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[OXFO351] Aubrey I de Vere was born before1040 (apparently the son of Alphonso de Veer). The name probably derives from Ver in the Cotentin, Normandy. In the Domesday Survey, Aubrey was tenant-in-chief to the King holding land in Cambs (for example, Hildersham), Essex and Herts, whilst his wife Beatrice held land in Essex of the Bishop of Bayeux. Sheriff of Berkshire. He founded Colne Priory sometime before 1111, and died 1112.

[OXFO362] --- (daughter of Aubrey I) married [CAMV421] Gerard de Camville, and the marriage settlement included Hildersham (Cambs), which had by 1185 passed to Maud de Ros, daughter of [CAMV439] Richard de Camville (see CAMVILLE). This marriage cannot be confirmed.

[OXFO361]  Alberic II de Vere (born c.1062 at Hedingham, son of Alberic de Vere & Beatrice), married [BRIO447] Adeliza de Clare (daughter of Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). He died at Finedon on 26th December 1194.

[OXFO372] Sir Robert de Vere of Twywell (born  c.1124, son of Alberic & Adeliza) married [FIRN372] Matilda de Furnell (see FURNELL).

[OXFO385] Cecilia (daughter of Robert & Matilda) married [BLOU351] William III le Blount (born c.1153), 5th Baron of Ixworth (see BLOUNT).

[OXFO371] Aubrey II (born c.1090, 2nd but 1st surviving son & heir, of Aubrey I) was created 1st Lord Great Chamberlain (1133), Sheriff of London (1125-41), and married [BRIO442] Alice (born c.1080, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

remnant of Aubrey's name (1141)
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 Aubrey was slain in a riot in London (15th May 1141), and was buried at Colne Priory; remnants of Barnack stone from Aubrey's tomb, e.g. a piece showing ALBERICUS DE VER, and a piece showing his lower legs, have been preserved at St. Stephen's Chapel, Bures, since 1935. Alice died c.1163.

[OXFO389] Rohese (daughter of Aubrey II) married 1. [MAND361] Earl Geoffrey (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM), died 1144; then 2. [BXXB411] Payne de Beauchamp (see BEAUCHAMP OF BEDFORD).

[OXFO388] Juliane (daughter of Aubrey II) married 1. [NORF431] Earl Hugh (see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM); then 2. Walkelin Maminot; then 3. [FHAM371] Robert de Crevequer (see HAMON).

[OXF0382] Alice (daughter of Aubrey II) married 1. William de Sackville (divorced); then 2. [ESSE361] Robert FitzSueine of Essex (see RAYLEIGH FEUDAL LORDSHIP), died c.1140; then (allegedly) 3. [WARK451] Lord Roger FitzRichard of Warkworth (see WARKWORTH FEUDAL LORDSHIP), though this was disputed by J. H. Round in Essex Archaeological Society Transactions.

[OXFO381] Aubrey III (born c.1110, eldest son of Aubrey II) married 1. (c.1139) [GAND382] Beatrice (daughter of Henry de Gand, by Sibylle of Guisnes, see GAND), divorced 1145, after which she married 2. (1146) Seigneur Baldwin d'Ardres.

According to a French source: Sibylle de Guisnes (daughter of Manasses, Count of Guisnes) married Henri de Gand. Beatrix de Bourbourg (daughter of Henri de Gand & Sibylle de Guisnes) married "Alberic Sanglier, Seigneur Anglais", and Beatrix became Countess of Guisnes.

Manasses died December 1139, and Aubrey de Vere thereby became Count of Guisnes (1140). The main seat of the de Vere family was at Castle Hedingham (Essex), where the castle here was built c.1140.



Castle Hedingham
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Aubrey was Sheriff of Bucks (1139 and 1154), with his seat at Bolebec Castle at Whitchurch (Bucks). (Note that his son Robert married Isabel Bolebec, see below.) He joined the plot of his brother-in-law Geoffrey, 1st Earl of Essex, against King Stephen, and in return EMPRESS MATILDA rewarded him by giving him the title Earl of Cambridge. But Cambridge was then found to be held together with the Earldom of Huntingdon, and Aubrey was instead created 1st Earl of Oxford (1142). Beatrice's father Henri arranged the divorce between Aubrey and Beatrice (1145), by which he also ceased to be Count of Guisnes. Aubrey then married 2. (c.1152) Eupheme (daughter of William de Cauntelo) who died c.1153; then 3. (c.1162) [ESSE382] Agnes (daughter of Henry, see RAYLEIGH FEUDAL LORDSHIP). He died December 1194. The following two entries were recorded in the Book of Colne Priory (according to John Weever, 1631):

Here lyeth Aulbery de Veer, the first Erle of Guisnes, the Sonne of Alphonsus de Veer, the whyche Aulbery was the founder of this place, and Bettrys his wyf syster of Kyng Wylham the Conqueror.

and (referring to Aubrey's son Aubrey):

Hic iacet Albericus de Vere, filius Alberici de Veer, Comes de Guisney & primus Comes Oxonie magnus Camerarius Anglie qui propter summam audatiam, & effrenatam pranitatem Grymme vocabator, obiit 26 die Decembris anno, Christi 1191. Richardi I. Sexto. [However, 26 December in 6.Ric.I, would be in 1194].

[OXFO392] Robert (born c.1163, 3rd son & heir of Robert & Agnes) married (1207) [BOLE422] Isabel (daughter of Walter, see BOLEBEC). Isabel had previously married 1. (c.1197) Henry de Nonant. Robert became 3rd Earl of Oxford (1214), succeeding his brother Aubrey the 2nd Earl. He died before December 1221. Isabel died 3rd February 1245.

[OXFO401] Hugh (born c.1210, only son & heir) married (after February 1222-23) [QUEN393] Hawise (daughter of Earl Saher, see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM). Hugh became 4th Earl of Oxford (1221), was Knighted at Gloucester (May 1232), and died before December 1263. The inscription on the tomb at one time read (according to John Weever, 1631):

Hic iacent Hugo de Veer eius nominis primus: Comes Oxonie quartus, magnus Camerarius Anglie, filius & heres Roberti Comitis, & Hawisua uxor cius, filia, Saeri de Quincy comitis Wintonie, qui quidem Hugo obiit 1263. Quorum animabus propitetur altissimus

[OXFO412] Isabel de Vere (daughter of Hugh) married 1. [COUR391] Sir John de Courtenay (born 1224), see COURTENAY), died May 1273; then 2. Sir Oliver de Dinham.

[OXFO411] Sir Robert (born c.1240, son & heir) married [SANF412] Alice (daughter of Sir Gilbert, see SANFORD). Robert became 5th Earl of Oxford (1263), and was Knighted (May 1264). Robert died sometime before September 1296. Alice died at Caufield House near Dunmow (September 1312), and was interred there "by him", (according to John Weever, 1631.

Stephen's Chapel, Bures

5th Earl of Oxford (1296)

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What purports to be Robert's tomb is today displayed at St. Stephen's Chapel, Bures (Suffolk), (together with the tombs for the 8th and 11th Earls). A modern "plaque" with his tomb reads 1296. However, it is suggested that this is actually the 6th Earl's tomb, surmounted with the 5th Earl's stone effigy, having replaced an earlier wooden effigy of the 6th Earl; and that the 5th Earl was in fact buried at Hatfield Priory.

[OXFO423] Joan (daughter of Sir Robert) married (probably June 1285) [SUR2491] Sir William de Warenne (see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM.