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in Westmorland

The first two generations described assume that James Shepherd (of Middleton) is the son of John Shepherd (possibly of Sedbergh) which is by no means certain.

[SHEP621] William Shipperd. He had at least five children as follows:

William Shepherd died at Dowbiggin (buried at Sedbergh, 19th March 1718/9). Elizabeth, relict of William, was buried at Sedbergh (10th April 1728).

[SHEP631] John Shepherd (born 1683). He had an illegitimate child by Alice Fawcett (daughter of William, born at Brig End, baptised at Kendal, 24th August 1684) as follows:

Afterwards Alice possibly married (at Sedbergh, 26th January 1716/7) John Baxter, "both of this parish". Also, afterwards John possibly married 1. (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 27th May 1716) Elizabeth Johnson, both of Kirkby Lonsdale. [There was an Elizabeth Johnson, born at Leasgill, baptised at Heversham, 28th January 1695/6, daughter of William Johnson.]

 It is possible John and Elizabeth had at least one child as follows:

It is possible Elizabeth died, and afterwards John married 2. Ann ---.

Alternatively John Shephard, of Highgate, married (at Kendal, 1st February 1712 IGI) Ann Birket, of Sedbrige [possibly intended as Sedbergh].

John and Ann probably had seven children as follows:

It is possible John died at Sedbergh (buried there 16th August 1740).

[SHEP642] James Shepherd (born 1727) married (at Middleton, 29th May 1757) Jane Baylie (born 1733, see BAYLIE), both of Middleton, witnessed by John Bayliffe (Jane's brother). They had four children as follows:

James' wife Jane apparently died around 1764, and afterwards:

James Shepherd of Killington, "batchelor", and [SEDG642] Margaret Sedgwick of Old Hutton were married by licence 26th September 1768, witnessed by Thomas Richardson [James' bondsman} and Mark Burn [parish clerk].

The marriage licence, written just prior to the ceremony, recorded that:

James Shepherd of Killington in the Parish of Kirkby Lonsdale in the County of Westmorland, yeoman, and Thomas Richardson of Hall Beck in Killington, husbandman, were bonded in two hundred Pounds. The licence declared that on 28th Day of September 1768 James Shepherd aged 40 Years and upward intended to marry with Margaret Sedgwick aged 21 years of Brunthwaite in Old Hutton in the Parish of Kendal. The licence was signed by James Shepherd and Thomas Richardson in the presence of Thomas Symonds [Vicar of Kirkby Kendal] and Mark Burn [parish clerk].

The parents of Margaret Sedgwick have not been traced, but it may be relevant that at the Window Tax at nearby Middleton (1777) there were, separately, "Thos. Sedgwick" and "widw. Sedgwick", whilst at Mansergh (where James had lived in 1764) at the same tax "Mr. Sedgwick" was assessed with nine windows.

James Shepherd and Margaret had five children, baptised at Killington as follows:

Jas. Shepherd (and Thos. Richardson also) appears in the Window Tax at Killington (1777). James died at Killington (buried there 20th July 1789).

[SHEP651] John Shepherd (born 1773), of Middleton, married (at Dent, 14th November 1796) [BOTH652] Isabel Booth (born 1776, see BOOTH), witnessed by John Bayliff and John Couthwaite (Mary's brother). They had nine children, the first born at Sedbergh, the remainder at Middleton. All were baptised at Middleton as follows:

At the 1841 Census John and Isabel were at Tod Walls, Middleton. Isabel died between 1841 and 1851. At the 1851 Census John was at Middleton, living with his youngest son William and family. Later John went to Hutton Roof to live with his married daughter Jane Hodgson. John (an agricultural labourer) died (age 88, of “old age”) at Hutton Roof (11th December 1860), and his body was taken back to Middleton for burial (15th December 1860).

[SHEP661] John Shepherd (born 1812) married (at Kendal, 12th November 1832) [GRNT662] Elizabeth Garnett (born 1809, see GARNETT), witnessed by Margaret Dunn and Thomas Garnett (Elizabeth's brother).



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Their first child was born and baptised at Kendal as follows:

Meanwhile Elizabeth's brother, John Garnett, had moved to Stanningley (1828), and this branch of the Shepherd family followed (c.1835, see SHEPHERD in Stanningley for subsequent history).


John Shepherd = Isabel Booth
1841 Census  1161/12-9  Kirkby Lonsdale (WES), Middleton, Tod Walls
John     SHEPHERD     60 ag lab Y
Isabella SHEPHERD     60 ag lab Y
1851 Census  2441-444  Kirkby Lonsdale, Middleton, Millhouse
William  Shepherd H M 30 farm lab    Middleton
         and family  plus
John     SHEPHERD F W 78 farm lab    Killington