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The generations before Adalbert are unreliable, as at least two different versions have been offered.

[LORR311] Adalbert II (born c.970, son of [LNGW301] Count Richard [or perhaps his brother Gerard] of Metz, see LONGWY COUNTY), Count of Metz, Count of Saargau, married (c.1000) [SWA2297] Judith of Oehningen (widow of Ludwig, and daughter of DUKE CONRAD, see SWABIA DUKEDOM). Judith died 1022. Adalbert died at Vouzonville while returning from Jerusalem (25th December 1033).

[LORR321] Gerhard I, Constable of Remiremont, Count of Metz (1033-45), married Gisela of disputed origin, said to be "a granddaughter of Charles, brother of the King".

Gisela could have been either Gisela (daughter of THIERRY I, DUKE OF UPPER LORRAINE, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM, or else [NORG312] Gisela of Lower Lorraine (daughter of Count Hugo III, see NORDGAU COUNTY). The former is more likely as it could explain how Adalbert II became DUKE OF LORRAINE.

Gerhard died 1046.

[LORA331] Adalbert III (son of Gerhard), Count of Longwy-Metz, 2ND DUKE OF LORRAINE (1047-48), married (or simply lived with) [COMM373] Clemence de Foix (born c.1002, daughter of Count Bernard-Roger, see COMMINGES). Clemence died c.1035, and Adalbert was killed at the Battle of Thuim (11th November 1048).

[LORA342] Etienette/Stephanie de Longwy (daughter of Adalbert) married (c.1055) [BUR3341] Palatine Count Guillaume (see BURGUNDY COUNTY).

[LORR331] Gerhard (son of Gerard) married [NAMU332] Hedwige ([born c.1020], see NAMUR COUNTY). He was 3rd DUKE OF LORRAINE (1048), and died at Remiremont (about 14th April 1070).

[LORR344] Beatrix (daughter of Gerhard & Hedwige) married (c.1085-90) [BUR3351] Count Etienne tete-hardie (son Count Guillaume I the great, see BURGUNDY COUNTY).

[LORV341] Gerhard (son of Gerard & Hedwige), Count of Vaudemont, married 1. Alberade; then 2. (c.1080) [NORR342] Hedwig von Egisheim (daughter of Count Gerard III, see NORDGAU COUNTY). Gerard died 1120, and Hedwig died 1126.

[LORV352] Gisela von Vaudemont (born 1090, daughter of Gerhard & Hedwig) married 1. Count Renier III of Toul (son of Count Frederic of Astenois and Toul & Gertrude de Toul); then 2. (1120) [BARL361] Renaud I (see BAR-LE-DUC).

[LORR342] Thierry II (son of Gerhard & Hedwige) married 1. (1080) [TRAU412] Hedwig von Formbach (widow of Gerhard von Supplingenburg, and daughter of [TRAU403] Friedrich von Formbach, see TRAUNGAU COUNTY); then 2. (at Han-dur-Lesse, August 1095) [FLAN359] Gertrude (daughter of Count Robert I, see FLANDERS COUNTY). He was 4th DUKE OF LORRAINE (1070-1115), and died January 1115.

[ALSA372] Thierry III (born c.1100, son of Thierry II & Gertrude) was Count of Alsace (1128-57) etc., (see ALSACE COUNTY for full details).

[LORR351] Simon I (son of Thierry II & Hedwig) was 5th DUKE OF LORRAINE (1115-39). He married (c.1112-13) [LOUV365] Adelaide (daughter of Count Henry III, see LOUVAIN).

[LORR362] Agatha d'Alsace (born c.1119, daughter of DUKE SIMON I) married (c.1130) [BUR3361] Count Renaud III (see BURGUNDY COUNTY).

[LORR361] Mathieu (son of Simon), 6th DUKE OF LORRAINE (1139-76), married (c.1138) [SWAB352] Bertha (daughter of DUKE FREDERICK, see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM). He died 13th May 1176, and Bertha died 25th March 1194-95.

[LORR373] Judith (daughter of Mathieu) married [AUXO441] Count Etienne II (see AUXONNE COUNTY).