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[MART361] Martin (born c.1052) married [BURC369] Geva de Burci (daughter & heir of Serlo de Burci, see BLAGDON).

At the Domesday Survey, Serlo de Burcy was tenant-in-chief in Dorset and Somerset.

After Martin died (before 1086), Geva married 2. [FALZ341] William de Falaise (see FALAISE). Geva was given Caldey Island (Pembs) by her son Robert, and she later founded a priory there, as a cell of St. Dogmael's Benedictine Monastery, though construction at Caldey did not start until the 13th Century.

[MART371] Robert FitzMartin (born c.1084), feudal Lord of Blagdon, [Marcher] Lord of Cemais (Pembs, between Fishguard and Cardigan) (see MARCHES), married 1. Maud de Nottingham (possibly the widow of the much younger William Peverel, see INGELRICA MAUD), died later than 1120; then 2. [NONA372] Alice de Nonant (daughter of Roger de Nonant, of Broad Cyst). In 1113 King Henry I granted possession of Caldey Island (off the southern coast of Pembrokeshire near Tenby) to Robert, who in turn gave it to his mother (see above). In 1115 Robert founded St. Dogmael's Benedictine Monastery (near Cardigan). Robert died before1159, and Alice afterwards remarried (c.1175), without the King's licence, for which she forfeit the former lands of William de Falaise. Alice died 1194.

[MART381] William FitzMartin (born c.1155, surviving son & heir of Robert & Alice, attained his majority 1176), feudal Lord of Blagdon. [RHYS371] Rhys ap Gruffudd assured peace with the Anglo-Normans by allowing William to marry his daughter [RHYS382] Ankaret (ferch Rhys), see SOUTH WALES PRINCES). William thenceforth held Nevern Castle until 1191 when his father-in-law, Lord Rhys, evicted him and granted it to his eldest son Gruffydd ap Rhys instead. William regained the lordship of Cemais, and control of Nevern Castle, by which time it had been dismantled by Gruffydd's brother Hywel ap Rhys. William borrowed 20 marks from the king to start repairs but soon abandoned the idea, moving instead to nearby Newport Castle which then became their family seat. Newport Castle remained in the possession of the Martin family until 1324, when it passed to the Audley family. William died 1209.

[MART391] William II Martin (born c.1176), feudal Lord of Blagdon, married [TORN392] Avice de Torrington (born c.1165, sister of Sir Fulk de Breaute). William died before1216, and afterwards Avice married 2. Nicholas de Boleivill.

[MART401] Nicholas FitzMartin (born c.1210, attained his majority 1231) was a ward of Henry Turberville during his minority. Nicholas was [Marcher] Lord of Cemais (Pembs), feudal Lord of Blagdon, married 1. ---; then 2. (1260) Isabel FitzWaren, who had previously married 1. [PEVE411] Hugh Peverel (see PEVEREL (2)). Nicholas died 1282.

[MART411] Nicholas (born c.1236, son of Nicholas by his 1st wife, unnamed), feudal Lord of Blagdon, married [BRIA412] Maud de Bryan (see BRYAN). Nicholas had the custody of the castles of Cardigan and Cilgerran (1257).



Cardigan Castle ruins
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Nicholas was taken prisoner by the Welsh, and his tenants were exhorted by King Henry III to contribute to his ransom. Nicholas died before December 1260. Afterwards Maud married 2. (before 1273) Lord Geoffrey de Canville. Maud died c.1279, and Geoffrey died c.1308.

[MART421] William III FitzMartin (born c.1257), feudal Lord of Blagdon, married (before1282) [HERZ492] Eleanor FitzPiers (daughter of [HERZ481] Sir Reynold FitzPiers, see HERBERT, and widow of Sir John de Mohun, 6th Lord of Dunster, who died June 1279). William was created 1st Lord Martin (1295), and died 1324.

[MART432] Joan (born c.1290, younger daughter & coheiress of William) married 1. Earl Henry of Lincoln, died 1311; then 2. [AUD1491] Lord Nicholas Audley (see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY).