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[POWY141] Vortigern, High-King of Britain.

[POWY151] Cateryn (ap Vortigern).

[POWY161] Rhuddfedel frych (ap Cateryn).

[POWY171] Casanauth wledig [=leader] (ap Rhuddfedel, was legendary). He married Thewer (ferch Brydw ap Cadell ddyrnllug [gleaming hilt]).

[MADO191] Llary [=mild or generous] (ap Casanauth) is described below under POWYS KINGDOM (2).

[POWY181] Cyngen/Cynan glodrydd [=the renowned] (ap Casanauth) married Tudglid (ferch Brychan, i.e. 1st King of Brycheiniog), and was King of Powys. Elsewhere, Tudglid said to be (ferch Cynfor ap Mawgan ap Pascent ap High-King Vortigern).

[CASA131] Cenelaph dremryudd [=red-eyed] (ap Cynan) is described under CASANAUTH WLEDIG.

[POWY191] Brochwel/Brochfael ysgithrog [=tusked] (ap Cyngen) was King of Powys.

[POWY201] Cynan garwyn [=the cruel] (ap Brochwel ap Cyngen) was King of Powys (613-).

[POWY222] Tandreg ddu (560, ferch Cynan) married [CYNA191] King Cadfan (ab Iago, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)).

[POWY211] Selyf sarffgardau (ap Cynan) was King of Powys (-613).

[POWY221] Eiludd (ap Selyf).

[POWY231] Beli (ab Eiludd) was King of Powys (656-).

[POWY241] Gwylog (born c.640, ap Beli) was King of Powys.

[POWY251] Elise/Elisweg (born c.680, ap Gwylog ap Beli ab Eiludd) was King of Powys (725-73).

[POWY261] Brochwel/Brochfael (born c.705, ab Elise) was King of Powys (773-84).

[POWY271] Cadell (ap Brochwel ab Elise) was King of Powys (784-808). He died 808.

[POWY282] Nest (ferch Cadell ap Brochwel) married [GWY1261] Gwriad (ab Elidir, see GWYNEDD (1)).

[POWY281] Cyngen (ap Cadell ap Brochwel), was King of Powys (808-22) until ousted by tha Angles of Mercia under Beornwulf. Cyngen caused to be erected (c.830) the Valle Crucis Pillar, also known as the Pillar of Eliseg, in honour of his great-grandfather [POWY251] Elise ap Gwylog. Recommended reading:"Valle Crucis Abbey" (D.H. Evans,1987).

                    Pillar of Eliseg at
Valle Crucis Abbey

(15 July 2011)

After Cyngen's death (on pilgrimage in Rome, 854) the Powys title then passed to [GWYN289] Rhodri mawr (see KINGS OF GWYNEDD).


[MADO191] Llary [mild or generous] (ap [POWY171] Casanauth, see above under POWYS KINGDOM (1)).

[MADO201] Rhun rhudd baladr [=red spear] (ap Llary).

[MADO211] Bywdeg/Clywedog (ap Rhun).

[MADO221] Bywyr/Howyr/Pywyr Lew (ap Bywdeg), was living 575.

[MADO231] Gwineu deu freuddwyd [=two dreams] (ap Bywyr Lew), was living 595-600.

[MADO241] Teon (ap Gwineu).

[MADO251] Tegonwy (ap Teon).

[LLYW251] Iorwerth hirflawdd [=tall and grey] (ap Tegonwy) married Arianwen (ferch Brychan), and was known as Iorwerth of the long struggle, (see GWYNEDD (3) for further details).

[MADO261] Caenog (ap Tegonwy).

[MADO271] Corf (ap Caenog).

[MADO281] Ceidio (ap Corf).

[MADO291] Gwynnawg farfsych (ap Ceidio).

[MADO301] Gwynnan (ap Gwynnawg).

[MADO311] Gwaithfoed (born c.940. ap Gwynnan).

[MADO321] Gwerystan (born c.960, ap Gwaithfoed) married Nest ferch Cadel, and was King of Powys (c.1000).

[MADO332] --- a daughter (of Gwerystan) married [LLYW331] Caradog (ap Gwyn, see GWYNEDD (3)).

[MADO331] Cynfyn (ap Gwerystan) was a nobleman of Powys, and married [GWRI349] Angharad (ferch Maredudd, see SEISYLLWG, DEHEUBARTH & GWYNEDD KINGDOMS). Angharad had previously married [GWYZ321] King Llywelyn (ap Seisyll, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (2)).

[RHIW341] Rhiwallon (ap Cynfyn), (see POWYS (4) for further details).

[MADO343] Iwerydd (ferch Cynfyn ap Gwerystan) married [OWAI351] Edwin (ap Gronwy, see SEISYLLWG (2)).

[MADO341] Bleddyn (born c.1025, ap Cynfyn) married 1. ---; then 2. Haer (ferch Cillin ap Blaidd rhudd, of Gest); then 3. --- (unnamed ferch Brochwell ap Moelyn, of Anglesey); then 4. Morian (ferch Idnerth ap Cadwgon ap Elystan Glodrudd). He was co-King of Powys & Gwent (1063-75), and was murdered by King Rhys (ab Owain) of Deheubarth, either at Ystrad Tywi or at Powys Castle (1075).

[MADO351] Maredudd II (ap Bleddyn, by Haer) married 1. [POW4352] Hunydd (ferch Einudd, see POWYS (8)); then 2. Eva (ferch Bletwrs ab Ednowain Bendew). He was co-King of Powys (1075-1111), King of Powys (1111-32), and died 1132.

[MADO363] Gruffydd (ap Maredudd).

[MADO373] Owain (ap Gruffydd). In 1147 his unclle [MADO361] Madog III gave him the cantref of Cyfeillog to rule and he was afterwards known as Owain Cyfeiliog. After Madog's death (1160) Owain became.ruler of most of Southern Powys (which later became known as Powys Wenwynwyn. He married Gwenllian one of the daughters of [GWYN361] Owain Gwynedd (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM).

[MADO361] Madog III (ap Maredudd, by Hunydd) married [GWYN365] Susanna (ferch Gruffydd, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)), and was the last King of United Kingdom of Powys (1132-60), and died at Winchester (1160). Madog built (1148) Oswestry Castle. Madog also built the stone Meifod Church in Norman style (consecrated 1156), probably following the bequest (1137) of Gruffydd ap Cynan (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). Meifod was the site of burial of many of the Princes of Powys. An old coffin lid is on display in the church, decorated with Latin cross, Celtic cross, and Welsh, Irish and Norse knots and animals, suggesting it once marked the grave of an important King of Powys. Madog's principal house was at Meiford, and that was where he was buried (1160). Madog also built a castle at Caereinion (1156).for his nephew [MADO373] Owain Cyfeiliog (see above). Erected In its bailey was a Chapel dedicated to St. Garmon, which was a daughter chapel of the church at Meiford. The castle was refurbished by Owain Gwynedd and [RHYS371] Lord Rhys after they had evicted Owain Cyfeiliog for swearing allegiance to the English. In retaliation Owain Cyfeiliog destroyed the castle shortly afterwards with a Norman force. All that now remains of the castle is a mound in the church grounds.

  Site of Caereinion Castle
(31 August 2018)

Recommended reading: "Meifod Church" (Frances Ward, 2011); also descriptive leaflet in the church at Castle Caereinion.

  Meifod Church near Welshpool
(29 July 2011)
pillar supporting a
Norman arch

(29 July 2011)
8th/9th Century Celtic coffin lid
(29 July 2011)
    Latin cross close-up Celtic cross close-up

After Madog's death (1160), Powys was split into two kingdoms: Powys Wenwynwyn (=southern) and Powys Fadog (=northern).

[MADO372] Margred (born 1134, ferch Madog) married [GWYN371] Iorwerth (ab Owain, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)).

[MADO373] Gwenllian (ferch Madog ap Maredudd) married [RHYS371] Rhys ap Gruffudd, by Gwenllian, see SOUTH WALES PRINCES.

[MADO374] Owain Lord Mylor Vaughan (born 1137, ap Maredydd and Susannah) married ---

[MADO384] Catherine verch Owain Malpas (daughter of Owain) married [MALX441] Sir David le Belward de Malpas ap William ap Dafydd, see MALPAS BARONY).

[MADO371] Gruffydd Maelor I (ap Madog), Prince of North Powis, married [GWYN373] Angharad ferch Owain (daughter of [GWYN361] Owain Gwynedd, King of Gwynedd (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). Gruffydd died 1191.

[MADO381] Madoc (ap Gruffydd), Lord of Powys Fadog,.(1191-1236), married Gwlasdus [=Gwyladys] (ferch Ithel ap Rhys, King of Gwent).

[MADO391] Gruffydd Maelor II (ap Madoc), of Bromfield, Lord of Powys Fadog (1236-69), married Emma (born 1218, daughter of [AUD1461] Henry Audley (see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY), who had previously married 1. Henry Tuchet (born c.1200, died 1242).

[MADO402] Margaret of Powys (born 1263, ferch Gruffydd), married 1. Madog fychan of Bromfield; then 2. John de Arderne (born 1260, see ARDERNE). Margaret died 1315 (age 62)..