in Leeds

For the earlier history of this family, see LYON and YARROW in Cambridgeshire

[LYNE671] William Lyon (born 1828) had an illegitimate child at Tadlow by [YARR672] Elizabeth Lyon (born 1826), formerly YARROW, whilst she was married to James Lyon (born 1821, see later):

[LYNE681] Francis (born at Tadlow, 20th December 1846, baptised at East Hatley, 31st January 1847), was brought up by James and Elizabeth, see later.

William Lyon moved down to Leeds for work around 1853-55, taking the surname Lyons. William, a forgeman, married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 1st April 1855) Jane Thacker (born at Croydon, 1834, daughter of William & Emma), both of Lloyd Street, Burley, Leeds. Jane had already had an illegitimate child, quite likely fathered by William Lyon:

George Henry (born at Burley, 1854), married Mary Ann Smith.

William and Jane lived variously at Burley (Leeds), Kirkstall, Pool in Wharfedale, Burley again, Armley and New Wortley. William was variously a forge labourer, mason’s labourer, highway labourer and railway platelayer. They had twelve children:

Joanna (born at Burley, 11th June 1856, baptised there 31st January 1858), married William Beeby;

Samuel (born at Burley, 3rd December 1857, baptised there 31st January 1858), died (age 81, unmarried) at Armley (buried at New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds, 19th August 1939);

Frederick William (born at Burley, baptised there 25th March 1860), married Maria Mortimer Haywood;

Esther (born at Burley, baptised there 1st September 1861), married Frank Grunwell;

Alfred (born at Burley, baptised there 4th October 1863), married Ada Fidler;

Arthur (born at Burley, baptised there 3rd February 1867), died 1913 (age 42);

Emma (born at Kirkstall, baptised at Burley, 16th October 1870), died (age 42, unmarried, buried at New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds, 10th July 1913);

Sarah Anne (born at Pool in Wharfedale, baptised at Burley, 19th January 1873), died age 1;

twin, Mary Ann (born at Pool in Wharfedale, 1873), lived 1 week (buried at Poole, 7th September 1873);

twin, Jane (born at Pool in Wharfedale, 1873), lived 2 weeks (buried at Poole, 14th September 1873);

Jane (born at Burley, baptised there 20th June 1875), married William Henry Lee (born at Farnley, 1867);

Alice Beatrice (born at Burley, baptised there 22nd September 1878), died (age 15 months) at Burley (27th October 1879, buried at Woodhouse Cemetery, Leeds, 29th October 1879).

William (age 60) was acting as a flagman on the railway at Lingwell Gate (East Ardsley) when he was run over by an express passenger train and killed instantly (18th October 1888, buried at New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds, 21st October 1888). Jane continued living in Armley (until at least 1900), later moving to Kirkstall (by 1913) and finally Stanningley. She died (age 84) at Stanningley (buried at New Wortley Cemetery, Leeds, 8th October 1916).  

At this point the story moves to:



James Lyon (born 1821, son of Christopher Lyon and Ruth), labourer, married (at East Hatley, 16th September 1844) Elizabeth YARROW, of East Hatley, a minor, witnessed by George Clark and Sarah Yarrow (Elizabeth's sister).

James and Elizabeth had five children at Croydon. There was a gap between the first and third, and in this gap, Elizabeth registered a male child (first-name left blank) on 28th December 1846: child born on 20th December 1846 at Tadlow, father’s name William Lion, labourer. The mother was shown as Elizabeth Lion formerly Yarrow, of Tadlow. She made her mark. When the baby was 6 weeks old. It was baptised Francis at East Hatley (31st January 1847), but shown as the son of James & Elizabeth Lyon of East Hatley.

Several Croydon families moved to Leeds around the 1850’s for work. James Lyon and his family moved down some time between May 1855 (when a child was baptised at Croydon) and June 1857 (when a child was baptised at Burley). The family was now known as Lyons. Years later, Francis said he walked from Croydon to Leeds. 

Altogether James and Elizabeth brought up twelve children, as follows :

Samuel (born at Croydon, 3rd January 1845), married 1. Emma Scholes, then lived with Martha Ann; then married 2. Clara Fenton;

[LYNE681] Francis (born at Tadlow, 20th December 1846), brought up as a child of James and Elizabeth, married Ann Kemplay, see later;

James (born at Croydon, 3rd February 1848), birth registered as Charles, but baptised as James, married Hannah Galloway;

Charles Philip (born at Croydon, 31st January 1851), birth registered as Charles, but baptised as Charles Philip, married Annie Elizabeth Holmes;

Susan (born at Croydon, 29th January 1853), died at Caxton Workhouse (March 1856);

Alfred (born at Croydon, 22nd March 1855), died at Burley (1866);

Elizabeth (born at Burley, 3rd June 1857), birth registered as Emily, last noted in the 1871 Census at Burley as "Elizabeth";

Harriet (born at Burley, 27th March 1860), lived only a few days;

Richard (born at Burley, about February 1861), died at Burley (1863, surname registered as Lions);

Emily (born at Burley, 30th January 1864), birth registered as Emily, but baptised as Emma 14th July 1877 at Burley St. Matthias. She never married and died (age 95) at Leeds (13th September 1959). see EMMA LYNES;

George William (born at Burley, about May 1868), married 1. Sarah Fynn, then 2. Fanny Travers;

Jane Eliza (born at Burley, 16th June 1870), birth registered as Jane Eliza, but known as Eliza Jane, married Charles Edwin Emms.

In 1868 this branch of the family took the name Lynes instead of Lyons. The circumstances behind the change are not recorded, but subsequent folklore said Samuel had changed the name by deed poll. However as at both his marriages (1866 and 1894) Samuel "made his mark" instead of writing his name, it seems unlikely that someone who could not write his name would change the spelling of the name. Samuel was also said to have been a practical joker!

James (a forge labourer) died (age 54, of pulmonary emphysema) at Minor Street, Burley (3rd August 1875), his surname then being recorded as Lyons. Elizabeth continued to live in the Burley area, where she died (age 78, of apoplexy hemiplegia, i.e. paralysis) at Burley Village (10th December 1903), her surname then being recorded as Lynes.

[LYNE681] Francis Lynes (born 1846), an engine-tenter, married (at Little Holbeck, 12th February 1871) [KEMP682] Ann Kemplay (born 1851, see KEMPLAY), a servant, both of Derwent Street, witnessed by Thomas Appleyard (Ann's step-father) and Emma Lynes (Francis' aunt). Ann had been a child of almost 9 when her paternal grandfather Joseph had died, and she was his sole blood descendant. However any money there could have been, would have gone to his widow Elizabeth, his last wife. Ann was 14 when Elizabeth Kemplay died, and it is possible that Elizabeth had told her step-granddaughter that she would get the Kemplay money. If so, it failed to materialise, but Ann always said there was money they were entitled to.

Francis Ann

Francis and Ann had eleven children, as follows:

Albert Kempley (born at Little Holbeck, 19th February 1872), married 1. Florence Lancaster; then 2. Selina Mary Johnson;

Frank (born at Little Holbeck, 3rd February 1874), lived 1 month;

Joseph (born at Little Holbeck, 1875), married Edith Ward;

Elizabeth Anne (born at Leeds, 27th August 1877), married William Harry Herbert Barker;

a child (still born at Leeds, 2nd April 1879);

Francis (born at Leeds, 11th March 1882), married Emily Chamberlin;

a child (still born at Leeds, June 1886);

Ada (born at Leeds, October 1887), lived 10 hours;

[LYNE692] Grace Beatrice (born at Leeds, 14th August 1890), married (at Leeds, St. George, 27th January 1923) [BODD691] Henry George Boddy (born 1891, see HENRY GEORGE BODDY);


Grace Beatrice at Blackpool
about 1900

Alfred Ernest (born at Leeds, 18th April 1892), married Minnie "Langstaff";

Florence Ada (born at Leeds, 9th February 1894, baptised 11th March 1894, Leeds, St. Andrew, married George Tomlinson.

Their eldest child took “Kempley” as his middle name, to keep the name going in case the promised money eventually materialised. Albert Kemplay (spelling changed) Lynes in turn named his eldest son Albert Kemplay Lynes (1899), no doubt taking note of what his mother had told him (she did not die until 1903). It was to no avail, and in due course the descendants of Albert Kempley (senior) lost out when he too remarried at the age of 79, and after his death in 1956 all the money which his children were expecting went to their step-mother’s side!

Francis and Ann continued to live in the Kirkstall Road area until 1894, after which they lived at various addresses: Burley Street, “Smiths Arms” Holbeck (publican), Moorland Road (grocer), Denison Street (grocer), Belle Vue Street, Belle Vue Avenue (stationary engine tenter), “Moorhouse Inn” Hunslet (beer retailer) and finally 24 Belle Vue Road (engine tenter, then firewood dealer). Latterly they lived with their married daughter Grace Beatrice Boddy at No. 3 Belle Vue Street.

Ann died (age 76, of chronic nephritis) at Belle Vue Street (2nd May 1927, buried at Holbeck Cemetery 5th May 1927). Francis died (age 81, of hardening of the arteries) at St. James's Hospital Leeds (19th March 1929, buried at Holbeck Cemetery, 23rd March 1929). An interesting sign of changing times was that Ann’s hearse was horse drawn, whilst Francis’ hearse was a motor vehicle.


William Lyon = Jane Thacker
1861 Census  3354-9  Leeds, Burley, 13 Stansfield Row
William      LYONS H  M 32 masons lab              Croydon CAM
Jane         LYONS W  M 27                         Croydon
George H T   Lyons S  -  6                         Burley
Joannah      Lyons D  -  5                         Burley
Samuel       Lyons S  -  3                         Burley
Frederick Wm Lyons S  -  1                         Burley
Josiah       Lyons Lr U 29 lab                     Croydon
William      Mole  Lr U 22 lab                     Croydon
1871 Census  4573-79  Kirkstall, 8 St Ann's Row
William      LYONS H M 43 highway lab              CAM
Jane         LYONS W M 37                          CAM
Joanna       Lyons D - 14 flax miller              Burley
Samuel       Lyons S - 13 cloth brusher            Burley
Frederick    Lyons S - 11 scholar                  Burley
Esther       Lyons D -  9 scholar                  Burley
Alfred       Lyons S -  7 scholar                  Burley
Arthur       Lyons S -  4 scholar                  Burley
Emma         Lyons D -  6m                         Kirkstall
1881 Census  4508-64  Armley, 4 Cricketers Place
William      LYONS H M 52 platelayer               Croydon CAM
Jane         LYONS W M 48                          Croydon
Frederick    Lyons S U 21 cloth dresser (unemp)    Burley nr Leeds
Esther       Lyons D U 19 servant (unsituated)     Burley nr Leeds
Alfred       Lyons S - 17 steam crane engineman    Burley nr Leeds
Arthur       Lyons S - 14 cloth miller             Burley nr Leeds
Emma         Lyons D - 10 scholar                  Burley nr Leeds
Jane         Lyons D -  6 scholar                  Burley nr Leeds
1891 Census  3680-106  Armley, 12 Elsworth Terrace
Jane         LYONS H W 57 -                        Croydon CAM
Samuel       Lyons S S 33 platelayer               Leeds
Esther       Lyons D S 29 harden weaver            Leeds
Emma         Lyons D S 20 stocking knitter         Leeds
Jane         Lyons D - 16 boot machinist           Leeds
1901 Census  4212-100  Armley, 12 Elsworth Terrace
Jane         LYONS H W 68                          Leeds !**
Samuel       Lyons S S 43 road labourer            Croydon CAM !**
Emma         Lyons D S 30 machine stocking knitter Burley
              ** probably enumerator's error
1911 Census         Leeds, Kirkstall, 24 Sandford Road
Samuel       Lyon*** S  S 53 highway labourer      Burley
Jane         LYON    Mr W 78                       Croydon CAM  
           *** Samuel signed Samuel Lyon
James Lyon = Elizabeth Yarrow
1851 Census  1758-313  Croydon (CAM)
James          LYON   H   M 28 agric lab      Croydon
Elizabeth      LYON   W   M 25                Tadlow
Samuel         Lyon   S   -  6                Hatley East
Francis        Lyon   S   -  4                Tadlow
James          Lyon   S   -  2                Croydon
Charles Philip Lyon   S   -  2m               Croydon
1861 Census  3353-91  Leeds, Burley (YKS), 6 Bateson Street
James          LYONS  H   M 36 forge lab      Croydon CAM
Elizabeth      LYONS  W   M 34                Tadlow CAM
Samuel         Lyons  S   - 16 forge lab      Atley CAM
Francis        Lyons  S   - 14 forge boy      Atley sic !
James          Lyons  S   - 12 scholar        Croydon
Charles        Lyons  S   - 10 scholar        Croydon
Alfred         Lyons  S   -  6 scholar        Burley (!)
Elizabeth      Lyons  D   -  3                Burley
Richard        Lyons  S   -  1m               Burley
1871 Census  4570-48   Burley, 51 Back Lloyd Street
James          LYNES  H   M 49 lab            Croydon CAM
Elizabeth      LYNES  W   M 45                Croydon
James          Lynes  S   U 22 engineman      Croydon
Elizabeth      Lynes  D   - 14 mill hand      Burley
Emma           Lynes  D   -  7 scholar        Burley
George W       Lynes  S   -  3 scholar        Burley
Jane Eliza     Lynes  D   - 10m               Burley
1881 Census  4531-122  Leeds, 10 Dover Street
John S         Fox    H   W 65 shoemaker      Dewsbury
Elizabeth      LYNES  Bd  W 55 washerwoman    Tadlow CAM
George W       Lynes  S   - 13 general lab    Burley
Annie W        Fox    D   -  7 scholar        Leeds
1891 Census  3711-39   Burley, 18 Willow Road
Elizabeth      LYNES  H   W 66 monthly nurse  Tadlow CAM
Jane E         Lynes  D   S 20 mule piecer    Leeds
Clifford G     Lynes  G/S -  6w               Leeds
William G      Hallas Bd  S 25 builder        Leeds
1901 Census  4244-142  Burley, 43 Burley Village
Elizabeth      LYNES  H   W 76                Cambridge! CAM sic !
Jane           Lynes  D   S 30 cotton spinner Leeds
Nellie         Lynes  G/D -  4                Leeds
Francis Lyon = Ann Kemplay
1871 Census  4570-51  Burley, 8 Bateson Street
Francis     LYNES H M 24 engine man                 Croydon CAM sic !
Ann         LYNES W M 20                            Leeds
1881 Census  4531-38  Leeds, 65 Kirkstall Road
Francis     LYNES H M 34 engineman                  CAM sic !
Ann         LYNES W M 29                            Leeds
Albert K.   Lynes S -  9                            Leeds
Joe         Lynes S -  5                            Leeds
Elizabeth   Lynes D -  3                            Leeds
1891 Census  3704-65  Leeds, 71 Kirkstall Rd (Stansfield Mill Yard)
Francis     LYNES H M 44 stationary engineer        Croydon CAM sic !
Ann         LYNES W M 39                            Leeds
Albert K    Lynes S - 19 presser wholesale clothing Leeds
Joseph      Lynes S - 15 presser wholesale clothing Leeds
Elizabeth A Lynes D - 13                            Leeds
Frank       Lynes S -  9 scholar                    Leeds
Grace B     Lynes D -  8m                           Leeds
1901 Census  4236-67  Leeds, 10 Belle Vue Avenue
Francis     LYNES H M 54 engine tenter (stationary) Croydon CAM sic !
Ann         LYNES W M 49                            Leeds
Elizabeth A Lynes D S 24                            Leeds
Francis     Lynes S S 19 clothiers trimmer          Leeds
Grace B     Lynes D - 10 scholar                    Leeds
Alfred E    Lynes S -  8 scholar                    Leeds
Florence A  Lynes D -  7 scholar                    Leeds
1911 Census          Leeds, 24 Belle Vue Road
Francis     LYNES H M 63 engine tenter              Croydon CAM sic !
Ann K       LYNES W M 59                            Leeds
Elizabeth   Lynes D S 33 domestic servant           Leeds
Grace B     Lynes D S 20 tailoress clerk            Leeds
Alfred E    Lynes S - 18 cloth finisher             Leeds
Florence A  Lynes D - 17 milliner                   Leeds