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(in Lower Lorraine Dukedom)


[LIMX301] Giselbert I de Longwy, Count in Moselgau.

[LIMX311] Conrad d'Arlon (possibly the son of Giselbert), died 1032.

[LIMX321] Waleran I of Lower Lorraine, Count of Limburg & Arlon, married [MOSE333] Adelais von Upper Lorraine (daughter of DUKE DIETRICH, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM). Waleran died 1052.

[LIMX331] Waleran II of Lower Lorraine, Count of Limburg & Arlon, married (1062) [FRED332] Jutta/ Judith (born c.1040, daughter of DUKE FREDERICK II, see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF LUXEMBOURG) DUKEDOM). Waleran died c.1081.

[LIMX342] --- (only child, daughter of Waleran II) married [LIMB341] Count Henry of Limburg, see under LIMBURG below.


[LIMB331] Udo de Limburg married [LUXE332] Judith de Salm (daughter of Count Giselbert, see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY). He died 1061.

[LIMB341] Henry I (said to be son of Udo, but sources are contradictory), Count of Limburg, DUKE OF LOWER LOTHARINGIA (1101, deposed 1106), married 1. [LIMX342] --- (daughter of Count Waleran II of Arlon, see under LONGWY above); then 2. Adelaide (daughter of Palatine Count Botho of Bottenstein). Adelaide died c.1106, and Henry died c.1119.

[LIMB351] Waleran II Paganus (son of Henry I & 1st wife) was Count of Arlon, Count of Limburg (1119-39), and [8th] DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1128-39). He married (c.1110) [GUEL363] Jutta (daughter of Count Gerard III, see GUELDERS COUNTY). Waleran died 6th August 1139, and Jutta died 24th June 1151.

[LIMB361] Henry II, Count of Arlon (1139-), DUKE OF LIMBURG (1140-67). He married 1. (1136) [SAFF362] Mathilde von Saffenberg (born c.1113, daughter of Count Adolf I, see SAFFENBERG COUNTY), died 2nd January 1145; then 2. (c.1150) Laureta (widow of Count Iwan of Aaist, and daughter of DUKE THIERRY III OF ALSACE, by Swanhilde), divorced before 1152. Henry died in Rome (August 1167), and afterwards Laureta married 3. (1152) Count Raoul of Vermandois; then 4. (by 1159) Count Heinrich of Namur & Luxembourg (divorced 1163). She became a nun at Voorst and died 1175.

[LIMB372] Marguerite de Limburg (born c.1138, daughter of Henry II & Mathilde) married (1158) [LOUV371] DUKE GODFREY III (see LOUVAIN).