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(Leuven, in present-day Belgium)

[LOUV321] Lambert I le barbu [=bearded] (born c.950, 2nd son of [HAI1311] Count Reginar III, see HAINAULT COUNTY) married (c.994) [LOTH323] Gerberga (daughter of [LOTH311] DUKE CHARLES (see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF FRANCE) DUKEDOM). Lambert was Count of Louvain (1003-15), and was slain at the Battle of Florennes (12th September 1015).

[LOUV333] Henry I de Louvain (born c.990, son of Lambert I), Count of Louvain, married Maud de Lorraine.

[LOUV344] Marguerite de Louvain (born c.1020, daughter of Henry) married [CREQ321] Baudouin (see CREQUY).

[LOUV332] Mahaud (daughter of Lambert I) married Count [BOUL321] Eustace I (see BOULOGNE COUNTY).

[BRUS311] Robert de Bruges (born c.1000, conjectured to be son of Lambert I) is described under BRUS.

[LOUV331] Lambert II balderik [=bearded] (son of Lambert I) married [LOTU343] Oda (daughter of DUKE GOTHELON, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM). He was Count of Louvain (before 1041-62), and built a new castle at Leuven forming the nucleus for the development of the town, later the capital of the Duchy of Brabant. Lambert presumably died 1062.

[LOUV341] Henry II married [BETU342] Adelheid (see TEISTERBANT COUNTY). Henry was Count of Louvain (1062-79), and died c.1078-79. Adelheid died c.1086.

[LOUV354] Henry III (son of Henry II), Count of Louvain, married [FLAN359] Gertrude de Flanders (see FLANDERS COUNTY). Henry died c.1095, and Gertrude then married 2. (at Han-sur-Lesse, August 1095) [LORR342] DUKE THIERRY II (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[LOUV365] Adelaide de Louvain (daughter of Henry III) married (1112-13) [LORR351] DUKE SIMON OF LORRAINE (see LORRAINE DUKEDOM).

[LOUV353] Ida (daughter of Henry II) married (1084) [HAIN351] Count Baldwin II (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[LOUV359] Godfrey I the bearded (son of Henry II) married 1. (c.1099) [CHIN362] Ide (born c.1078, daughter of Count Otto II, see CHINY COUNTY), she died c.1117; then 2. (c.1121) Clemence (born before 1082, daughter of Count William I, see BURGUNDY COUNTY, and widow of Count Robert II (see FLANDERS COUNTY). Clemence had no children by Godfrey. Godfrey was Marquis of Antwerp, Count of Brabant & Louvain (1095-1139), 7th DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1106-28). Godfrey was deposed from the Dukedom by Waleran II of Limburg (1128), and died January 1139.

[LOUV362] Adeliz (born c.1103, 1st daughter of Godfrey & Ide) married 1. (January 1121) [NORK349] King Henry I (see NORMAN KINGS); then 2. (1138) [ARUN361] Earl William (see ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM).

[PERC361] Jocelin (born c.1121, son of Godfrey, by an unknown mistress) married (between 1154-61) [PERX362] Agnes (see PERCY).

[LOUV361] Godfrey II le jeune (born c.1107, son of Godfrey & Ide) married (c.1139) [SULZ362] Liutgarde (daughter of Count Berengar, see SULZBACH COUNTY). He was [9th] DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1139-42), succeeding DUKE WALERAN II. He died June 1142, and afterwards Liutgarde married 2. (1143) Count Hugo X of Dagsburg in Metz.

[LOUV379] Godfrey III (born c.1142) married 1. (1158) [LIMB372] Marguerite (born c.1135, daughter of Count Henry II, see LIMBURG COUNTY), she died 1172; then 2. (1180) [LOOZ372] Imagina (see LOOZ COUNTY). He was [10th] DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1143-90), and died August 1190. Afterwards Imagina entered Munsterbilsen Abbey, and died there (either 4th June 1203 or 5th June 1214).

[LOUV382] Godfrey de Louvain (younger son of DUKE GODFREY III & Imagina) is described later under LOUVAIN (2).

[LOUV381] Henry I (born 1165, elder son of DUKE GODFREY III & Marguerite) married 1. (1179) [ALSA392] Mahaud of Flanders (2nd daughter of Count Mathieu, see ALSACE COUNTY), she died October 1210; then 2. (at Soissons, April 1213) Marie (born 1198, daughter of King Philippe II augustus of France & Agnes; and also widow of Philippe of Flanders, Count & Marquis of Namur). Henry was co-Regent of Louvain during the last 7 years of his father's life (1183-90), then [11th] DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1190-1235). [In the thirteenth century, the title of Duke of (Lower) Lorraine was replaced by that of Duke of Brabant.] Henry died at Cologne, September 1235, and Marie died 1224.

[LOUV391] Henry II (son of Henry I & Mahaud) married 1. (February 1207) [SWAB372] Marie (daughter of King Philip of Germany, see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM), died 1235; then 2. (1239) Sophie (daughter of Landgrave Ludwig IV von Thuringia, by Elizabeth of Hungary). He was [12th] DUKE OF BRABANT (1235-48), and died at Louvain (February 1248). Sophie died May 1275.

[LOUV403] Matilda (born 1224, daughter of Henry II & Marie) married 1. (at Compiegne, June 1237) [CAPE412] Count Robert the good (3rd son of King Louis VIII, see CAPETIAN HOUSE), who was killed in battle near Mansurah, Palestine, February 1250; then 2. (at Naples, c.1254) Guy of Chatillon, Count of St. Pol.


[LOUZ381] Godfrey de Louvain (younger son of [LOUV379] DUKE GODFREY III & Imagina, see earlier) went to England (1196). He married (c.1199) [TEDR372] Alice de Hastings (widow, born c.1173, daughter of Robert see TEDRIC). Godfrey had custody of Eye Castle (Suffolk), and died before April 1226.

[LOUZ392] Matthew I (born c.1199, son & heir of Godfrey) married Muriel. He held the manors of Little Easton (Essex), and Bildeston (Suffolk). He died before June 1258, and Muriel was living 1275.

[LOUZ402] Hawise (daughter of Sir Matthew, but mother's name not stated) married [WYCO471] Sir Philip (see WYCOMBE BARONY).

[LOUZ401] Matthew (born c.1237, son of Matthew & Muriel) married 1. Helisant; then 2. Maud Poyntz. He died 24th May 1302.

[LOUZ413] Eleanor (born c.1268, daughter of Matthew & Helisant) married 1. [DERB411] William de Ferrers of Groby (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM); then 2. (1288) [DOUG481] Sir William Douglas (see DOUGLAS EARLDOM).