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[SAL2431] Drew de Montagu (Monte Acuto).

[SAL2441] Drew Drogo, of Montacute Castle (Som).

[SAL2451] Richard FitzDrogo (born c.1125) married 1. ---; then 2. Alice. Richard died between 1161-66, and afterwards Alice married 2. Alexander de Piro.

[SAL2461] William (born c.1156, younger son of Richard & Alice), Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (1204-07), Custodian of Sherborne Castle, married Isabel, and died c.1217.

[SAL2471] Drew (born c.1183) married [WYCO473] Aline (see WYCOMBE BARONY). He died before his father.

[SAL2481] Sir William (born c.1214, heir of his grandfather, William, whilst a minor) married Berthe, and died 23rd September 1270.

[SAL2491] Sir Simon (born c.1245) married 1. (c.1270) [STAM492] Hawise de St. Amand (daughter of Amauri, see ST. AMAND); then 2. (c.1287) Isabel (parentage unknown).

Simon fought at the Battle of Falkirk (22nd July 1298). He took a relief ship through a line of French vessels to relieve the English who were being besieged at Bourg-sur-Mer. He was then created 1st Lord Montagu (1299). He took part in the Siege of Caerlaverock (July 1300), where he brought up the rear of the 3rd division, and after the capture of the castle he was sent to Ireland, probably for provisions. He was made captain and governor of the fleet against the Scots (January 1307), and was again admiral of the fleet against the Scots (August 1310).

Simon died 26th September 1316.

[SAL2501] Sir William (son of Simon & Hawise) married (c.1292) [MONF502] Elizabeth (see MONTFORT). William was with King Edward I at the Siege of Stirling (May 1304). He and his uncle, Amauri de St. Amand, governor of Oxford Castle, and others, were later imprisoned in the Tower (1304) for an alleged offence at Oxford, but William was soon acquitted. He was a commander in Wales against Llewelyn Bryn (February 1315). He became 2nd Lord Montagu (1316), and died in Gascony (18th October 1319). Afterwards Elizabeth married 2. (June 1322) Thomas, Lord Furnival of Hallamshire (grandson of Sir Gerard de Furnival, Lord of Hallamshire, who died at Jerusalem on a Crusade in 1219). Thomas died 1332.

Elizabeth died August
 1354 and  her
tomb is in
Oxford Cathedral.

Lady Elizabeth (1354)
(11 April 2003)


Oxford Cathedral
(25 April 1987)

[SAL2511] William (at Cassington, Oxon, 1302) became 3rd Lord Montagu (1319), then 6th Earl of Salisbury (see SALISBURY (MONTAGU) EARLDOM).