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LOMG151] Gundoald (said to be son of DUKE GARIBALD I I), DUKE OF ASTI. He died 612.

[LOMG161] Aripert I (said to be son of Gundoald, but this is unreliable), King of the Lombards (651-62). He died at Ticino (661).

[LOMG171] Godepert (born c.638-42), King of the Lombards (661-62). He was murdered (662).

[LOMG181] Reginpert, DUKE OF TURIN, King of the Lombards (701 for a few months). He died 701.

[LOMG191] Aripert II (born c.660), King of the Lombards (701). He drowned in the River Ticino (712).

[LOMG202] Petrussa della Lombardia (daughter of Aripert II) married [OBOT201] King Vislas I of the Obotrites (see OBOTRITES).


[LOMX161] Ansprand (born c.660), King of the Lombards (for a short time in 712), married Theodorada. He died 13th June 712.

[LOMX171] Sigiprant (born c.682). He died c.707.

[LOMX181] Hildebrand of Spoleto (born c.700), King of the Lombards (short time 744), married [SWAG212] Segarde of Alemannia (daughter of DUKE GODEFRIED OF ALEMANNIA, see SWABIA DUKEDOM). He died c.744.

[LOMX192] Adelinda (daughter of Hildebrand) married [SAXH191] Warin of Thurgau (born c.725, see COUNT HARTRAD).


Friuli is also quoted as Fruili.

[LOM2251] Siberius.

[LOM2261] Desiderius/Didier married Ansa. He was the last King of the Lombards (756-74). Desiderius and Ansa were captured at Pavia (774) and were both exiled at Corbie Monastery.

[LOM2272] Gerberge (daughter of Didier, married (769) [PEPI241] King Carloman of the Franks (see AUSTRASIA (HOUSE OF PEPIN)).

[LOM2271] Unruoch I (born c.770, said in some sources to be a son of Desiderius, but there appears to be no evidence), Count of Ternois, created (by Charlemagne) 1st March Count of Friuli (795). He married (c.812) [PARI233] Engeltrude (born c.776, daughter of Count Bego, see PARIS COUNTY). Unruoch died c.811.

[LOM2281] Eberhard (born c.800, stated to be son of Unruoch & Engeltrude) married (c.836) [CARO263] Gisela (born c.819, daughter of EMPEROR LOUIS, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). He was March Count of Friuli (DUKE OF THE MARCH OF FRIULI), and died December 16th December 866. Gisela died 1st July 876.

[LOM2295] Ingeltrude (born 838, daughter of Eberhard) married [BABE249] March Count Heinrich I (see BABENBURG).

[LOM2292] Judith (born c.838, daughter of Eberhard) married [BURK312] March Count Konrad II (see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM);

[LOM2294] Heilwig (daughter of Eberhard) married [DILL271] Count Hucbald I (see DILLINGEN COUNTY).

[LOM4291] Unruoch III (born c.842, son of Eberhard), Count of Friuli, married [ALSA252] Ava di Monza (daughter of Signor Liutfrid di Monza, see ALSACE DUKEDOM). He died c.874.

[LOM4301] Eberhard (born c.865, son of Unruoch III), Count of Sulichgau, married [CARO285] Ermentrude of France (daughter of King Louis le begue of France, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). He died 898.

[LOM4312] Judith von Sulichgau (born c.894, daughter of Eberhard) married [BAVA261] Count Arnulf the bad (see BAVARIA (LUITPOLDING DYNASTY) DUKEDOM).

[LOM2291] Berengar I (born c.850, son of Eberhard & Gisela) married [BRES252] 1. Bertilo (daughter of DUKE SUPPO, see PARMA & SPOLETO COUNTIES), executed for alleged adultery (c.915); then 2. (c.915) Anna. He was March Count of Friuli (875-), King of the Lombards (888-924), EMPEROR OF THE WEST (915-24), and was assassinated at Verona (7th April 924).

[LOM2303] Gisela (daughter of Berengar I & Bertilo) married (c.899) [LOM3291] Count Adalbert I (see HOUSE OF IVREA below).


[LOM3271] Amadee. [Elsewhere given as Wido.]

[LOM3281] Anscario I, March Count of Ivrea (c.899), married Gisele.

[MILA281] Manfred Berengarius (son of Anscario), Count, is described under MILAN.

[LOM3299] Adalbert I di Ivrea (son of Anscario) married 1. (c.899) [LOM2303] Gisela di Friuli (see HOUSE OF FRIULI above), died c.910; then 2. (c.914) [TUSC292] Ermengard di Lucca (born c.900, daughter of [TUSC281] Marquis Adalbert II, see TUSCANY MARCH COUNTY). He was Count & March Count of Ivrea (c.902), and died c.923-24.

[CAMO291] Anskar III of Camerino (son of Adalbert & Ermengarde), is described under CAMERINO.

[LOM3301] Berengar II (born c.900, son of Adalbert & Gisela, and “grandson of Berengar I”) married (930-931) [PROT333] Willa d'Arles (daughter of [PROT323] March Count Boson of Tuscany, see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM). He was March Count of Ivrea (923-40), Count of Milan, EMPEROR OF THE WEST (950-61), King of the Lombards (950-63, jointly with his son Adalbert), and died in Bamberg prison 6th July 966. Willa died subsequently, at Bamberg.

[LOM3313] Urraca (daughter of Berengar II) married [LOTU331] DUKE GOTHELON (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM).

[LOM3312] Rozala (daughter of Berengar II) married 1. (c.968) [FLAN311] Count Arnulf II (see FLANDERS COUNTY), died 30th March 987; then 2. (988, taking the name Suzanne) King Robert II the pious of France, repudiated 989.

[BUR3311] Adalbert (born between 932-36, son of Berengar II) allegedly married Gerberge de Chalons (her parentage is in dispute). Adalbert was King of the Lombards (951-63, jointly with his father, defeated and deposed by Otto I), and died at Autun (30th April 971). Also see BURGUNDY COUNTY.