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[MAUT411] Hugh de Mautravers. He probably had a brother Walter (died 1135), who had married Dameta (widow of Hugh de Laval).

[MAUT421] Hugh [probably] Mautravers [born c.1096].

[MAUT431] John Mautravers [born c.1122].

[MAUT441] John Mautravers (born c.1150), married 1. [c.1175] [FZGE382] Alice (daughter & coheir of [FZGE371] Roger FitzGeoffrey, by Alice de Tuberville); then 2. (c.1180) Alice de Bendeville. John died c. June 1200, after which his 2nd wife married 2. (1220) Walter de Turberville (who founded a commandery of the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, at Anstey St. James, Willts).

[MAUT451] Sir John Mautravers (born c.1176, son of John & his 1st wife Alice) married Hawise. John took part with the Barons (1215), but returned to his allegiance to the King (1217). He died before 1220.

[MAUT472] Alice Mautravers (daughter of Sir John) married [GIFF391] Sir Helias IV (see BRIMPSFIELD BARONY).

[MAUT471] Sir John Mautravers (born before 1202, son of Sir John & Hawise) was Knighted (1257) and died c.1262.

[MAUT481] John Mautravers married (c.1261) Joan (born c.1240, probably an Irish heiress, for she joined with her husband in February 1285 in obtaining permission to appoint attorneys in Ireland whilst staying in England). John died before February 1297.

[MAUT491] John Mautravers (born c.1266) married 1. (c.1289) [GORG492] Eleanor (half-sister of [GORG491] Master Thomas de Gorges, see GORGES); then 2. Joan de Foliot (widows of 1. Ralph de Warren; then 2. Sir Alan Cheney). John and Eleanor stayed in England for a while, and in May 1289 nominated Richard Crey of Ireland and William son of Hugh of Ireland to be their attorneys in Ireland "until a year after Holy Trinity". John died 25th April 1341, and afterwards Joan married 4. Alexander de Veneables.

[MAUT501] Sir John Mautravers (born c.1290, eldest son & heir of John & Eleanor) was Knighted (March 1306), and married 1. (c.1313) [HARD502] Milicent (see BERKELEY BARONY).

He fought at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314) where he was taken prisoner. He fought for the Earl of Lancaster at Bridgnorth where he escaped capture but his lands were seized and he fled overseas. He was restored by Queen Isabel and Roger de Mortimer (September 1326), and soon rose to high favour. He was Constable of Corfe and Corregcennen (Carmarthen) Castles (1328).

Corfe Castle entrance
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Carmarthen Castle entrance
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Sir John was created 1st Lord Mautravers (1330). After Milicent died, John married 2. (before February 1331) Agnes (widow of 1. John Dargenteym; then 2. John de Nayreford; daughter of William de Bereford). Whilst visiting England (1341), he nominated Edward Mautravers and Thomas le Warener as his Attorneys in Ireland for the next two years (Cal. Patent Rolls, January 26 1341-42). John died 16th February 1364-65, and Agnes died July 1375.

[MAUT511] John Mautravers (son of Sir John & Milicent) married (c.1340) Gwenthlian. John died 22nd January 1349-50, predeceasing his father, and the Mautravers title therefore passed to his two eldest daughters in turn.

[MAUT522] Eleanor Mautravers (born 1345, 2nd daughter of John). She was granddaughter & coheir of 1st Lord Mautravers (died 1364) and on the death of her elder sister Joan, became Baroness Mautravers. She married [ARUJ521] Sir John (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM).