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[MALE301] William [born c.995] said to be a Norman who married an Anglo-Saxon lady, said to be a daughter of Earl Leofric [born c.988], but a daughter of Ealdorman Leofwine [born c.965] would seem to be more feasible.

[MALE311] William malet [evil] (born c.1023, said to have been a brother of King Harold I's wife, Elgiva), Sire of Graville, fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, and was presumably rewarded with huge lands in England. William married [BRIO422] Hesilia/Esilia Crispin (daughter of Count Gilbert, see HASTING (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). He was Sheriff of York (1068-69), and was Governor of York Castle (1068-69). York was attacked and sacked by the Danes (September 1069), and William, his wife and younger children were held captive, and among the few to escape alive. He later took part in suppressing the revolt led by Hereward the Wake in the fenland, where he was slain (1071). At his death he held lands in Beds, Essex, Notts, Suffolk (including the honour of Eye) and Surrey. Afterwards Hesilia probably married 2. Alured of Lincoln.

[UFFO 401] Walter de Caen (born 1050, son of William), became Lord of Sibton (see SUFOLK (UFFORD) EARLDOM).

[MALE323] Alvarissa Beatrice Malet (born .c.1044, daughter of William) married [ARCS331] William d'Arques (see ARCHES)

[MALE322] Beatrice Malet (born c.1052, daughter of William) married 1. (c.1065) [THOR321] Thorold (see THOROLD THE SHERIFF); then 2. [ARCS331] William d'Arches (born c.1035, see ARCHES).

[MALE324] Judith/Jenita Malet (born c.1050, daughter of William) married [BOUG441] Hervey de Bourges (see BOURGES).

[MALE321] Gilbert Malet (born c.1085), became Lord of Sibton. See SUFFOLK (UFFORD) EARLDOM).

[MALE331] Sir Robert Malet (born c.1088), Lord of Curry-Malet.

[MALE341] Sir William I Malet (born c.1115), Lord of Curry-Malet. He died c.1169.

[MALE351] Sir Gilbert Malet (born c.1148), Lord of Curry-Malet, married (c.1168) [PICP463] Alice Picot (born c.1154, daughter of Ralph Picot, see SAYE OF CLUN). He died c.1194.

[MALE361] William II Malet (born c.1173), Baron of Curry-Malet), married  1.  ---; then 2. (c.1212) Alice Basset. He died 1215.

[MALE372] Mabel Malet (born c.1200, daughter & coheir of William II & 1st unknown wife) married 1. Nicholas Avenel; then 2. (c.1215) [VIVO461] Hugh de Vivonia (born c.1185, son of Sir William de Vivonia, see VIVONIA).