Revised 01/12/2019


(in present-day Belgium)

[NAMU301] Berenger de Namur, 1st Count of Namur (907-32), married (c.915) [HAI1302] Symphoronia de Hainault (daughter of Count Reginar, see HAINAULT COUNTY). He died 932, and Symphoronia died c.952.

[NAMU311] Ratbode [Robert] I, Count of Namur (960-73), married [RICV312] Oda (daughter of DUKE OTTO OF LORRAINE, see LORRAINE (VERDUN COUNTY) DUKEDOM). He died 973.

[NAMU321] Albert I married (c.990) [LOTH322] Ermengarde ([born c.975], daughter of DUKE CHARLES, see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF FRANCE) DUKEDOM). He was Count of Namur (973-1000), and died 1011.

[NAMU332] Hedwige (daughter of Albert I) married [LORR331] Gerard (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[NAMU331] Albert II (son of Albert I) married [LOTU342] Reglindis de Lower Lotharingia (daughter of DUKE GOTHELON, see VERDUN (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM). He succeeded his elder brother (Robert II) as Count of Namur (1016-63), and died 1063-64.

[NAMU341] Albert III married [SAX2354] Relinde [Ida] (heiress of Laroche, and daughter of DUKE BERNARD II, see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY, widow of Frederick II, Count of Luxembourg, DUKE OF LOWER LOTHARINGIA, who died August 1065). Albert was Count of Namur (1063-75), March Count of Namur (1088-1102). Albert died 22nd June 1102, and Ida died shortly afterwards 31st July 1102.

[NAMU353] Adelaide (daughter of Albert III) married [CHIN351] Count Otto II (see CHINY COUNTY).

[NAMU359] Godfrey I (born c.1067, son of Albert III), Count of Chateau-Porcien (1097, by right of his 1st wife), Count of Namur (1102-39) & Dagsburg, married 1. (c.1087) Sibylle (daughter of Count Roger of Chateau-Porcien). She was seduced by Enguerrand de Boves, Sire de Coucy (see COUCY), and fled her husband before giving birth to an illegitimate child, and they were divorced (1104). Afterwards Godfrey married then 2. (1109) [LUXE349] Countess Ermesinde of Luxembourg (widow, born 1075, daughter & heiress of Count Conrad I, see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY). Godfrey died 19th August 1139, and Ermesinde died 26th June 1141.

[NAMU363] Elisabeth (daughter of Godfrey & Sibylle) married 1. [RETH361] Count Gervase (see RETHEL COUNTY); then 2. Sir Roger de Clerembaut de Rosoy.

[NAMU362] Alice (born c.1115, daughter of Godfrey & Ermesinde) married (c.1130) [HAIN371] Count Baldwin IV (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[NAMU364] Clemence (daughter of Godfrey & Ermesinde) married (c.1130) [ZAHR451] DUKE CONRAD (see ZAHRINGEN DUKEDOM).