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[CRAW411] Sir Walter I de Ghent ([born c.1070], son of [GANT341] Gilbert de Ghent, see GANT), Earl of Lincoln, at one time held Fordington in Lindsey (Lincs), where he granted lands to Alured the Deacon.       

[CRAW421] William de Lindsay ([born c.1100], son of Sir Walter but could have been a younger brother), granted lands at Ercildun [Earlston] to Dryburgh Abbey.

[CRAW431] Walter II de Lindsay (born c.1122, son of William), held Fordington and Ercildum [Earlston]. He gave the church at the latter to Kelso Abbey, for the soul of his uncle Walter, which suggests his father (William) may have been the brother, not son, of Sir Walter. He was Justiciar of Scotland (1164). He married [SETO432] --- (daughter of Walter the Fleming, see SETOUN BARONY). He died c.1200.

[CRAW441] Sir William de Lindsay (born c.1148), knighted, possibly married 1. ---; then 2. (c.1174)  [LIND333] Aleanora de Limesay (born c.1150, daughter of Lord Gerard, see LINDSAY); then 3. Margaret (daughter of [DUNK441] Earl Henry of Huntingdon, see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM)). He died c.1200.

[CRAQ451] Walter de Lindsay (son of William by his 1st wife), Lord of Lamberton, Sheriff of Berwickshire, Constable of Berwick, and a Justiciar of Scotland. He held the Manors of Fordington, Ulseby and Molesworth. He granted the churches of Fordington and Ulseby to Croyland Abbey. He married ---. Walter died c.1221, and afterwards his widow married (c.1222, against her will) --- de Valence, when a dispensation was granted for consanguinity.

[CRAQ461] Sir William de Lindsay (son of Walter), Lord of Lamberton, Sheriff of Berwickshire, held Molesworth and Caldecote, married [FRID462] Alicia de Lancaster (daughter of Gilbert William de Lancaster, see KENDAL (2)).

[CRAQ471] Walter de Lindsay (son of Sir William), Lord of Lamberton, Molesworth, etc., Sheriff of Berwickshire, Justiciar of Lothian, inherited a vast property in Lancashire and Westmorland, through his mother. He married Christian. Walter died 1271, and afterwards Christian married 2. (c.1274). Walter Percy of Kildale.

[CRAQ482] Margaret de Lindsay (daughter of Walter), married her first-cousin [CRAW471] David de Lindsay (see below).

[CRAW451] Sir William de Lindsay (born c.1182, younger son of William & Aleanora), knighted, Lord of Lamberton, Seneschal to the Steward of Scotland, married [FRID454] Avice de Lancaster (daughter of Gilbert FitzReinfride, see KENDAL FEUDAL LORDSHIP). William died c.1247.

[CRAW461] Sir David de Lindsay (born c.1203, son of William), of Luffness, Lord of Breneville (Ayrshire), Justiciar of the Lothians (1243-49), possibly married (c.1220) [CRAJ463] Margaret de Crawford (daughter of [CRAJ451] John de Crawford of Crawfordjohn, see CRAWFORD).

[CRAW471] Sir David de Lindsay (born c.1235), of Luffness, knighted, one of the Regents (1255), High Chamberlain (1256), married his second-cousin once removed [CRAQ482] Margaret de Lindsay (daughter of Walter & Christian, see above). He died in Egypt on a crusade (1268).

[CRAW481] Sir Alexander de Lindsay (born c.1267) of Crawford, knighted by King Edward I, married [STEW502] Alice Stewart (daughter of Alexander, see HIGH STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND). He was said to have been killed at the Battle of Stirling (1308).

[CRAW492] Beatrice de Lindsay (born c.1300, daughter of Alexander) married 1[DOUG491] Lord Archibald (see DOUGLAS LORDSHIP), killed 1333; then 2. [ERSK491] Sir Robert Erskine, Great Chamberlain of Scotland (see ERSKINE below). 


[ERSK451] Henry de Erskine born 1190, died 1226.

[ERSK461] Sir John of Erskine.(born 1217) married Jane Hatcher. John died 1271..

[ERSK471] Sir John of Erskine.(born  at Erskine, 1249) married (1279) Margaret MacGilronan (born 1253) (daughter of Gilronan) . John died at Erskine (1296), Margaret died 1300,.

[ERSK481] Sir William de Erskine (born 1274) was a faithful adherent of Robert the Bruce and accompanied the Earl of Moray and Sir James Douglas into England in  1322. He married (after 1308) [CRAW492] Beatrice Stewart (daughter of Alexander Stewart & Jean Macrory (see STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND). William died 1329, and Beatrice afterwards married [ERSK491] Sir Robert Erskine, see below.

[ERSK492] Christian Erskine (daughter of William) married  (at Caerlaverock, 1334) [MAXL502] Sir John Maxwell (see MAXWELL).  

[ERSK491] Sir Robert Erskine (born c.1310, eldest son of William), Constable, Keeper and Captain of Stirling Castle, captured by the English at the Battle of Durham (1346), appointed Great Chamberlain of Scotland (1350, whilst still held prisoner), married 1. [CRAW492] Beatrice de Lindsay (widow, see above); then 2. Christian Menteith of Arran. Robert died 1385.

Alloa Tower was built around 1368 to protect the ferry crossing the River Forth. Sir Robert stayed at Alloa Tower.  

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