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[OSBO611] Alexander Osborne (born c.1630), married (c.1650) [BUTT612] Mary Butters. They had seven children born and baptised at Friston as follows:

Thomas (baptised - March 1650/1), married 1. Susan Curdy; then 2. Mary Harvey. Thomas died 1699;

Mary (born 18th January 1654/5), married (at Aldringham, 6th May 1679) Roger Howell;

George (born c.1657), married Mary. Query married (at Redgrave, 16th November 1676 IGI) Mary Garnham. George died 1726;

Rachel (born c.1660), married Daniel Meeres of London;

[OSBO621] John (baptised 16th March 1661/2), see later;

Robert (born c.1665), married Jane;

William (born c.1668), married Sarah. William died 1728.

In 1659 Alexander Osborne was an overseer at Friston.

In the 1674 Hearth Tax returns, a "Mr Osborne" had 9 hearths at Aldeburgh. Alexander (a gentleman) died at Friston (1697). The beneficiaries in his will were:

Wife: Mary;

Children: John, Robert, William, Rachell Meers, Thomas and George;

Elizabeth and
Mary (children of Thomas);

Rachel and George (children of George);

Alexander, John and Mary (children of John);

Roger (son of Roger Howell);

Mary (daughter of "daughter" Meeres of London).

Mary died at Farnham (buried at Friston, 20th January 1718/9). By her will, her son John acquired Sandypitt House in Friston. Her other children Robert, William and Rachel Meers were also mentioned. She also mentioned her brother George Butters, and his daughter Elizabeth now Smyth.

NOTE: Edward Smith married (at Brome, 14 October 1693) Eliz. Butter

[OSBO621] John Osborne (born 1662) of Friston, yeoman, married 1. (by licence, at London, Aldgate, 7th February 1687/8)  [LEEM622] Margaret Lee (born 1666) of Barking. The marriage entry reads:

"John Osburne of Freston in the County of Suffolk Batchelor and Margarett Lee of Barkin in Essex Wido by Licence".

It is assumed that Freston (near to Ipswich) should have read Friston (which is near to Aldeburgh). Also the statement that she was a widow may not be correct, as the marriage licence describes her as being a spinster. The marriage licence extract reads:

"John Osborne of Freeson co. Suff. Yeoman Bach. abt. 25 & Margaret Lee of Barking Essex Spr. abt. 22 consent of her father married at St. Botolph's Algate Lond."

It is possible that "Essex" was a guess, and that she was from Barking, Ipswich. They had six children, the last four of whom were certainly born at Aldringham:

Alexander (born c.1687), married (at Farnham, 1716) Jane Osborn;

[OSBO632] Mary (born c.1689), married (at Westleton, 7th May 1710) [WODS631] John Woods (born 1689, see WOODS);

John (baptised at Aldringham, 25th April 1693);

Daniel (baptised at Aldringham, 2nd August 1695);

Margaret (baptised at Aldringham, 8th July 1696), married Everard Woods, brother of the above John Woods;

Frances (baptised at Aldringham, 28th June 1699), died at Middleton (buried at Friston, 6th September 1703).

Margaret died at Aldeburgh (buried at Friston, 30th November 1708).

  Friston Church
(23 September 2016)

John afterwards married 2. Susannah ---. John died (age 63) at Aldeburgh (2nd June 1722, buried at Friston, 5th June 1722). At Friston church a flat slab (now very much worn) near the entrance to the south porch was recorded in 1825 as reading:

John Osborn gent

2 June 1722

age 63

John's will referred to his wife Susannah being the executrix. John also referred to land at Snape which he had recently purchased from his brother William. The beneficiaries were:

Son: Alexander;

Grandchildren: John, Everitt, Mary, William, Osborne (children of Mr John Woods); and Everitt (son of Mr Everitt Woods of Westleton);

Presumed nephews: Thomas Osborne of Aldeburgh (presumed son of Thomas); and George Osborne of Tunstall (presumed son of George);

Cousins: Sarah Osborne of London (daughter of Thomas), Thomas Osborne (saddler of Saxmundham);

Unspecified relationship: Thomas Vickers tailor of Langham;

Friend: John Aldrich merchant of Aldeburgh.