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Haakon's Hall at Bergen
(22 March 2009)


The early generations are rather suspect, with differing versions

[NORW191] Adils Ottarsson (born Sweden, c.572) married Yrsa Helgi Helgasdottir (daughter of Helga Halfdansson, son of Halfdan).

[NORW201] Eystein Adilsson (born Sweden, c.594).

[NORW211] Ingvar the tall Eysteinsson (born Sweden, c.616).

[NORW221] Braut-Onund Ingvarsson (born Sweden, c.638).

[NORW231] Ingjald illrada [=the wicked] Braut-Onundsson (born in Sweden, c.660), King of Sweden, married [ALGA232] Gauthild Algautsdottir (born in Gotland, c.664, daughter of [ALGA221] Algaut Gautreksson, son of [ALGA211] Gautrek).

[NORW241] Olaf traetelia [=tree-hewer] Ingjaldsson (born at Vaermland, Sweden, c.682, son of Ingjald)King of Norway (680-710), married [SOLV249] Solveig Halfdansdottir of Solisles (widow, born c.684, daughter of Halfdan Solfisson, see SOLISLES). He died 710.

[NORW251] Halfdan II hvitbein [=whitebone] Olafsson (born at Romerike, c.704, son of Olaf), King of Norway (710-50), married [HEDM262] Asa Eysteinsdottir (c.708, daughter of King Eystein Throndsson of Hedmark, see HEDMARK). He died 750.

[NORW261] Eystein fret [=the meek] Halfdansson (born c.736, son of Halfdan), King of Raumariki, married [VIND262] Hildi Eiriksdottir (born c.740, daughter of King Erik Agnarsson of Vestfold, see VINDI). After Erik's death, Eystein succeeded as King of Vestfold (750-80). Eystein drowned c.780.

[NORW272] Siegfried Eysteinsson (born c.745, son of Eystein), King of Denmark. He died 798.

[NORW285] Geva Siegfriedsdottir (daughter of Siegfried) married (782) [SAXY219] King Widukind of the Saxons (born c.734), see HOUSE OF SAXONY.

[NORW273] Geva Eysteinsdottir (born c.749, daughter of Eystein), married [SAXY219] King Widukind of the Saxons (see HOUSE OF SAXONY).

[DANE261] Harald Eysteinsson (born c.746, son of Eystein), is described under HAITHABU KINGDOM.

[NORW271] Halfdan the mild Eysteinsson (born at Holtum, Vestfold, c.768, son of Eystein), King of Vestfold, married (c.788) [DAGG272] Liv (Hlif or Hlifa) Dagsdottir (born c.772, daughter of King Dag of Vestmar, see VESTMAR). Halfdan died at Vestfold.

[GLUM241] Ivar Halfdansson (born c.790, son of Halfdan), is described under GLUMRA.

[NORW289] Gudrod the magnificent and the hunting king Halfdansson, (born c.770, son of Halfdan), King of Vestfold, Vermland, etc (800-810), married 1. [ALFH282] Alfhild Alfarinsdottir (born c.772, daughter of King Alfarin of Alfheim, see ALFHEIM); then 2. (822) [AGDE282] Aasa Haraldsdottir (born 788, daughter of King Harald red-beard of Agder, see AGDER). He died 810, having been murdered by his 2nd wife Aasa, who died 840.

[VEST231] Olaf II Gudrodsson (born c.790, son of Gudrod & Alfhild), is described under VESTFOLD.

[NORW291] Halfdan III svart [=the black] Gudrodsson (born c.809, son of Gudrod & Aasa), King of Vestfold, married 1. (c.849) Ragnild of Sogne (daughter & heiress of King Harald Gulskiegg); then 2. (849) [RRKE292] Ragnhild Sigurdsdottir (born c.830, daughter of King Sigurd of Ringerike, see RINGERIKE). He drowned after falling through ice at Rykinsvik (c.863).

[NORW301] Harald I harfager [=fairhair] Halfdansson (born 850, son of Halfdan & 2nd wife Ragnhild), King of Vestfold (859-), King of Norway (885-933, abdicated). He married 1. Asa Haakonsdottir; then 2. Princess Gyda Eriksdottir; then 3. (c.870) [GLUM273] Swanhild Eysteinsdottir (born c.855, daughter of Eystein Glumra, Jarl of the Uplanders, see GLUMRA); then 4. (c.870) Snaefrid Svasasdottir; then 5. Ashild Hringsdottir; then 6. Ragnhild Eriksdottir. He also had at least two mistresses, and at least twenty-three children. Harald died at Hogaland (c.921).

[NORW313] Alof arbot = [season's bettering] Haraldsdottir (daughter of [NORW301] Harald & Swanhild) married [LAME361] Thorir the silent Ragnvaldsson (see DE LA MARE NORMANDY).

[NORW312] Olaf Haraldsson (born c.877, son of Harald & Swanhild). He was killed in battle near Tonsberg (934).

[NORW311] Bjorn the merchant Haraldson (born c.900, 4th son of [NORM301] Harald & Swanhild), under-King of Vestfold. He died 927.

[NORW321] Gudrod Bjornsson (born c.932, son of Bjorn), under-King of Vestfold, married Cecilia. He was murdered at Tunsberg (c.963).

[NORW331] Harald Grenske [=the Greenlander] Gudrodsson (born at Vestfold, c.952, son of Gudrod, but was sent to Greenland to be fostered by Hroe the white), under-King of Vestfold. He married [KULA332] Asta Gudbrandsdottir (daughter of Gudbrand Kula Olavsson, see KULA. Harald was murdered (995) on the orders of Queen Sigrid (wife of King Eirik the victorious of Sweden, she being afterwards known as Sigrid storrada [the haughty], see SWEDEN KINGDOM). Harald's widow Asta afterwards married 2. (c.995) King Sigurd Syr of Ringerike.

[NORW341] Olav II Haraldsson the saint (born 995, 4th in descent from King Harald I fairhair), King of Norway (1015-28).

He led an unsuccessful attack on London (1010), during which he succeeded in demolishing London Bridge after fixing grappling irons around its piers, thus giving rise to the nursery rhyme "London's Bridge is falling down". 

Olav married (February 1019) [SWED313] Astrid Olafsdottir (illegitimate daughter of King Olaf Eiriksson skotkonung of Sweden & his mistress, perhaps Edia, see SWEDEN KINGDOM). He was driven out of Norway (1028) by King Cnut, and fled to Kiev. He was killed at the Battle of Stiklestad in Northern Norway (29th July 1030), and buried secretly at Trondheim. He was canonized as St. Olav (1255).

  Tradition has it that King Olav once
visited Voss, and raised the
 large stone cross that today 
stands in a field south
of the present church. 
(The church itself only dates from 1277.)

Trondheim Cathedral
(27 June 1997)

  Cross at Voss, Norway
(23 July 2002)

[NORW352] Gisele/Ulfhild (born c.1023, daughter of King Olav II & Astrid, and half-brother of King Magnus I the good of Norway 1035-47 and of Denmark 1042-47) married (November 1042) [SAX2351] DUKE ORDULF (see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY).