[REIN591] Henry Reynolds married (at Fowlmere, 26th March 1608) [FYNC592] Katheryne Fynckell (born 1575, see FYNCKELL). They had five children born and baptised at Fowlmere as follows:

Thomas (baptised 27th November 1607, i.e. before his parents married), died young;

[REIN601] Thomas (baptised 20th November 1608), married 1. Alice Grey; then 2. Mary Richinson; then 3. Mary Warren, see later;

Elizabeth (baptised 22nd April 1610);

Margaret (baptised 22nd December 1611);

Marie (baptised 8th November 1613).

[REIN601] Thomas Reynolds (born 1608) married 1. (at Cambridge, All Saints, 24th June 1641) Alice Grey. They had one child born and baptised at Fowlmere as follows:

John (baptised 17th April 1642), lived 2 months.

Alice died shortly afterwards, perhaps in childbirth, and afterwards Thomas married 2. (at Cambridge, St Mary the Less, 8th October 1644) Mary Richinson. Mary died at Fowlmere (June 1646), and three months later Thomas "Reaneals" married 3. (at Cambridge, St Mary the Less, 19th September 1646) [WRRN602] Mary Warren. They had five children as follows:

[REIN611] Thomas (born at "Foulmyre", baptised at Shepreth 11th November 1645) **, Katharine Robinson, see later;

Mary (born at Fowlmere, baptised there 31st July 1653), died (age 5) at Fowlmere (buried there March 1658-59);

Ann (born at Fowlmere, baptised there 17th June 1655), died (age 3) at Fowlmere (buried there March 1658-59, buried the same day with Mary);

Elizabeth (born at Fowlmere, baptised there 28th December 1656), married (at Fowlmere, 14th March 1691-92) Andrew Williamson;

Mary (-), married (at Fowlmere, 25th April 1682) William Netherwood (when she married, she was shown as "Mary daughter of Thos").

** There was a Thomas Reynolds at Fowlmere at the same time as a Thomas Reynolds at adjacent Shepreth. Katheryn (wife of Thomas Reinolds) was buried at Shepreth (August 1646). The Thomas who was baptised at Shepreth (11th November 1645) was shown as born at Foulmyre, which strictly means he could have been of either family. At present, he is assumed to belong to the Fowlmere family, but this could be wrong.

Thomas died at Fowlmere (buried there 7th May 1685).

[REIN611] Thomas Reynolds (son of Thomas & Mary) married (at Fowlmere, 30th July 1682) [ROBI612] Katharine Robinson.

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They had three children born and baptised at Fowlmere as follows:

Mary (shown as baseborn when baptised 12th November 1682, four months after their marriage;

Thomas (baptised 15th August 1684), married 1. (at Melbourn, 16th November 1718) Martha German (buried 19th May 1736), then 2. (at Melbourn, 6th September 1736) Elizabeth Christian (buried 10th December 1755). Thomas died (age "67") at Fowlmere (buried there 25th November 1756);

[REIN622] Katherine (baptised 14th June 1686), married (at Fowlmere, 5th November 1713) [PALM621] Edward Palmer (see PALMER).

Thomas died at Fowlmere (buried there 12th December 1693), and Katharine died at Fowlmere also (buried there 29th June 1712).