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[SAVO331] Hugh or Ulric, DUKE OF SAVOY.

[SAVO341] Berthold or Broaid or Beroldus, Count of Savoy, died 1023.

[SAVO351] Umberto I biancamano [=whtehanded=very generous man] (born c.975) of Savoy aux Blanche-mains married (c.995-1000) Auxilia (daughter of Anselm, Principal of St. Maurice of Agaune, by his wife Alduid). Umberto was Count of Aosta and Maurienne, Count of Chablis, and 1st Count of Savoy (1027-48), and died c.1047-51.

[SAVX361] Amadeus I (son of Umberto) la queue [retinue], Count of Maurienne, Count of Chablis, and 2nd Count of Savoy, married (1030) [VIE2392] Adelaide d'Albon & Grenoble (see VIENNE DAUPHINS).

[SAVX373] Titeburge (daughter of Amadeus I) married 1.  Seigneur Louis de Faucigny; then 2. [GENV349] Count Gerald I (see GENEVA COUNTY).

[SAVO361] Oddone/Otto I (born c.1017) of Maurienne married (1046, son of Umberto) married 1. (1046) [TURI362] Marquise Adelaide (see TURIN COUNTY). Adelaide was a widow, having previously married 1. (1036) DUKE HERMANN IV OF SWABIA, died 1038; then 2. (1042) Marquis aleraminico Enrico, died 1044. Oddone was Count of Chablis, 3rd Count of Savoy (1051-59), succeeding his brother Amadeus who had been Count (1048-51). Oddone died 1st March 1060. Adelaide was Regent of Savoy (1060-64), on behalf of their under-age eldest son Peter, and later became Regent for her under-age grandson Umberto II (1080-82). She died at Canischio, near Cuorgne, (19th October 1091).

[SAVO372] Bertha (born 21st September 1051, daughter of Oddone I) married (at Tribur, 13th July 1066) [GER2331] Heinrich IV senior (see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS).

[SAVO371] Amadeus II (born c.1046, 2nd son of Oddone) married (c.1068) [GENV352] Jeanne (daughter of Count Gerold, see GENEVA COUNTY). He was March Count of Turin, 5th Count of Savoy (1078-80, succeeding his brother Peter I who had been Count 1060-78). He died 26th January 1080, and Joanna died c.1095.

[SAVO382] Constanza (daughter of Amadeus) married [MONX351] March Count Oddone (see MONTFERRAT MARCH COUNTY).

[SAVO381] Umberto II (born c.1072, son of Amadeus) the strong married (c.1090) [BUR3359] Gisele (born c.1070, daughter of Count William I, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was Count of Maurienne, 6th Count of Savoy (1080-1103), and died 14th October 1103. Afterwards, Gisela married 2. (c.1105) [MONX371] March Count Rainier I (see MONTFERRAT MARCH COUNTY).

[SAVO392] Adelaide (born c.1092, daughter of Umberto II) married 1. (April 1115) [CAPE371] King Louis VI (see CAPETIAN HOUSE); then 2. (c.1138-41) Seigneur Mathieu I de Montmorency.

[SAVO391] Amadeus III (born c.1095, eldest son of Umberto II) married 1. (1120) Adelheid; then 2. (1123) [VIE2412] Matilda d'Albon (daughter of [VIE2401] DAUPHIN GUIGUES III, see VIENNOIS DAUPHINS). He was Count of Maurienne, 7th Count of Savoy (1103-48), and died at Nicosia in Cyprus (30th August 1148). Matilde had died earlier (1144-45).

[SAVO403] Matilda (born 1125, daughter of Amadeus III & Matilda) married (1146) [PORG381] King Alfonso-Henriquez I (see PORTUGAL COUNTY AND KINGDOM).

[SAVO402] Umberto III the Saint (born at Vigliana, August 1136, son of Amadeus III & Matilda) married 1. (1151) Faydiva (daughter of Count Alfons of of Toulouse), died 1154; then 2. (c.1155) Gertrude (daughter of Count Thierry III of Alsace), later divorced; then 3. (1164) Clementia (daughter of DUKE BERTHOLD III, see ZAHRINGEN DUKEDOM); then 4. (c.1175) [VIEN372] Beatrice (daughter of Count Girard, see VIENNE & MACON COUNTY). He was 8th Count of Savoy (1148-89), and died at Chambery (4th March 1189).

[SAVO411] Thomas I (born at the Castle of Charbonieres, May 1177, son of Umberto & Beatrice) married (c.1196) [GENV382] Beatrice/Marguerite (daughter of Count William I, see GENEVA COUNTY). He was 9th Count of Savoy (1189-1233). Thomas died at Aosta (1st March 1233), and Beatrix died 13th April 1236.

[SAVO422] Beatrice (daughter of Thomas & Marguerite) married (December 1220) [PROV391] Count Ramon-Berenguer IV (see ARAGON (HOUSE OF BARCELONA) KINGDOM).

[SAV0421] Amadeus IV (born 1197, son of Thomas & Marguerite), 10th Count of Savoy (1233-53), married 1. (1222) [BURG362] Anne/Marguerite of Burgundy (daughter of DUKE HUGHES III, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM), died 1243; then 2. (December 1244) Cecile (daughter of Sire Barral de Baux). He died 1253.

[SAVO432] Beatrice (born 1223, daughter of Amadeus IV & Anne) married 1. (March 1233) [SALU401] March Count Manfred III (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)), died October 1244; then 2. (December 1248, though contract dated April 1247) Manfred von Hohenstaufen (illegitimate son of EMPEROR FRIEDRICH).