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Two versions exist of the Peverel origin.

1. Ingelrica Maud was the mistress of DUKE WILLIAM and their illegitimate son was called William. Afterwards, Maud married Ranulph who then took the surname Peverel. Ingelrica Maud's legitimate son Pagan, and illegitimate son William, both took the surname Peverel.

2. Ranulph's wife became the mistress of King William, and their illegitimate son took the name of her husband's family, that is Peverel.

Version 1 seems more likely. Maud's son William held Nottingham Castle (1067), so could not have been a son by Maud's marriage to Ranulph (1072). He would therefore have been the son of William, and as he would have been born c. 1048, would have been born while William was DUKE OF NORMANDY. This version is here assumed.

[PEVX341] Ranulph (born in Normandy, c.1030, possibly son of Ranulph de Wrenroc) came over the England at the time of the Conquest. He married (at Hatfield [now Hatfield Peverel], Essex, c. December 1072) [INGE349] Ingelrica Maud (born c.1032, a former mistress of [NORK339] DUKE WILLIAM, and daughter of [INGE331] Ingelric, a noble Saxons, see INGELRIC). Ranulph was afterwards known as Ranulph Peverel, and at the Domesday Survey (1086), he was tenant-in-chief in Essex, Oxon, Suffolk and Norfolk. Maud died October 1083.

[PEVZ352] Pagan/Payne ([born c.1073], son of Ranulph & Ingelrica Maud). He was feudal Lord of Bourn, Cambs, feudal Lord of Whittington, Salop, and standard bearer in the Holy Land to Robert Curthose, the Conqueror's eldest son. He married 1. [LASC422] Elise de Crispin-Peverel  (daughter of [LASC411] Picot de Lascelles, see LASCELLES); then 2. --- de Metz. He died 1133.

[PEVZ362] Melette [Maud] Peverel (daughter of Pagan & Elise) married [FZWN441] Guarine [Warin], see WARIN).

[PEVZ351] Hamon Peverel (born c.1067, son of Ranulph & Ingelrica Maud), died c.1136.

[PEVZ361] Hamon Peverel (born c.1115, son of Hamon).

[PEVZ371] Richard Peverel (born c.1159, son of Hamon).

[PEVZ382] Eve Peverel (daughter of Richard) married (at Great Bealings, 1219) his second-cousin twice removed [PECC481] Hamon II Pecche (born c.1189, see PECCHE).

[PEVX351] Robert Peverel (born c.1080, son of Ranulph & Ingelrica Maud), of Bourn (Cambs), married [DEIN352] Adelicia Deinecourt (see DEINCOURT).

[PEVX362] Roseia/Rose Peverel (born c.1104, daughter of Robert, and coheiress of her brother William, Lord of Bourn) married [HARW341] Rollo/Roland du Harcourt (see HARCOURT-2).

[PEVX363] Alice Peverel (daughter of Robert) married (at Bourn, Cambs, 1130-35) married [PECC461] Hamon I de Pecche (see PECCHE).

[PEVX364] Asceline Peverel (daughter of Robert) married [WATX341] Geoffrey de Waterville (born c.1130, see WATERVILLE-2).

[PEVZ355] Sir William Peverell (son of Ranulph) married Adeline of Lancaster.

[PEVZ365] Mellette (daughter of Sir William) married [STRG451] Guy le Strange (see STRANGE).



[PEVE351] William the elder Peverel ([born c.1048], son of [INGE349] Ingelrica Maud & [NORK339] DUKE WILLIAM, see earlier) married Adeline de Poitou. William held Nottingham Castle (1067), built Peveril Castle (which was much strengthened by King Henry II, after 1155). At the Domesday Survey (1086) he was tenant-in-chief in Beds, Berks, Bucks, Derbys, Essex, Leics, Northants, Notts and Oxon.

  Peveril Castle
William's walls
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Peveril Castle
King Henry'
s Keep

William died 1113-14, and afterwards Maud possibly married Robert FitzMartin (see MARTIN BARONY).

[PEVE362] Mallet or Malette (daughter of William, and niece of [PEVX362] Pagan, see PEVEREL (1) above) married [FZWN451] Fulk I FitzWarin (see WARIN).

[PEVE363] Adelaise (daughter of William) married [VERN351] Richard de Vernon (see VERNON).


[PEVE361] William II the younger Peverel (born c.1100, son of William the elder) married 1. Oddona; then 2. (c.1112) [TMOR353] Avice de Lancaster (see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM). One source says William was poisoned (1153), by Ranulph, 5th Earl of Chester. Avice died 1149.

[PEVE372] Margaret (born c.1114, daughter & heir of William & Avice) married [DERB371] Earl Robert (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM).

[PEVE371] Richard Peverel (born c.1120, son of William & Avice). He died 1180

[PEVE381]  Hugh Peverel (born 1146).

[PEVE391] William Peverel (born c.1172).

[PEVE401] Hugh Peverel (born 1198), married (1222) Isabell de Brymeton (daughter of Ralph de Brymeton). Hugh and Isabel both died 1223.

[PEVE411] Hugh Peverel (born c.1223), married Isabel FitzWarin (daughter of Ralph FitzWilliam & Yolanda de Mohun). Hugh died 1259. Isabel then married 2. [MART401] Nicholas FitzMartin (see MARTIN).

[PEVE421] Richard Peverel (born c.1250), married Jane Elyon. He died 1341

[PEVE431] James Peverel (born c.1275), married (1299) [CORZ503] Margaret Cornwall (daughter of Walter, see CORNWALL). Afterwards Margaret married 2. Richard Sergeaux. Margaret died 1314.

[PEVE441] Sir Hugh Peverell (born 1308) married [COBH442] Elizabeth Cobham (see COBHAM). He died 21 June 1372.

[PEVE451] Sir Thomas Peverell (born c.1340), married [COUR432] Margaret Courtenay.(see COURTENAY). Thomas died 14 August 1422 and Margaret died 8 December 1422.

[PEVE462] Katherine (born c.1394, daughter of Thomas), married [HUND391] Sir Walter Hungerford (see HUNGERFORD).