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[MARM401] William de Marmion (born c.1012), of Fontenay-le-Marmion (Normandy).

[MARM411] Robert de Marmion (born c.1040), of Fontenay (Normandy), and Tamworth (Staffs), married Hawise. He died c.1106.

[MARM421] Roger de Marmion (born c.1065), of Fontenay (Normandy), and Scrivelsby (Lincs), 3rd Lord Scrivelsby, married [ABIT413] --- (daughter of Urso, see ABITOT). He died c.1130. He acquired Tamworth Castle (built c.1070) after the death of his uncle Robert le Despenser (brother of [ABIT401] Urso d'Abitot, see ABITOT). The Marmion family held Tamworth Castle until the male line eased (1294).

  Tamworth Castle
view up the tower
(30 July 2016)

[MARM431] Robert (born c.1093), 4th Lord Scrivelsby, married [RETH378] Milicent de Brabant (see RETHEL). Robert was fighting against Ranulph, 5th Earl of Chester, at Coventry Priory (September 1143), when he fell into a ditch and broke his thigh, whereupon a common soldier cut off his head. Afterwards, Milicent married 2. [CAMV439] Sir Richard de Camville (see CAMVILLE).

[MARM441] Robert of Fontney, Tamworth and Scrivelsby, 5th Lord Scrivelsby, said to have married [RETH374] Elizabeth de Rethel(born c.1100, daughter of Gervase de Rethel, see RETHEL COUNTY). Robert died c. October 1181.

[MARM452] Mabel (daughter of Robert) married 1. [SAY2451] Lord Hugh de Saye (see SAYE BY ADOPTION); then 2. Reynold.

[MARM451] Robert (son of Robert), 3rd Baron Marmion of Tamworth, itinerant justice (1184-1205), married 1. Matilda de Beauchamp; then 2. Phillippa. He died 1218.

[MARM461] Robert (son of Robert & Phillipa), 1st Baron Marmion of Winteringham, married Avis and thereby acquired the manor of West Tanfield. The Marmion family continued to hold West Tanfield until 1387. At a much later date there became a 15th Century gatehouse belonging to the manor house, which became known as the Marmion Tower, and stands today.

  Tomb of Sir John Marmion (died 1387)
last of the Marmion male line
in West Tanfield Church
(September 1986)
  Marmion Tower
at West Tanfield
(September 1986)