There is a Thistleton Farm in Knottingley, at the Low Green [western] end of Common Lane, not far from the old Great North Road. Thistleton may have been part of Kellingley, a hamlet in the township of Beal (aka Beaghall), in the parish of Kellington:

There were two families of Robinson in the Kellingley area in the early part of the 18th Century: Robert and possibly his son Thomas.

Robert Robinson had two known children: Mary who died at Kellington (1706), and William who was born at Kellington (1707).

Thomas Robinson (of Kellingley) married (at Kellington, 17th May 1714) Susanna Caward ("of the same town"). Their daughter Elizabeth was born at Kellingley (1715). Thomas (labourer) died at Kellingley (buried at Kellington, 21st September 1718). They also had a daughter Susanna who died at Kellington (1727). Susanna (widow) died at Kellington (1730).

John Robinson [perhaps a younger brother of the afore-mentioned Thomas] (together with Christopher Stringer and Henry Lee) witnessed the Will (dated 26th April 1729) of Nicholas Furniss, yeoman of Rowall [aka Roall], who held property in Kellington, Rowall and West Haddlesey. This John was doubtless the John Robinson described below.

Christopher Stringer married (at Kellington, 13 Feb 1723) Elizabeth Burland.

[ROBS631] John Robinson, married (at Kellington, 20th November 1735) 1. [SYKE632] Elizabeth Sykes, both servants of Beal.


Kellington Church
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They had three children, born at Beal, and baptised at Kellington as follows:

Johm (baptised 10th October 1736);

[ROBS642] Ann (baptised 25th June 1738), married Mathew Alman, married (at Myton-on-Swale, 12th May 1764) [HAMM641] Matthew "Alman" (born 1741, see HAMMOND). [Matthew subsequently stated (on three occasions) that his wife Ann was the daughter of "John Robinson of Thistleton farmer"]

William (baptised 15th July 1744), married by 1768.

John appears to have had a brother, Samuel, who also had five children at Beal about this time (1736-52); Samuel died at Beale (1769).

Elizabeth (wife of John) died at Beal (buried at Kellington, 25th February 1746/7). Afterwards John married 2. (at Kellington, 3rd October 1748) Esther Elliot, both of Beal. John died at Beal (buried at Kellington, 24th July 1775). Esther ("wife" of John) died at Beal (buried at Kellington, 10th February 1781).