEEE671] Epaphras Lee (born 1838) moved with his parents from Eccleshill to Calverley Bridge (about 1845), at about the same time as another Eccleshill family moved to nearby Rodley, Nathan and Hannah Armitage. The two families were presumably close friends, and indeed Nathan was the informant when Epaphras’s father died (1859). Nathan’s son John married (at Leeds, St Peter, 22nd June 1861) Margaret Rushworth, and the two witnesses were Mary Metcalf (Margaret’s cousin) and Epaphras. It is therefore easy to see how Epaphras came to know Mary Metcalf, a girl from Armley.

Leeds St. Peter
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Epaphras (a slubber, said to be of Armley) married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 1st September 1861) 1. [METC672] Mary Metcalf (born 1842, see METCALF, witnessed by William Cromack Hirst and Ann Waterhouse (William's bride-to-be).



For a while they continued to live at Calverley Bridge, before moving (about 1865) to Armley (where John and Margaret Armitage lived). Epaphras and Mary had eleven children (no trace of any having been baptised): 

Orlando Lambert’s birth was registered as simply “Orlando”, son of “Ezra” and Mary, but was more likely to have been an illegitimate child of Epaphras’s daughter Jane Elizabeth, who married Henry Lambert (1888). Fred (1883) may also have been an illegitimate child of Jane Elizabeth. Mary died (age 48, of bronchitis following prolonged fatty degeneration of the heart) at Armley (16th January 1891, buried at St. Bartholomew, 19th January 1891). Nine months later Epaphras (a mill hand of Armley) married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 10th October 1891) Elizabeth White (declared as daughter of George Ely, but she was his step-daughter), witnessed by Elizabeth Austin and Henry Myers (Epaphras's brother-in-law). Epaphras died (age 73, of inflammation of the heart lining, narrowing of the arteries and gangrene of the right toes) at Bosnia Street, Armley, (30th August 1911, buried at St. Bartholomew, 2nd September 1911). His second wife Elizabeth died (age 76, of acute diarrhoea and exhaustion) at the Workhouse (16th June 1916, buried at New Wortley Cemetery, 20th June 1916). Epaphras’s various occupations included: slubber, woollen scribbling overlooker, machine cleaner, woollen mill fettler and (latterly) yeast hawker. In the 1908 Kelly's Directory he was shown as being a shopkeeper at 1 Bosnia Street.

[LEEE681] Arthur Lee (born 1878, son of Epaphras & Mary), a warehouseman of Armley, married (at Hunslet, Register Office, 7th June 1902) [VOSE582] Eliza Vose (born 1880, see VOSE), a printer’s folder, witnessed by Alfred Vose (Eliza's father) and Mary Ann Smith. Throughout their married life they lodged either with Arthur's married sister Anne, or with Eliza's parents. At the 1911 Census they were living at 32 Armley Road, Leeds, and Arthur was a labourer at an iron foundry. Eliza was helping run the Dining Rooms business with her father and step-mother. They had three children:




  Leeds St. Hilda Church
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  Leeds St. Hilda Church

married Florence Shepherd,  see later;

In 1911 the family moved to Armley Road, Armley, which had dining rooms attached, though shortly afterwards they moved to Abbott Terrace. Arthur (then a builder’s labourer) died (age 39) at Wakefield (5th April 1917, buried at Hill Top Cemetery, Leeds, 9th April 1917), followed not long after by Eliza, who died (age 44) at Hunslet (22nd December 1924, buried at Hill Top Cemetery, Leeds, 27th December 1924).

[LEEE691] Alfred Lee (born 1904) married (at Stanningley, St. Thomas, 2nd February 1929) [SHEP692] Florence Shepherd (born 1899, see SHEPHERD), witnessed by Alice Dockray (Florence's cousin) and Harold Poppy.



Stanningley St. Thomas
(8 October 2008)

They had three children at Armley:

Alfred died (age 47) at Wakefield (23rd December 1951);
Florence died (age 86) at Armley (25th February 1986).
Both were cremated at Cottingley, Leeds.

                  plaque at Cottingley Crematorium

[LEEE702] Margery Lee (born 1931, daughter of Alfred), a comptometer operator, married (at Armley, St. Bartholomew, 17th April 1954) [BODD702] Maurice George Boddy (born 1932), a railway train controller (see MAURICE GEORGE BODDY). Margery died (age 84) at York Hospital (11th March 2016, cremated at York, 1st April 2016)

Matthew Lee = Sally Kitson
1841 Census  1295/5-26  Eccleshill, Stoney Lane
Matthew        LEE 80 shoemaker 
Sarah          LEE 80           
Charles Longbottom =  Mary Lee nee Baxter
1841 Census  1295/4-40  Eccleshill, Town Gate
Charles        LONGBOTTOM     40 clothier
Mary           LONGBOTTOM     50
Simeon         Longbottom      7
1851 Census  2312-467  Eccleshill, Town Street
Charles        LONGBOTTOM H M 51 clothier               Eccleshill
Mary           LONGBOTTOM W M 60                        Eccleshill
Simeon         Longbottom S - 17 clothier               Eccleshill
1861 Census  3343-126  Eccleshill, 8 Bell Vue
Charles        LONGBOTTOM H M 61 wln h.l.w              Eccleshill
Mary           LONGBOTTOM H M 71 woollen spinner        Eccleshill
1871 Census  4503-31  Eccleshill, 6 Belle Vue
Simeon         Longbottom H M 37                        Eccleshill
Ann            Longbottom W M 37                        Fewston
               and family including :
Charles        LONGBOTTOM F M 70 pensioner              Eccleshill
James Lee = Hannah Rhodes
1841 Census  1295/4-47  Eccleshill, Chapel Street
James          LEE         25 wool slubber 
Hannah         LEE         25              
Epaphras       Lee          3              
Jane           Lee          3m             
1851 Census  2313-44  Calverley, Calverley Bridge
James          LEE   H   M 39 slubber (woollen)         Eccleshill
Hannah         LEE   W   M 38                           Manningham
Epaphras       Lee   S   - 13 carder feeder woollen     Eccleshill
Jane           Lee   D   - 10                           Eccleshill
Mary Ann       Lee   D   -  7                           Eccleshill
Elizabeth      Lee   D   -  4                           Eccleshill
Martha         Lee   D   -  3m                          Calverley Bridge
1861 Census  3345-39  Calverley, Calverley Bridge
Hannah         LEE   H   W 48 w.c.burler                Manningham
Epaphras       Lee   S   U 23 wln slubber               Eccleshill
Jane           Lee   D   U 20 filler                    Eccleshill
Mary           Lee   D   - 17 filler                    Eccleshill
Elizabeth      Lee   D   - 14 filler                    Rodley
Martha         Lee   D   - 11 piecer                    Calverley Bridge
Emma           Lee   D   -  7 scholar                   Calverley Bridge
1871 Census  4539-10  Armley, Wortley Road, Atkinson's Cottages
Hannah         LEE   H   W 58 -                         Manningham
Mary Ann       Lee   D   U 27 warper woollen            Eccleshill
Emma           Lee   D   - 17 warper woollen            Calverley
Annie          Lee   G/D -  6 scholar                   Calverley
James          Lee   G/S -  9 scholar                   Calverley
1881 Census  4509-54  Armley, 5 Akeroyd Square
Henry          Myers H   M 32 coal & ironstone miner Armley
Martha         Myers W   M 30                           Calverley
               and family, plus
Mary Ann       Lee   Lr  U 37 wln warper                Eccleshill
Epaphras Lee = Mary Metcalf
1871 Census  4536-65  Leeds, Armley, 2 Cayton Street
Epaphras       LEE   H   M 39 wln scribbling overlooker Eccleshill
Mary           LEE   W   M 29                           Leeds
Jane E         Lee   D   -  4 scholar                   Leeds
Mary A         Lee   D   -  3                           Leeds
John R         Lee   S   -  1                           Leeds
1881 Census  4508-91  Leeds, Armley, 48 Town Street
Epaphras       LEE   H   M 43 fetler (wln mill)         Eccleshill
Mary           LEE   W   M 40                           Armley
James          Lee   S   U 19 coal miner                Calverley
Annie          Lee   D   - 16 fettler (wln mill)        Calverley
Jane E         Lee   D   - 14 cropping winder           Armley
Mary Ann       Lee   D   - 13 scholar                   Armley
John Rhodes    Lee   S   - 11 scholar                   Armley
Isaac          Lee   S   -  7 scholar                   Armley
Squire         Lee   S   -  5 scholar                   Armley
Arthur         Lee   S   -  3                           Armley
1891 Census  3681-150  Armley, 2 Barnsbee's Yard
Epaphras       LEE   H   W 53 wln fettler               Eccleshill
John R         Lee   S   S 20 coal miner                Leeds
Isaac          Lee   S   - 17 coal miner                Leeds
Squire         Lee   S   - 15 wln cloth dresser         Leeds
Arthur         Lee   S   - 13 scholar                   Leeds
Fred           Lee   S   -  7 scholar                   Leeds
Epaphras Lee = Elizabeth White nee Turner
1901 Census  4208-8  Wortley, 4 Jessop Row
Epaphras       LEE   H   M 63 yeast hawker              Bradford
Elizabeth      LEE   W   M 60                           Leeds
James Wm       White S/L W 25 dairyman general carrier  Leeds
Arthur         Lee   S   S 23 forge labourer            Leeds
Fred           Lee   S   - 17 forge labourer            Leeds
Lily           White G/D -  1                           Leeds
1911 Census         Armley, 1 Bosnia Street
Epaphras       LEE   H   M 73 hawker & smallware dealer Bradford
Elizabeth      LEE   W   M 71                           York
Liley          White G/D - 12 scholar                   Leeds 
Arthur Lee = Eliza Vose
1911 Census         Armley, 32 Armley Road
Alfred         Vose  H   M 56 dining rooms proprietor   Rainhill LAN
Elizabeth Jane Vose  W   M 56 house wife                Newton le Willows LAN
William        Vose  S   S 25 house painter as required East Leeds
Phoebe Lucy    Vose  V*  S 42 assistant in business     Rainhill [* Alfred's sister]
Arthur         LEE   S/L M 33 labourer iron foundry     Armley
Eliza          LEE   D   M 30 assistant                 Rainhill LAN
Alfred         Lee   G/S -  7                           East Leeds
Alfred Lee = Florence Shepherd
1911 Census         Armley, 32 Armley Road
Alfred         Vose H   M 56 dining rooms proprietor    Rainhill LAN
Elizabeth Jane Vose W   M 56 house wife                 Newton le Willows LAN
William        Vose S   S 25 house painter as required  East Leeds
Phoebe Lucy    Vose V*  S 42 assistant in business      Rainhill [* Alfred's sister]
Arthur         Lee  S/L M 33 labourer iron foundry      Armley
Eliza          Lee  D   M 30 assistant                  Rainhill LAN
Alfred         LEE  G/S -  7                            East Leeds