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[SAYY061] Robert de Saye, Lord of Aunay.

[SAY3331] Picot de Saye (born c.1022, son of Robert). Together with his two brothers (Robert and William) Picot came to England at the Conquest, and is described below under SAYE OF CLUN.

[SAYY071] William de Saye married [GRAN343] Agnes/Margaret (see GRANTMESNIL).

[SAY4361] Jordan de Saye (born at Clun, Salop, c.1075) married [ROMI363] Lucia de Rumilly (born c.1080, daughter of Robert, see ROMILLY).

[SAY4372] Agnes de Saye (born at Clun, c.1110, daughter of Jordan) married [HOMM371] Richard du Hommet (see HOMMET below).

[SAY4373] Eustachia de Saye (daughter of Jordan) married [SAY2431] Hugh FitzOsbern (son of Osbern of Richard's Castle, see below under SAY BY ADOPTION).

[SAYY081] William de Saye (son of William) married [MAND362] Beatrice (daughter of William, see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM, who had previously married 1. Hugh Talbot, divorced later). William was slain at the Siege of Burwell Castle (August 1144). Beatrice died about 1197, probably at Rickling (Essex).

[SAYY091] William de Saye (eldest son) of Kimbolton, Hunts, and Saham, Norfolk, married [DUNW464] Aufrica (daughter of King William the lion of Scotland, see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM). William died 1177.

[SAYY102] Beatrice de Saye (eldest daughter & coheir of William) married [FPI2389] Earl Geoffrey (see ESSEX (FITZPIERS) EARLDOM).

[SAYY103] Maud de Say (daughter of William) married [BOCL381] William de Boclande (see BOCLANDE).


[SAY3331] Picot de Saye (born c.1022, son of [SAYY061] Robert, see above under SAYE OF AUNAY) came to England at the Conquest (1066).

Picot held 26 manors in Shropshire as sub-tenant of Earl Roger of Shrewsbury. These were Barlow, Bedstone, Brompton, Caurtune (unidentified), Chinbaldescote (unidentified), Clun, Clunbury, Clungunford, Clunton, Coston, Edgton, Fitz, Hopesay, Hopton Castle, Kempton, Lurkenhope, Menhutton, Merrington, Myndtown, Obley, Purslow, Selley, Sibdon Carwood Westhope, Woolston in Wistanstow. He similarly held two manors of the earl lands in Herefordshire, at Adley Moor and Leintwardine.

[SAY3341] Robert FitzPicot de Saye (born c.1045, son of Picot), Lord of Clun (Salop), married Adeloyes.



Ruins of Clun Castle
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[PICP441] Roger Picot (born c.1085, son of Robert FitzPicot de Saye). He died 1125.

[PICP451] Ralph Picot (born c.1110, son of Roger), Sheriff of Kent, married [PORT375] Ethelreda de Port (daughter of Henry, see PORT).

[PICP462] Eugenia Picot (born 1153, daughter of Ralph) married [FBER461] Thomas FitzBarnard (see FITZBARNARD).

[PICP463] Alice Picot (born c.1155, daughter of Ralph) married (c.1168) [MALE351] Sir Gilbert Malet (see MALET).

[SAY3351] Henry FitzPicot de Saye (son of Robert FitzPicot), Lord of Clun.

[SAY3363] Aubrey FitzPicot de Say (son of Henry, and brother of Helias).

[SAY3373] Sir William Picot (son of Aubrey),

[SAY3383] Agnes Picot (daughter of Sir William), married [HOBR361] William de Hobrugg, see HOBRUGG).

[SAY3361] Helias/Elias/Engelgram/Ingram de Saye (son of Henry), Marcher Lord of Clun.

[SAY3372] Isabel (sole daughter & heiress of Helias) married 1[ARU2441] William FitzAlan (eldest son of Alan, Marcher Lord of Oswestry (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM); then 2. (before 1166) Geoffrey de Vere; then 3. (before 1188) William de Botreaux (died c.1220).


[SAY2391] Richard Scrob (born c.1025), a Norman knight, married [c.1050] [ESSE352] --- FitzWimarch (born c.1030, daughter of Robert the dragon FitzWimarch, see RAYLEIGH FEUDAL LORDSHIP). He held many manors in Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Worcestershire in the time of King Edward the confessor, and was permitted to build a motte and bailey style castle in the north of Herefordshire, which was afterwards known as Richard's Castle. Similar fortifications were built in the Welsh Marches about this time to guard against assaults by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, King of Gwynedd, Powys & Deheubarth (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (2)).



remnants of Richard's Castle
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Richard was last mentioned in 1067, and after his death his holdings presumably passed to his son Osbern, but the only lands held by Osbern, attributed earlier to Richard, and specifically mentioned in the "Domesday Book" were:

Herefordshire: Cutsthorn, Newton in Dilwyn, Yarpole;

Shropshire: Burford;

Worcestershire: Berrington, Carton, Kyre and Tenbury Wells.

[SAY2401] Osbern FitzRichard (born c.1055) held Richard's Castle, married (after 1081) [GWYZ349] Nest ferch Gruffydd (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (2), who had previously married 1. [LLYW341] King Trahaearn ap Caradog see GWYNEDD (3), who died 1081). Osbern is also mentioned in the Domesday Survey, holding lands (as tenant-in-chief of the king) during both the time of King Edward the confessor and at 1086, in Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Welsh Marches.

Osbern (or possibly his father) founded a church, now derelict, close to Richard's Castle. The church was much improved upon and rebuilt over the centuries. The stonework at the chancel end is apparently 12th Century, and presumably the work of one of Osbern's descendants.



chancel end of derelict church at Richard's Castle
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He died c.1137 and was succeeded by his grandson Osbern FitzHugh.

[SAY2432] Agnes de Saye (Nest in Welsh) (daughter of Osbern) married [NEWF441] Lord Bernard (born c.1092, see NOVA MERCATO).

[SAY2431] Hugh FitzOsbern de Saye (son of Osbern) married [SAY4373] Eustachia (daughter of [SAY4361] Jordan, see SAYE OF AUNAY above). He predeceased his father.

[SAY2442] Osbern FitzHugh (eldest son of Hugh) succeeded his grandfather to his estates. He died 1187 and was succeeded by his brother Hugh de Saye, but who in one account is said to be his brother-in-law, i.e. wife's brother. Both versions are plausible.

[SAY2441] Hugh de Saye (2nd son of Hugh) adopted the surname SAY from his mother. He married [CLIF433] Lucia (daughter & heir of [CLIF421] Sir Walter, see CLIFFORD). Hugh was Lord of Richard's Castle, and died 1190, after which Lucia married 2. (probably 1195) Sir Bartholomew de Mortimer.

[SAY2451] Hugh de Saye (2nd son of Hugh) was Lord of the Barony of Burford (Salop), and Richard's Castle (Herefordshire). He married [MARM452] Mabel (see MARMION). Hugh fought and was defeated by the Welsh Prince Rhys at New Radnor (1196), and died "in the War of Wales" (1197). (However, the 1196 and 1197 events may be the same.) Afterwards Mabel married 2. Reynold.

[SAY2462] Margery de Saye (born c.1182, daughter & heiress of Hugh) married 1. Hugh de Ferrieres of Lechlade, 6th Baron of Burford, died without issue 1204; then 2. (1210) Robert de Mortimer of Attleborough, who thereby acquired Hugh's castles; then 3. (c. November 1219) [DESC461] Sir William (see STUTEVILLE (COWESBY LINE)).


[ODOB341] Odo de Conteville (born c.1030, half-brother of William the Conqueror, and son of [CONT311] Herluin & Herleva, see CONTEVILLE), was Bishop of Bayeux (1049-), then Earl of Kent (1067-88). Odo fell foul of the King and was imprisoned (1082).

At the Domesday Survey (1086), Odo held extensive lands as tenant-in-chief, in Beds, Berks, Bucks, Cambs, Dorset, Essex, Gloucs, Hants, Herefs, Herts, Kent (half of the county), Leics, Lincs, Norfolk, Northants, Notts, Oxon, Som, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warks, Wilts and Worcs.

He never married, and died on his way to the Holy Land during the 1st Crusade, at Palermo, Sicily, (February 1096-97).

[ODOB351] John de Bayeux aka John de la Riviere (born at Bayeux, c.1056, illegitimate son of Odo), Counsellor to King Henry I, died 1131.

[HOMM361] Robert de Bayeux (son of John)  is dealt with next under HOMMET.


[HOMM361] Robert de Bayeux aka Robert de la Riviere (born c.1080, son of [ODOB351] John de Bayeux, see BAYEUX above), married [HOMT362] --- du Hommet (daughter of Guillaume du Hommet, Constable of Normandy). Robert thereby became Constable of Normandy.

[HOMM371] Richard du Hommet (born in Le Hommet, c.1110), hereditary Constable of Normandy, married [SAY4372] Agnes de Beaumont (daughter of Jordan, see SAYE OF AUNAY above). He died 20th February 1181.

[HOMM381] William du Hommet, hereditary Constable of Normandy, married [HAYE443] Lucy de la Haye (daughter of Richard de la Haye, see DE LA HAYE). He died 1213.

[HOMM392] Agnes (daughter of William) married 1. [WAKE461] Baldwin Wake (see WAKE), died 1198; then 2. Ralph de Vernay.

[HOMM393] Agatha (daughter of William) married 1. [FOUG381] William de Fougeres (see FOUGERES), died 1187; then 2. Fulk II Paynel.