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[BODD701] Maurice George Boddy (born 1932, son of Henry George & Grace Beatrice, see HENRY GEORGE BODDY), was born at Belle Vue Street, Leeds, but his earliest recollections are at Malmesbury Terrace, which was his next home. The family was only here for about a year, before moving to Penrith Grove. He first went to school at Upper Wortley Infants at the age of 5. A year later the family moved to Wesley Road and later Southfield Mount, and he then attended Armley National School until 1941. There was a short break at the beginning of the 1939-45 War whilst "evacuated" to Spring Avenue, Gildersome, to stay with his mother's sister Florence Ada. He then attended Gildersome Church School for a few weeks. He started at West Leeds High School for Boys on 10th November 1941, in the Junior department, and progressed to the Sixth Form, which he left on 23rd March 1948. The sequence of classes at WLHS was: 11/1941 J2; 9/1942 J3; 9/1943 2A; 9/1944 3A; 9/1945 4A; 9/1946 SC1; 9/1947 6B. His School Certificate (undated, but would be mid-1947) records Passes in English Language, French and Chemistry; Credit in Art; Very Good (usually referred to as Distinction) in Mathematics and Physics.


He started work with British Railways on 30th March 1948 as a junior clerk in their Leeds Aire Street offices, where he remained until called up for National Service.

at New Brighton
(August 1950)


Maurice joined the Royal Air Force on 13th July 1950, service No. 2480513, for eighteen months though this was extended to two years within a few weeks of his joining. He spent one week at Padgate (Lancs) where he was kitted out. Then sent on by train (with the doors locked to prevent desertion!) to West Kirby (Wirral) for eight weeks basic training.

He chose to be trained as a radar mechanic, and so spent seven months at Yatesbury (Wilts) learning his trade. This period included four weeks laid up with scarlet fever at the R.A.F. hospital at nearby Wroughton and four weeks convalescence. After passing out as a qualified Air Radar Mechanic he was posted to Kinloss (Morayshire), where he was stationed from May 1951 until his discharge on 11th July 1952, working on Lancaster aircraft then Shackletons. See RAF for service details.


Maurice Boddy (left) on Ben Nevis (April 1952)

Maurice returned to British Railways as a clerk, on 28th July 1952. After a further spell in the Aire Street offices, he worked at Kirkstall Forge goods office from 24th November 1952 (just before his mother died). Most unusually, this office had no road access and whichever route was taken, railway lines had to be crossed. The choices were walk alongside the lines from either Kirkstall or Newlay stations, or walk though Kirkstall Forge private premises. Maurice had two near misses with trains. One was in fog when he was about to step on to a railway bridge that crosses the River Aire, the other was when crossing over the lines from the goods office to go to the canteen at Kirkstall Forge. Adjoining the goods office (which was part of the old Station Master's house) was the house occupied by the local ganger and his wife. The wife, too, had to cross the railway lines to go anywhere. Not long after this, the ganger (George Dixon) was knocked down by a train and killed.

Thankfully, Maurice became a shipping clerk at Wellington Street South goods station from 16th March 1953, then at the adjacent North goods station from 8th June 1953. His clerical career finished from 7th September 1953 when he became a train controller at Leeds City Station, and began a career of working shifts for a further twelve years.

Maurice George, a railway train controller of Southfield Mount, married (at Armley, St. Bartholomew, 17th April 1954) [LEEE702] Margery Lee (born 1931, see LEE), a comptometer operator of Gloucester Avenue, witnessed by Jeffrey Harold Green (Maurice George's second-cousin, died age 67 in 1997) and Edythe Lucy Wells (Margery's friend, still alive in 2021, age 90).


St. Bartholomew's Church
(28 April 2002)

church interior
(18 July 2004)


Margery Lee

Their honeymoon was two weeks holiday at Nice in the south of France. They lived for a few months at Southfield Mount with Maurice's widowed father, before moving to their new home in Whitehall Road, Wortley, in October 1954. Maurice continued to work at Leeds City Station as a train controller.

  In the Control Room
(about 1965)
Maurice is in the centre of the photo furthest from the camera

Margery continued to work with Henry A. Lane & Co. Ltd., food importers, Corn Exchange, Leeds, until October 1956.

Maurice was called to serve two weeks R.A.F. H-Reserve training in June 1955, serving at Scampton, near Lincoln, (the home of the war-time 617 "Dam Buster" Squadron) from 4th to 6th, and at nearby Waddington from 6th to 18th. This was the last occasion he met his "best man" for his wedding as, by chance, Jeffrey Harold Green was also serving his two weeks training at the same time.

Maurice and Margery had two children as follows:

Carol (born at Armley, 26th December 1956, baptised at Armley, St. Bartholomew, 22nd February 1957);

David (born at Armley, 2nd March 1959, baptised at Armley, St. Bartholomew, 26th April 1959).

Maurice became a computer programmer with British Rail in September 1965 at City House, Leeds. He was transferred with his work in May 1970 to Amber House, Derby.

  Amber House, Derby
(27 June 2016)

Afterwards the family lived at Oaklands Road, Etwall, Derbyshire. He took up another computing post with British Rail in January 1974 at Furlong House, Nottingham, and was then transferred in September of that year to York, West Offices. The family moved to Quaker Green, Woodthorpe, York, in May 1975. They continued to live at this house apart from a short break at Hamilton Drive, Acomb, York (February to March 1985) while Shepherd Construction Ltd undertook urgent remedial repairs to their house at Woodthorpe. Maurice retired after forty years service with British Rail on 13th May 1988.

Margery died (of congestive cardiac failure) 11th March 2016 (age 84) at York Hospital and was cremated at York Crematorium (1st April 2016).  Maurice continues to live in the same house in York and is at present (09/05/2021) age 89. Maurice has two children, three grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.