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 [META291] Gerhard (born c.866, son of [PARI251] Count Adalhard IV of Paris, see PARIS COUNTY), killed in battle King Zwentibold of Lotharingia (900), and then married his widow [SAXY262] Oda (daughter of DUKE OTTO, see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY). Gerhard was killed in battle against the Bavarians (22nd June 910). Afterwards Oda probably married 3. Count Palatine Eberhard in Oberlahngau.

[META302] Uda (born c.905, daughter of Gerhard) married [LOTU301] Gozelin/Gothelon (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM).


[MEZZ281] Folmar, a Count, married Richilde.

[MEZZ291] Folmar von Luneville and Amance.

[MEZZ301] Folmar I, Count of Metz, Count in Bliesgau, married Bertha (sister of Berengar, Chorbishop von Trier). He died 994-95.

[MEZZ312] Richildis of Bliesgau (born c.960, daughter of Folmar I) married [MOSE321] DUKE THIERRY I (see HOUSE OF MOSELLE).

[MEZZ311] Folmar II (born c.950), Count of Metz (1020), Count in Bliesgau, is said to have married (before 980) [LOTU333] Gerberge (daughter of Count Godefroi I of Verdun, see HOUSE OF VERDUN).

[MEZZ321] Gottfried, Count of Metz, married Judith.

[MEZZ331] Folmar III, Count of Metz, married Suanehilde. He died 1087.

[MEZZ341] Folmar IV, Count of Metz, Huneburg and Luneville. He died June 1111.

[MEZZ351] Folmar V, Count of Metz and Hornburg, married (1120) [NORG352] Mechthild/Matilda von Dagsburg (born c.1096-98, heiress of Moha, see NORDGAU COUNTY). Folmar, who was Advocate of the Abbey of Beaupre, died 1142.

[MEZZ362] Agnes (daughter of Folmar), heiress of Longwy, married (by 1140) [LOOZ361] Count Ludwig I (see LOOZ COUNTY below).


[MAIZ341] Gerard [born c.1050], Count of Rieneck and Burggrave von Mainz, married Hedwig von Blieskastel (unidentified).

[MAIZ352] Agnes/Adelaide von Mainz ([born c.1080], daughter of Gerard) married (c.1100) [LOOZ351] Count Arnold II (see LOOZ COUNTY below).


[LOOZ291] Ricfried, Count of Betuwe, married Herensinda.

[LOOZ301] Nebelung (born c.905), Count of Betuwe, married [HAI1313] --- (daughter of Count Reginer II, see HAINAULT COUNTY). He died 953.

[LOOZ312] Berthe (daughter of Nebelung) married [ISAA341] Arnaud, Count & Bishop of Cambrai, (see CAMBRAI COUNTY).

[LOOZ311] Rudolf (son of Nebelung), Count of Betuwe.

[LOOZ321] Gislebert, Count of Looz, married Luitgard de Namur. He died 1044.

[LOOZ331] Immo/Emmo III (born c.1030), Count of Looz, married (before 1055) [HOLL332] Suanehilde/Irmengarde (daughter of Count Dirk III, see HOLLAND COUNTY). He died January 1078.

Other sources here refer to a Count Arnulf of Looz, who married Alheidis (daughter of Count Floris I, see HOLLAND COUNTY), father of the Arnulf below, and who died September 1135. It is possible entry this Arnulf was a cousin of, and not the father of, the entry below. Therefore for the present this entry is being ignored.

[LOOZ351] Arnulf/Arnold II (born c.1065), Count of Looz, Constable of St. Pierre, Liege, Count of Rieneck, married (c.1100) [MAIZ352] Agnes/Adelaide von Mainz (daughter of Count Gerard by Agnes von Blieskastel, see MAINZ above). Agnes was heiress of Rieneck County and the Mainz township, after which Arnold became Castle Count & Constable of Mainz, Count of Rieneck (1115). He died 11th April 1139.

[LOOZ361] Ludwig I (born c.1100), Count of Looz and Rieneck (1135-68), Castle Count of Mainz (1139-62), Constable of Averbode and Munsterbilzen (1155) [both are in present-day Belgium]. He married (by 1140) [MEZZ362] Agnes von Metz (daughter of Folmar, Count of Metz and Homburg, see LATER METZ COUNTY above). He died 11th August 1171.

[LOOZ372] Imagina (daughter of Count Ludwig, though mother shown as Ermengarde) married (1180) [LOUV379] DUKE GODFREY III (see LOUVAIN).