[PARK631] Samuel Parker married (at Westhall 15th June 1726) [MASO632] Sarah Mason (born 1703, see MASON). They had two children as follows:

[PARK641] John (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 14th June 1728), married Elizabeth ---, see later;

Samuel (born at Mendham, baptised there 1st June 1730).

Samuel possibly died 1785, but this has not been confirmed.

[PARK641] John Parker (born 1728) married 1. (at Westleton, c.1754) Elizabeth ---.  They had two children born and baptised at Westleton as follows:

[PARK651] Samuel (baptised 2nd February 1755), married Charlotte Last, see later;

John (baptised 7th September 1759).

Elizabeth died at Westleton (buried there 5th August 1777), and afterwards John, a widower, married 2. (at Westleton, 13th October 1778) Mary Reeve nee Fryer, a widow of Middleton, witnessed by Robert Fair and Mary Tier.

Mary Fryer had previously married 1. (at Middleton, 12th November 1765) John Reeve (born 1741), witnessed by John Hoggar and B Symonds junior (parish clerk). They had had one child born and baptised at Middleton as follows:

John Reeve (baptised 18th November 1767, but mother shown as Ann).

Mary Reeve's first husband John Reeve died at Middleton (buried there 17th September 1778, four weeks before Mary remarried).

John Parker and Mary had one child born and baptised at Westleton as follows:

James (baptised 2nd October 1780), married Lucy Philpot.

John Parker died at Westleton (buried there 21st August 1782).

[PARK651] Samuel Parker (born 1755, son of John & Elizabeth) married (at Wissett, 13th October 1787) [LAST652] Charlotte Last (born 1761, see LAST), witnessed by George Howlet (parish clerk) and John Oldrin.



Wissett Church
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Samuel and Charlotte had (at least) 8 children as follows:

Samuel (born at Westleton, baptised there 23rd December 1787), married Mary Eaves and were living in Westminster by 1818;

John (born at Westleton, baptised there 28th February 1790), married Elizabeth Kirby;

Sarah (born at Westleton, baptised there 11th September 1792);

Charlotte (born at Westleton, baptised there 16th August 1795);

James (born at Westleton, baptised there 18th February 1798), died (age 6 weeks) at Westleton (buried there 27th March 1798);

[PARK661] Daniel (born at Westleton, baptised there 25th August 1799), married Susan Rumsby, see later;

Robert (born at Westleton, baptised there 3rd February 1808).

The family had moved from Westleton to the Heveningham/Huntingfield area by 1814. When their son John married (1814) he said he was from Huntingfield, and he certainly lived there between 1817 and 1822. Their eldest son Samuel had married by 1818 and was living in Westminster, London, where he was a machinist (at 1841) and then a proprietor of houses (at 1851). Daniel married in 1823, and lived at Heveningham (1827-31) and Huntingfield (from 1834). When their son James married (1834) he said he was living at Heveningham, and he lived there (1836-51), then at Huntingfield (1856-71). By 1838 Samuel and Charlotte were living at Sudbourne, reason for which not established. Finally, Samuel returned to the Westleton area after Charlotte's death in 1838.

In 1835 the Long Row Cottages were built at Sudbourne for estate workers for Sudbourne Hall, owned by the Marquis of Hertford.

Charlotte died (age 77, of general decay) at Sudbourne (7th November 1838, buried there 11th November 1838). Samuel (an agricultural labourer) died (age 86 [77 written on death certificate] of mortification of the foot (death registered by husband, Samuel Parker of Sudbourne on 13th November 1838, two days after burial). Samuel died at Darsham (8th January 1841, buried there 12th January 1841). The informant at his death was Mary Eves "of Darsham". (Around this time married women sometimes used their maiden surnames, so she could perhaps have been the wife of his eldest son Samuel.)

[PARK661] Daniel Parker (born 1799) married (at Linstead Magna, 9th February 1823) [RUMS662] Susan Rumsby (born 1796, see RUMSBY), witnessed by Dinah Rumsby (Susan's sister) and John Rumsby (Susan's brother). They had six children as follows:

William (born at Linstead, baptised at Heveningham, 30th June 1824), married Susan Mower;

Job (born at Heveningham, baptised there 2nd December 1827), married Fanny Saunders;

Samuel (born at Heveningham, baptised there 18th July 1830), married Sophia Chaplin;



(25 June 1994)


Charlotte (born at Heveningham, baptised there 19th December 1831), married William Hurren;

John (born at Huntingfield, baptised at Heveningham, 14th September 1834), died (age 8 months, buried at Heveningham, 3rd May 1835);

[PARK671] John, though known as John Last, (born at Huntingfield, baptised there 12th March 1837), married Sarah Anne Wood, see later.

Daniel (an agricultural labourer) died (age 60, of a heart complaint) at Frostenden (1st May 1859, buried there 8th May 1859). "Ann" (Susan) died (age 73, of "old age") at Huntingfield (17th October 1866, buried there 21st October 1866).



Huntingfield Church
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ornate porch

Frostenden Church
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[PARK671] John Last Parker (born 1837) moved south to Essex in the early 1850's, following his elder brother Job who had married (at Coggeshall 1849) Fanny Saunders. John Last (a labourer and a minor) married (at Feering, 25th October 1856) [WODK672] Sarah Anne Wood (born 1834, see WOOD), witnessed by Job Parker (John's brother) and Fanny Parker (Job's wife).



Feering Church
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They had ten children born and baptised at Feering as follows:

Charlotte (baptised 21st September 1857), married John William Walton;

Anna (born 1859, baptised 21st October 1860);

Job (born 1861, baptised 26th January 1862), married Sarah Ann Everett;

Fanny (baptised 27th November 1864), died (age 4 months) at Feering (buried there 16th February 1865);

[PARK682] Sarah Ann (born 14th December 1865, baptised 1st May 1866), married  (at Leeds, All Saints, 14th September 1889) [BODD681] George Boddy (born 1850, see George Boddy);

Eliza (baptised 26th April 1868), married Walter Gazzard;

John (born 1870), lived a few months;

Henry James (born 7th May 1871, baptised 29th October 1871), married Clara Elizabeth Wright;

George William (baptised 27th July 1873), married Caroline Wood;

Beatrice Minnie (born 15th August 1875, baptised 19th September 1875), married George Jackson Woraker.

They lived at Feering, first at Skiers Green, then latterly at Langley Farm. John Last (a farm labourer) died (age 62, of influenza pneumonia) at Feering (4th January 1900, buried there 9th January 1900). At the 1911 Census, Sarah Anne was living at Langley Farm, Feering, and with her were her brother George Wood (brewery pensioner, widower) and grandson Joseph Parker (horseman on a farm, son of Job). Sarah Anne died (age 95, of cardiac failure and myocardial degeneration) at Kelvedon (6th April 1930, buried at Feering, 10th April 1930).

There is a headstone at Feering Church



part of headstone
(September 1984)

which reads:













Daniel Parker = Susan Rumsby
1841 Census  1015/20-9  Huntingfield (SFK)
Daniel     PARKER       45 ag lab
Ann        PARKER       45
Job        Parker       13
Samuel     Parker       10
Charlotte  Parker        9
John       Parker        4
1851 Census  1803-451  Huntingfield
Daniel     PARKER H   M 52 ag lab              Westleton
Susan      PARKER W   M 55                     Fressingfield
Samuel     Parker S   U 20 ag lab              Heavingham
Charlotte  Parker D   U 19                     Heavingham
John L     Parker S   - 16 ag lab              Huntingfield
1861 Census  1180-114  Huntingfield, Late Malt House
William    Hurren H   M 24 ag lab              Huntingfield
Charlotte  Hurren W   M 29                     Heveningham
           and family, plus :
Ann        PARKER M/L W 67 ag lab widow        Fressingfield
John Last Parker = Sarah Anne Wood
1861 Census  1109-12  Feering (Ess), Skiers Green Cottages
John       PARKER H M 23 ag lab                Huntingfield SFK
Sarah Ann  PARKER W M 26                       Feering
Charlotte  Parker D -  3                       Feering
Ann        Parker D -  1                       Feering
1871 Census  1696-16  Feering, Skiers Green Cottages
John       PARKER H   M 32 ag lab              Huntingfield
Sarah Ann  PARKER W   M 36 tambour lab         Feering
Charlotte  Parker D   - 13 scholar             Feering
Anna       Parker D   - 12 scholar             Feering
Job        Parker S   - 10 scholar             Feering
Sarah Ann  Parker D   -  5 scholar             Feering
Eliza      Parker D   -  2                     Feering
1881 Census  1807-16  Feering, Langley Green
John       PARKER H   M 42 farm lab            Huntingfield
Sarah Ann  PARKER W   M 46                     Feering
Charlotte  Parker D   U 23 lace worker         Feering
Job        Parker S   U 19 farm lab            Feering
Eliza      Parker D   - 13 scholar             Feering
Henry      Parker S   -  9 scholar             Feering
George     Parker S   -  7 scholar             Feering
Beatrice   Parker D   -  5 scholar             Feering
1891 Census  1423-15  Feering, Langley Farm Cottage
John L     PARKER H   M 53 ag lab              Huntingfield
Sarah A    PARKER W   M 55                     Feering
Henry J    Parker S   S 19 ag lab              Feering
Beatrice M Parker D   - 15 help her mother     Feering
1901 Census  1724-14  Feering, Langley Farm
Sarah A    PARKER H   W 66 -                   Feering
William T  Parker G/S - 15 farm labourer       Feering
1911 Census  Feering, Langley Farm
Sarah      PARKER H   W 76 old age pensioner   Feering
George     Wood   Br  W 66 brewery pensioner   Feering
Joseph     Parker G/S S 19 horseman on farm    Feering