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[POLA241] Chostconis married Repca.

[POLA251] Piast of Polanie married Repka.

[POLA261] Siemowit was DUKE OF POLANIE (c.861-92).

[POLA271] Leszek was DUKE OF POLANIE (892-913), and died 921.

[POLA281] Ziemomysl (born c.900) was DUKE OF POLANIE (913-62), married Gorka of Polaine.

[POLA291] Mieszko Burislaf I (born at Poznan, 922) married 1. ---; then 2. (in Poland, 965) [BOHE292] Dabrowka (born at Prague, c.931, daughter of DUKE BOLESLAW I, see BOHEMIA DUKEDOM), died 977; then 3. (979-80) [SNOR363] Oda (daughter of Dietrich of Haldensleben, March Count of Saxon-Nordmark). Mieszko was 1st DUKE OF POLAND (962-92), and died 25th May 992. Oda died 1023.

[POLA302] Adelajda (daughter of Mieszko & Dabrowka) married 1. [HUNG291] Michael of the Magyars (see HUNGARY); then 2. Michael's brother, DUKE GEZA OF HUNGARY.

[POLA303] Gunhild (born c.970, daughter of Mieszko & Dabrowka) married King Sweyn forkbeard I of Denmark & England, divorced (c.998), and Sweyn then married 2. Sigrid the haughty (see SWEDEN KINGDOM). Sweyn died 3rd February 1014, and Gunhild died 1015.

[POLA301] Boleslaw I the brave (born c.967, son of Mieszko & Dabrowka) married 1. (984) Thyri.

Thyri was a sister of King Sweyn forkbeard of Denmark (986-1014) and King of England (1013-14), and she had previously married 1. Strybjorn Starki, unsuccessful invader of Sweden. However, Thyra detested Boleslaw because he was a heathen and old. In her distress Thyra deserted Boleslaw and fled, and she afterwards married 3. King Olaf I Tryggvason of Norway (994-999). But, according to a recent German genealogical source, Boleslaw's first wife was (by 984) an unnamed daughter of March Count Rikdag of Meissen.

Afterwards Boleslaw married 2. (985) Judith (daughter of Geza of Hungary), divorced 987; then 3. (987) Emnilda (a West Slav Princess, and daughter of Dobromir, a Slavic lord  of Lausitz and the lands of the Milseni), died c.1017; then 4. (3rd February 1018) Odo (daughter of March Count Ekkehard I of Meissen). Boleslaw was DUKE OF POLAND (992-1025), and finally crowned himself King of Poland (1025), but he died a few months later (17th June 1025). Odo also died 1025.

[POLA311] Mieszko II (Lambert) (born 990, son of Boleslaw & Emnilda) married (at Merseburg, 1013) [LORZ312] Richenza (born c.995, daughter of Palatine Count Ezzo, see LOTHARINGIA (PALATINE COUNTS)), afterwards divorced. He was King of Poland (1025-31), then DUKE OF POLAND (1032-34), and was murdered 19th May 1034. Richeza died at Saalfeld (21st March 1063).

[POLA322] Richenza/Ryksa (born 1015, daughter of Mieszko II) married (c.1039-42) [HUNG312] King Bela I (see HUNGARY).

[POLA323] Gertrude (born 1025, daughter of Mieszko II) married (c.1040-43) GRAND DUKE IZIASLAV I (see KIEV PRINCEDOM).

[POLA321] Kazimierz I (Casimir) the restorer (born July 1016, son of Mieszko II) married (1043) [KIEV322] Dobronega Maria (born 1015, daughter of DUKE VLADIMIR, see KIEV PRINCEDOM). He was DUKE OF POLAND (1034-37 & 1039-58), and died 28th November 1058. Dobronega died 1087.

[POLA331] Wladyslaw I (Hermann) (born c.1044, 2nd son of Kazimierz) married 1. ---; then 2. (c.1080) [BOHE332] Judith of Bohemia (daughter of King Vratislav II, see BOHEMIA DUKEDOM), died 1086; then 3. (poss.1089) Judith-Maria (daughter of EMPEROR HENRY III). Wladyslaw was DUKE OF POLAND (1079-1102), DUKE OF MAZOVIA, and died 4th June 1102. Judith-Maria died 25th December 1086.

[POLA341] Boleslaw III wrymouth (born August 1085, son of Wladyslaw & Judith of Bohemia) married 1. (15th November 1102) [KIEV352] Sbislava (born 1090, daughter of GRAND DUKE SVIATOPOLK, see KIEV PRINCEDOM), died 1114; then 2. (1115) Salome (daughter of Count Heinrich of Berg-Schelklingen). He was DUKE OF LITTLE POLAND (1099-1107), ruler of Silesia (1099-1107), then DUKE OF POLAND (1107-38). He was displaced along with other Dukes (October 1138) when the new title of Grand Duke was created. He died 28th October 1138, and Salome died 1144.


[POLA351] Wladyslaw II the exile (born 1105, son of Boleslaw III & Sbislava) married (c.1125-27) [AUST422] Agnes (born 1111, daughter of March Count Leopold III, see AUSTRIA MARCH COUNTY & DUKEDOM). He was DUKE OF SILESIA & CRACOW, then created GRAND DUKE OF POLAND (October 1138). He was later expelled and exiled by his half-brother Boleslaw IV. He died in exile (30th May 1159), and Agnes died c.1160-63.

[POLA362] Ryksa [Richilda in Spain] (only daughter of Wladyslaw II) married 1. (1152) [CAS1369] King Alfonso VII (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS), died 1157; then 2. (after 1162) Count Raymond-Berenguer II of Provence, murdered at Nice (1166); then 3. Count Albert III of Everstein. She died 16th June 1185.