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MYERS FAMILY INDEX                                     in alphabetical order of surname

Isabel      BOULTON = William COCKSHOTT

Alicia      BRADLEY = Thomas WADE

Lawrence    BRADLEY = Margaret CRYER

Mary        CLIF = William MYERS

Richard     CLIF = Bettrice

George      COCKSHUTE = Anna GILL

Isabel      COCKSHOTT = Timothy MYERS

John        COCKSHOTT = Martha GILL

Thomas      COCKSHOTT = Margarett

William     COCKSHOTT = Isabel BOULTON

William     COCKSHOTT = Isabella RUSHWORTH

Margaret    CRYER = Lawrence BRADLEY

Anne        FLESHER = James GILL

Lawrence    FLESHER =

Lawrence    FLESHER = Bridget STEAD

Lawrence    FLESHER = Elizabeth PICKARD

William     FLESHER = Grace

Agnes       GILL = Miles GILL

Anna        GILL = George COCKSHUTE

Anne        GILL = Christopher GILL

Christopher GILL = Anne GILL

Christopher GILL = Margaret TOMLINSON

James       GILL = Anne FLESHER

James       GILL = Martha WADE

Martha      GILL = John COCKSHOTT

Miles       GILL = Agnes GILL

Helen       JOHNSON = John WADE

John        MIERS =

Mercy       MYERS = Richard BODDY

Timothy     MYERS = Isabel COCKSHOTT

Timothy     MYERS = Margaret WALLBANK

William     MYERS = Mary CLIF

Elizabeth   PICKARD = Lawrence FLESHER

Alice       ROSE = Michael STEAD

Isabella    RUSHWORTH = William COCKSHOTT

Bridget     STEAD = Lawrence FLESHER

Michael     STEAD = Alice ROSE

Margaret    TOMLINSON = Christopher GILL

John        WADE = Helen JOHNSON

Martha      WADE = James GILL

Nicholas    WADE = Elizabeth WILSON

Thomas      WADE = Alicia BRADLEY

Margaret    WALLBANK = Timothy MYERS

Elizabeth   WILSON = Nicholas WADE