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[LORL272] Lothar II (born c.830, son of [CARO311] EMPEROR LOTHAR I & Ermengard, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE) was King of Lotharingia (855-69). He married (855) [PROT305] Theutberga de Arles (daughter of Count Boson of Turin, see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM), though he had for some years been living with Waldrada (sister of Archbishop Gunther of Cologne).

Their marriage was childless, and he spent many years to trying to have it annulled. The archbishops of Cologne and Trier declared [perhaps in October 862] this marriage was annulled and that he was now married to Waldrada, whom he then married (December 862). However on learning this, Pope Nicholas set aside their decision, deposed both archbishops and made Lothar take back Theutberga. When Pope Nicholas was succeeded by Adrian II (867), Lothar renewed his appeal, and Hadrian agreed to review the matter. But this was too late; Lothar died [at Piacenza] August 869. All his children were by Waldrada, and therefore all illegitimate.

[LORL289] Bertha (born 856, illegitimate daughter of King Lothar II & Waldrada) married 1. (879-81) [PROT311] Theodebert, Count of Arles & Provence (see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM), died 895; then 2. (895-8) [TUSC281] March Count Adalbert II of Tuscany (see TUSCANY MARCH COUNTY).

[LORL285] Gisela (born c.869, illegitimate daughter of King Lothar II & Waldrada) married Prince Gottfried of Denmark (see GUISNES HAITHABU KINGDOM).


[LORX291] Giselbert de Hainault (son of [HAI1291] Reginar I longneck, see HAINAULT COUNTY) married (928-29) [SAXY278] Gerberga (born 913-14, daughter of EMPEROR HEINRICH I, see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY).

Heinrich made Giselbert of Hainault to be Count (effectively DUKE) in Lotharingia (928), and at the same time gave him the hand of his daughter Gerberga in marriage. Lotharingia thereafter was in the east Frankish orbit, though the Carolingians made several efforts to retrieve it. Giselbert drowned in the River Rhine near Andernach (2nd October 939), and without asking permission of Gerberga’s brother (King Otto II of Germany), King Louis IV of the West Franks promptly married Giselbert's widow Gerberga. This marriage, coming so soon after that of Hugh the Great to Gerberga’s sister Hadwig, can only have been a calculated move on Louis’s part, not only to neutralise the effects of Hugh’s link with Otto, but also maintain a toehold in Lotharingia itself. Gerberga proved a great support for Louis. She was both intelligent and well-educated, unlike Louis (who for example knew no Latin). Louis entrusted her with the defence of Laon (941) and of Rheims (946), and she accompanied Louis on his expeditions to Aquitaine (944) and Burgundy (949). Even more positive was her activity while Louis was held prisoner by Hugh the Great's vassal Theobald (945-46), for it was she who sought help from her brother Otto. Again in 949 Gerberga besought her brother’s assistance when Hugh attacked their residence at Rheims. Gerberga died 968.

Giselbert was Count of Lotharingia (925-39). After he drowned in the River Rhine, as noted above, Gerberga married 2. (939) [CARO291] King Louis IV (see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[LORX302] Alberade (born c.929-30, daughter of Giselbert) married [ROUC321] Count Renard (see ROUCY COUNTY).

[LORX303] Gerberge (born c.935, daughter of Giselbert) married [VERM301] Count Albert I (see VERMANDOIS COUNTY).



[MOSE301] Wigerich (born c.886), Count of Bidgau & Ardennegau, married Kunegund von Westfranken (daughter of Count Werner von Ivrea, by Princess Ermentrud of France, daughter of King Ludwig II of France [born 1st September 846], by Princess Adelaide of Paris). Wigerich was also Palatine Count of Lotharingia, see also LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM).

Wigerich was succeeded as Palatine Count by Count Godfrey of the Julichgau, who may or may not have been related to the Wigerich (above) or Hermann (below).


[LORZ281] Ehrenfried II (son of [BETU291] Count Eberhard I in Keldachgau, see TEISTERBANT COUNTY), Count in Zulpichgau, Count in Bonn, married Richwara von Zulpichgau.

[LORZ291] Hermann I pussilus [=the slender] was Count in Bonngau, Gerresheim and Zulpichgau, then Palatine Count of Lotharingia (985-96). He married 1. [DILL292] Heilwig (see DILLINGEN COUNTY), died 991; then 2. ---. He died 16th July 996.

[LORZ301] Ezzo/Ehrenfried III (born c.955, son of Hermann & Heilwig) married (before 991) [SAXY292] Matilda (born 978, see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY) He was Palatine Count of Lotharingia (1015-34). Matilda died at Echtz (4th December 1025), and Ezzo died at Saafeld after catching "pox" from his concubine Tiethburga, (21st May 1034).

[LORZ312] Richenza (born c.995, daughter of Ezzo) married (at Merseburg, 1013) [POLA311] King Mieszko II (see POLAND DUKEDOM).

[LORZ311] Otto I (2nd but oldest surviving son of Ezzo), Count in Deutz and Auelgau (1025-47), Palatine Count (1034-45). He became DUKE OTTO II OF SWABIA (1045) in a straight exchange (with King Heinrich III) for his Palatine Count title, which the king required for his cousin Heinrich. He probably married [NORG327] Matilda von Egisheim (daughter of Count Hugo IV, see NORDGAU COUNTY). He died at Tomburg Castle (7th September 1047).

[LORZ322] Hildegard of Bar Mousson (daughter of Otto II) married (1042) [SWAB321] Frederick von Buren (see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM).