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[RUMS631] Philip Rumsby married (at Fressingfield, 4th October 1708) [COBB632] Mary Cobb (born 1681, see COBB).



Fressingfield Church
(25 June 1994)

ornate south porch
with chamber above

They had several children as follows:

Philip (baptised at Fressingfield, 21st October 1709), lived 2 weeks;

John (baptised at Fressingfield, 23rd March 1710-11) married (at Dennington, 2nd October 1738) Sarah Parker. John died age 71 (at Dennington, 1791) and Sarah died age 83 (at Dennington, 1798);

Philip (baptised at Dennington, 12th August 1718);

James Rumsey (born at Dennington, August 1723, but baptised at Brundish 29th August 1723), married Rebecca Keeble. Both James and Rebecca died at Dennington (1752).

[RUMS641] James (details not traced), see later.

Philip [Rumsey] died (age 79) at Horham (September 1760). It would appear that the events at Dennington and Brundish relate to one family (probably Rumsby), and events at Fressingfield, Laxfield and Horham relate to another family (probably Rumsey). However, a William Rumsby died at Fressingfield (1749) suggesting the possibility he could have been the father of the following 6. James. Therefore the above supposed connection with Philip Rumsby is most suspect.

Alternatively, a James Rumsby (son of James & Elizabeth) was baptised at Brundish (3rd July 1720).

[RUMS641] James Rumsby (possibly born August 1723) married (at Fressingfield, 1st June 1747) [SUST642] Phoebe Suster (born 1722, see SUSTER). They had ten children, the majority of whom were born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

James [Rumsey] (-), died young (buried at Laxfield, 3rd September 1749);

James (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 10th February 1750-51), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 13th January 1754);

[RUMS651] John (born at Fressingfield, 9th September 1754), married 1. Mary Downs; then 2. Mary Suster, see later;

Benjamin (born c.1756), possibly married Sarah Baxter;

Robert (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 6th January 1760), married Penelope Richards;

Phebe (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 1st April 1763), died young (at Fressingfield, October 1765);

James (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 3rd November 1765), married Elizabeth Keable;

Elizabeth (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 26th June 1768), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 21st April 1769);

Joseph (-), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 18th January 1770);

Mary (born at Fressingfield, baptised there 2nd December 1770).

James died at Fressingfield (buried there 26th December 1780).

[RUMS651] John Rumsby (born 1754, son of John & Phoebe) married 1. (at Fressingfield, 10th December 1776) Mary Downs, witnessed by Robert Downs (possibly Mary's brother) and James Sharp. They had four children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Mary (baptised 10th August 1777), married Abednego Dent;

John (baptised 24th January 1779), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 28th April 1785, though this date overlaps a later John);

Elizabeth (baptised 2nd January 1781);

John (baptised 29th June 1783), married Lydia Vyse.

Mary died at Fressingfield (buried there 16th December 1784), and afterwards, John, a widower, married 2. (at Fressingfield, 7th June 1785) [SUSS652] Mary Suster (born 1756). They had ten children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Sarah (baptised 26th March 1786), married  Robert Norton;

Robert (baptised 23rd July 1787), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 21st December 1789);

William (baptised 2nd March 1790), perhaps died age 33 (1821);

Martha (baptised 2nd March 1790);

Susanna (baptised 10th October 1791), died young at Fressingfield (buried there 19th May 1792);

Robert (baptised 8th February 1793), married Mary Spink;

Samuel (baptised 21st June 1795), married Harriet Read;

[RUMS662] Susan (baptised 11th April 1796), married (at Linstead Magna, 9th February 1823) [PARK661] Daniel Parker (born 1799, see PARKER);

Henry (baptised 4th March 1798), married Ann Chenery;

Dinah (born c.1804), baptised (age 13) at Fressingfield (21st October 1817), married James Chapman.

Mary died (age 64) at Fressingfield (buried there 14th June 1820), and John (who was a shoemaker) died (age 89, of "decay of nature") at Huntingfield (4th October 1843, buried there 8th October 1843).

1841 Census  1025/9-7  Fressingfield (SFK)
Robert Rumsby 40 gardener
Mary   Rumsby 40
       and family plus :
John   RUMSBY 86 shoe m