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Many dates are clearly suspect

[LEIN121] Cathair mar [=great] (son of Felim Fioururglas), 1st King of Leinster (120-23), and Monarch of Ireland.

[LEIN131] Fiachu ba hAiccid O'Cathair died 220.

[LEIN141] Bressal belach [=large lipped] O'Fiachu, 2nd King of Leinster, died c.435-36.

[MACM141] Labhradh Mac Breasal, King of Leinster (see MacMOROUGH, for later details).

[LEIN151] Ennae Nia O'Breasal.

[LEIN161] Dunlainge O'Ennae Nia (born c.380), married [COLM162] Cuach O'Coelbad (born c.410, daughter of [COLM151] Coelbad O'Columb, son of [COLM141] Columb).

[L22A471] Eochaid Mac Dunlainge is dealt with under LEINSTER FAMILIES.

[LEIN171] Ailillo Mac Dunlainge (born c.425), King of Leinster (527-).

[LEIN181] Cormac Mac Ailillo (born c.460, King of Leinster (506, but abdicated 515), to become a monk at Bangor, where he died (567).

[LEIN191] Cairpre dubh [=black] Mac Cormac (born c.500), King of Leinster, and died 546.

[LEIN201] Colmain mar Mac Cairpre (born c.530), King of Leinster, married [L20A502] Fedelm  ingen [=daughter of] Oengusa (see LEINSTER FAMILIES). He died 576.

[LEIN211] Faelan Mac Colmain mar (born c.570), King of Leinster (633-c.666), married [L21A502] Sarnet ingen Eochada (see LEINSTER FAMILIES).

[LEIN221] Conall Mac Faelan (born c.600), married L22A522] Condadil ingen Crundmael (see LEINSTER FAMILIES).

[LEIN231] Bran mut Mac Conaill (born c.640), King of Leinster (680-693), married [L23A512] Almaith ingen Blathmaic (see LEINSTER FAMILIES). He died 693.

[LEIN241] Murchado mut Mac Bran (born c.670), King of Leinster (715-727), married [L24A742] Conchenn ingen Cellaig Cualain (see LEINSTER FAMILIES). He died 727.

[OTOL271] Bran Ardchann Mac Muiredaig (born c.740, son of Murchado, is dealt with under O'TOOLE).

[LEIN251] Faelan Mac Murchado, King of Leinster (738-738), 3rd king that year, married [MUNS552] Tualath? (born c.705, daughter of King Cathal Mac Finguine, see MUNSTER KINGS). He died 738.

[LEIN261] Ruaidri Mac Faelain (born c.735), King of Leinster (776-85).

[LEIN271] Diarmata Mac Ruadrach (born c.775), King of Airther-Liphi.

[LEIN281] Muirecan Mac Diarmata MacRuadrach (born c.810), King of Leinster (862-63), killed by Norsemen (863).

[LEIN291] Mael Morda Mac Muirecan (born c.845), King of Airther-Liphi, slain by Norsemen at battle of Cennfuait (917).

[LEIN301] Finn Mac Mael Morda (born c.880), “royal heir of Leinster”, was killed by his brother (923).

[LEIN311] Murchad (Mortagh) Mac Finn (born c.915), King of Leinster (966-72), and was deceitfully slain by Domnall Cloen (972).

[LEIN329] Gormflaith ingen Murchada (born c.960, daughter of Murchad) married 1. [DUBL321] King Olaf III Sihtricsson (see DUBLIN KINGDOM); then 2. King Mael (Malachy) Seachlainn; then 3. King Brian boru (see O'BRIEN).


[DIAR281]  Donchard Mac Diarmata married [FEAR312] Aife ingen Gilla Patraic (see OSSARY KINGS. Donchard died 1006.

[DIAR291] Diarmait Mac Mael Na mBo, King of Leinster. He died 1072.

[DIAR301] Murchad Mac Diarmata, King of Dublin and the Isles. He died 1070.

[DIAR311] Donnchad MacMurchada, King of Leinster. He died 1115.

[DIAR321] Enna Mac Murchada, Ruler of Ui Chennselaig, Leinster and Dublin. He died 1126.

[DIAR331] Donnchada Mac Murchada, King of Leinster (1115-17). He died 1117.

[DIAR341] Donchad Mac Murchada, King of Leinster (1117-26). He died 1126.

[DIAR351] Diarmait Mac Murchada [Dermot Mac Murrough], King of Leinster (1126-66, 1169-71), married 1. --- ; then 2. [OTOL402] Mor Ni Thuathail aka Mor O'Toole, daughter of Muirchertach Ua Tuathail (see O'TOOLE).

(The Brehon law of Ireland allowed a man to have two wives in secular marriage.)

[DIAR362] Aoife Ni Diarmait aka Eva (daughter of Dermor), Princess of Leinster, married [PEMB361] Richard strongbow (see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM)..