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(see ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM for full details of 1st Earl

[ARUN361] William d'Aubigny strong hand was created 1st Earl of Lincoln (c.1139), though this was exchanged for the Sussex Earldom (1141), when King Stephen transferred the Lincoln title to William de Roumare who had a stronger claim.


[ROUM401] Gerold de Roumare, Seigneur de Roumare, married Aubreye.

[ROUM411] Roger FitzGerold, Seigneur de Roumare, married (c.1095) [THOR338] Lucia of Mercia (widow, daughter of Thorold, see THOROLD THE SHERIFF). Roger died 1097, and afterwards Lucia married (c.1098) 3. [BAYE331] Earl Ranulph (see CHESTER (BAYEUX) EARLDOM).

[ROUM421] William de Roumare (born c.1096), Castellan of Neufmarche (1118), 2nd Earl of Lincoln (1141), married [REVI363] Hawise de Reviers (see VERNON).

[ROUM432] Hawise/Rohaise de Roumare (born c.1120, daughter of William) married [FRID431] Roger FitzReinfrid (see KENDAL (2)).


[BAYE385] Hawise (see CHESTER (BAYEUX) EARLDOM), widow of [QUER391] Robert de Quency (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM), was granted the Lincoln Earldom by her brother [BAYE381] Ranulph (7th Earl of Chester and 5th Earl of Lincoln), and she thus became 6th Countess of Lincoln (October 1232). Almost immediately (November 1232) she had this Earldom transferred to her son-in-law, [LINC401] John de Lacy, see below.

[QUEN402] Margaret (daughter of Hawise & Robert) married [LINC401] John de Lacy (see LINCOLN (LACY) EARLDOM below).


[EUST351] Ranulf the moneyer de Vains, was first mentioned in 1035 when he bought the mill at Vains (in Avranches) from the Abbot of Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The family also owned land at Amblie.

[EUST362] Waleran (son of Ranulf) held the mill at Vains by 1061, and sold it back to the Abbey. Waleran also sold (c.1066) the family land at Amblie to DUCHESS MATILDA (wife of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR), for her new Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Caen.

[EUST372] John (son of Waleran), at the Domesday Survey was tenant-in-chief in Essex at Aveley (John's demesne), Bures (also in Suffolk), Fyfield, Great Saling, Henny, Maplestead, Notley and Ongar, and in Cambridgeshire at Fulbourn and Teversham

[EUST361] Richard de Vesci (born c.1025, son of Ranulf) was possibly his father's heir but predeceased him (died at Vains 1061) so that Waleran succeeded instead, because Richard's son was a minor

[EUST371] John (son of Richard), seized the mill at Vains, but judgment was given against him in court. At the Domesday Survey was tenant-in-chief in Essex at Elsenham, and in Norfolk at Brettenham, Carbrooke, Griston, Hunstanton, Ringstead, Saxlingham-Nethergate (his demesne), Thurton and Walpole. He was also sub-tenant of further land in Saxlingham of Hulme Abbey. There were thus two John's at the Domesday Survey, who were first-cousins. One was referred to as "John nephew of Waleran" and the other as "John son of Waleran".

John monoculus de Burgh, of Saxlingham, Lord of Knaresborough (born 1060), married [BLOI342] Magdalena Cecily FitzNigel de Blois (daughter of [BLOI331] Count Thibaut of Blois & Champagne & Gersende du Maine, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). John died 1138 (at Saxlingham).

[EUST384] Payn FitzJohn (son of John), married [LACY452] Sibyl (daughter of Geoffrey Talbot, see LACY (2) GEOFFREY TALBOT). Payn was killed (10th July 1137) pursuing Welsh raiders who had been attacking his castle at Caus, and afterwards Sibyl married 2. (c.1138) [DIN2381] Sir Josce (see DINAN).

[EUST395] Agnes (daughter of Payn & Sibyl), married [MUNC331] Warin de Munchensy (see MUNCHENSY).

[EUST383] Agnes (daughter of John), married [VAL0431] Roger de Valognes (see VALOGNES).

[EUST381] Eustace FitzJohn (born c.1089, son of John), Lord of Alnwick, Malton & Watton; Constable of Bamburgh and Knaresborough Castles, held Brough Castle, and was Constable of Chester. He married 1. [VESC382] Beatrice de Vesci (daughter of Lord Yvo de Vesci, see ALNWICK FEUDAL LORDSHIP). Eustace thereby acquired the lordships of Alnwick (Northumbs) and Malton (Yorks). Beatrice died giving birth to their son William (c.1120), and Eustace then married 2. [FNIG435] Agnes (see FITZNIGEL). Eustace founded Alnwick Abbey, Malton Priory and Watton Priory. Eustace founded Alnwick Abbey, Malton Priory and Watton Priory.

Eustace FitzJohn was the most powerful among the northern Barons, founding Alnwick Abbey (Northumbs), and Walton and Malton Abbeys (Yorks). When the Scots army marched south in 1137, Eustace defected to King David, opening to him the gates of Alnwick and Malton. Now firmly on David's side, Eustace held Malton Castle against King Stephen; and commanded a division of the Scots army against Stephen at the Battle of the Standard (22nd August 1138); and so forfeited his lands. However, his lands (except for Knaresborough) were restored to him by King Henry II.

Eustace FitzJohn was ambushed and slain at Consyllt near Basingwerk, North Wales, (July 1157), on an expedition against the Welsh.

[EUST392] William (eldest son of Eustace FitzJohn) afterwards took his mother's surname, de Vesci. William de Vesci gave a half-knight's fee in Saxlingham-Nethergate (Norfolk) to Adam de Karleolo, in exchange for Caldbeck (Cumbs). Later, William's son Eustace de Vesci, as grandson & heir of Eustace FitzJohn, confirmed this half-knight's fee to Adam de Karleolo. This confirms the link between [EUST371] John, [EUST389] Eustace FitzJohn, the de Valognes family and de Vesci family.

[EUST391] Richard FitzEustace (born c.1098, only son of Eustace FitzJohn & Beatrice), married 1. [NORF434] Jane Bigod (born c.1120, sister of Hugh Bigod, and daughter of [NORF429] Roger le Bigot & Alice, see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM); then 2. (1142) [LISO399] Albreda de Lisours (see LISOURS). He inherited the honour of his mother, and became 5th feudal Baron of Halton, and then Constable of Chester (after his mother died). He died before 1163, afterwards Albreda married 2. William de Clairfait; then 3. (between 1165-73) [FWIL441] William FitzGodric (see FITZWILLIAM). Albreda died c.1200.

[WARK451] Roger FitzRichard (born c.1132, son of Richard & Jane), is described under WARKWORTH FEUDAL LORDSHIP.

[EUST403] Aubrey (daughter of Richard & Albreda), married [BISE471] Henry Biset (see BISET).

[EUST401] John FitzRichard FitzEustace (son of Richard FitzEustace & Albreda), married his first-cousin [WARK462] Alice of Warworth (daughter of Roger FitzRichard of Warkworth, see WARKWORTH FEUDAL LORDSHIP). John became Constable of Chester, Baron of Halton, Baron of Pontefract and Lord of Flamborough. He was Governor of Dublin (1181), succeeding Hugh de Lacy who was Governor until he fell out of favour with King Henry II (1181). John assumed the surname Laci (presumably after 1181). He died at Tyre in the Holy Land on a Crusade (1190).

[EUST412] Joan de Laci ([born c.1155], daughter of John), married [BRUS371] Lord Peter I de Brus (see SKELTON LORDSHIP).

[EUST413] Helen de Lacy (born 1155, daughter of John), married [DUTT452] Geoffrey de Dutton, of Rocksavage (born 1160, see DUTTON).


[LINC391] Roger FitzEustace (son of [EUST401] John, see above) was Sheriff of Chester (1190), and took the surname Lacy after 1194. He married Maud de Clere, sister [alleged by Dugdale] to the Treasurer of York Minster. He was also known as Roger of Hell after his fierce raids against the Welsh. He was captured at Chateau Gaillard (6th March 1204), after 12 months siege there by King Philip II of France. He was Sheriff of Yorkshire (1209), Sheriff of Cumberland (1209), and died October 1211.

[LINC409] John FitzEustace (born c.1192) changed his surname to Lacy (1194). He married 1. [AIGL392] Alice de l'Aigle (daughter of Gilbert, see AIGLE); then 2. (before June 1221) [QUER402] Margaret de Quency (daughter of Robert, see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM, and also LINCOLN (BAYEUX) EARLDOM above).

John joined the confederate barons against King John (1215), and the King destroyed his castle at Donington (1216). He was pardoned by the new King Henry III (1217). He accompanied Ranulph, 7th Earl of Chester, on the Fifth Crusade (1218), and fought at the Siege of Damietta (November 1219). He returned to England (c. August 1220), and took part in the reduction of Skipton Castle (February 1221). John became 7th Earl of Lincoln (1232).

John died after a long illness (July 1240), after which Margaret married 2. (c. January 1242) Walter Marshal, 8th Earl of Pembroke, see PEMBROKE (MARSHAL) EARLDOM; then 3. Richard de Wiltshire.

[LINC413] Joan (daughter of John & Alice), married 1. (1225) [BIRK461] Thomas de Birkin (see BIRKIN), died October 1230); then 2. (1231) [LONC471] Sir Henry (LONGCHAMP).

[LINC412] Maud (daughter of John & Margaret), married [HERT481] Earl Richard (see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM).