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Recommended viewing ROSSLYN CHAPEL
Recommended reading includes "Rosslyn Chapel by The Earl of Rosslyn" (Rosslyn Chapel Trust, 2012)
(which contains the "official" family tree back to 835 A.D.)
"Rosslyn, Country of Painter and Poet" (National Gallery of Scotland, 2002)

Other versions exist of the early ancestry and there is great difficulty reconciling the various dates quoted

[SINC411] William the seemly Sinclair (born c.1028, son of [CORL401] Walderne, see CORBEIL-2), fought at the Battle of Hastings. He seems to have become disillusioned with King William, and became a favourite of King Malcolm who gave him his nickname "the seemly St Clair for his fair deportment". He became 1st Baron of Rosslyn, married [DUNB352] Dorothy of Dunbar (daughter of Maldred, Lord of Allerdale, see DUNBAR EARLDOM). He was made Warden of the Southern Marches, and was killed during an English attack.

[SINC421] Henry the crusader Sinclair (born c.1060), 2nd Baron of Rosslyn, married [STRA422] Rosabel Forteith of Strathearn (born c.1082, daughter of Earl Malise, see STRATHEARN EARLDOM). He was with King Malcolm when he was killed at the Siege of Alnwick (1093).

[SINC431] Henry the counsellor Sinclair, 3rd Baron of Rosslyn, married Margaret Grathenay. He fought at the Battle of Northallerton (1138) and died c.1180.

[SINC441] William Sinclair (born c.1162), 4th Baron of Rosslyn, married [DUNB392] Agnes of Dunbar (daughter of Earl Waltheof, see DUNBAR EARLDOM). He died 1214.

[SINC451] Henry Sinclair (born c.1192), married [STRA452] Katherine Forteith (daughter of Earl Robert, see STRATHEARN EARLDOM). He predeceased his father.

[SINC461] Henry Sinclair ([born c.1213]), 5th Baron of Rosslyn (1243), married [MARR462] Margaret (daughter of Earl Duncan, see MAR EARLDOM). He died 1270.

[SINC471] William Sinclair (born c.1234), 6th Baron of Rosslyn, married 1. [ANGX522] Matilda of Orkney (daughter of Earl Magnus, see ORKNEY JARLS); then 2. Amicia de Roskelyn. In 1265 King Alexander III of Scotland ordered William Sinclair of Roslin to assist the King of England. In March 1290 William Sinclair of Roslin attended Parliament at Brigham. In 1292 William and his son Henry swore allegiance to King Edward I of England. William and his son Henry were captured at the Battle of Dunbar (1296). William was sent to the Tower of London, where he later died (1297).

[SINC481] Sir Henry Sinclair (born c.1265], son of William & Matilda), 7th Baron of Rosslyn, Commander of Knights Templar at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314), married [FENT482] Alice (daughter of John de Fenton, Baron of Fenton, see FENTON BARONY). He died 28th January 1336.

[SINC491] William "the Crusader" Sinclair (born c.1283), Lord of Rosslyn, married  Rosabelle (born c.1285, daughter of Malise II, Earl of Strathearn). He was killed at the Battle of Teba, Spain, (25th August 1330), together with his brother John Sinclair and Sir James Douglas, whilst en route to Jerusalem carrying the heart of Robert Bruce. After the battle the survivors were allowed to return home with William's body and the heart of Robert Bruce.  William's body was apparently buried in an earlier church at Rosslyn, which is now the site of present village graveyard. What is thought to have been his grave marker is preserved in the present Chapel.

  Grave marker for William's grave
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William predeceased his father so never held the Baronial title, which then passed to Sir Henry's grandson William Sinclair (1331-58).

[SINC502] Margaret Sinclair (daughter of William & Rosabelle, married [STEW531] Earl Thomas of Argyll (see HIGH STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND).

  Rosslyn Chapel
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