in Stanningley

For earlier history of this family see SHEPHERD in Westmorland

The Shepherd family moved from Westmorland to Yorkshire (c.1835), following the Garnett family which had moved a little earlier (see GARNETT in Westmorland for earlier histories).

[SHEP661] John Shepherd (born 1812) married (at Kendal, 12th November 1832) [GRNT662] Elizabeth Garnett (born 1809, see GARNETT), witnessed by Margaret Dunn and Thomas Garnett (Elizabeth's brother). Their first child was born at Kendal after which they went to live at Stanningley, where John was mainly a night watchman. They had nine children as follows:

Their addresses whilst at Stanningley (all in the parish of Pudsey, St. Paul), were Richardshaw, Barneís Croft and Barne's Close. Elizabeth died (age 65, of chronic Brightís disease and dropsy) at Barne's Close (19th June 1875, buried at St. Thomas, 21st June 1875), and John died (age 75, of senile gangrene of the foot) at Barne's Close also (12th May 1886, buried at St. Thomas, 15th May 1886).

[SHEP671] John Shepherd (born 1838), a farmer, married (at Calverley, February 1859) [WODD672] Martha Ann Elizabeth Wood (born 1839, see WOOD), of Pudsey, both age 20, witnessed by Nancy Firth and James Wood (Martha Ann Elizabeth's uncle).



Calverley Church
(26 July 2008)

They had five children as follows:

They lived variously at Richardshaw (Stanningley in Pudsey), Fleece Street (Keighley), and Primrose Hill (Stanningley in Pudsey). John (a carter) died (age 36, of pneumonia) at Primrose Hill (14th March 1873, buried at St. Thomas, 18th March 1873). Afterwards, Martha Ann Elizabeth married 2. (at Calverley, 14th August 1876) Joseph Robinson (born 1841). Martha Ann Elizabeth died (age 72, of pneumonia and heart failure) at Primrose Hill (5th April 1910, buried at Pudsey Cemetery, 9th April 1910), being survived by Joseph.

[SHEP681] James Shepherd (born 1868), a boot riveter, married (at Calverley, 4th February 1888) [SMTH682] Mary Ann Smith (born 1869, see SMITH), a weaver, both age 20, witnessed by Janey Humphries and John William Shepherd (James' brother).



Mary Ann about 1888

They had five children born at Stanningley in Bramley and baptised at St. Thomas as follows:

young Florence






Also see later.

The family lived at Stanningley (in Leeds), variously at Church Hill Street, Coniston Mount, Church Hill Terrace/Street/Mount, Bright Street and Half Mile Lane.

James was originally a boot riveter at Scales & Sons, Grove Works, in Cemetery Road, Pudsey. In early 1901 he lost his job there after Scalesí former partners Salter & Salter opened their own factory at Pudsey in opposition. From February to November 1901 the family lived at Edmund Street, East Crompton, Lancashire, where he was a boot & shoe repairer, then returning to Stanningley. James became a labourer at various local foundries, and at the 1911 Census he said he was a yard-man at an iron foundry. He worked at various foundries, the last being Croft & Perkins until a strike in 1919 threw him out of work again. He then bought a little shoe repairing business, working at a small shop at Sunfield, Stanningley. James died (age 71, of paralysis) at St Jamesís Hospital, Leeds, (16th April 1940, buried at St. Thomas, 20th April 1940). Mary Ann died (age 90, of cerebral thrombosis) at St. Jamesís Hospital, Leeds, also (28th November 1959, buried at St. Thomas, 1st December 1959).

The headstone on their grave at Stanningley, St Thomas, reads:




DIED APRIL 16TH 1940, AGED 71.



DIED NOV. 28TH 1959, AGED 90.

 James and Mary Ann
(April 1985)


same view
photo taken 23 years later

(9 October 2008)


[SHEP692] Florence Shepherd (born 1899, daughter of James) married (at Stanningley, St. Thomas, 2nd February 1929) [LEEE691] Alfred Lee (born 1904, see LEE).


John Shepherd = Elizabeth Garnett
1841 Census  1298/13-11  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
John       SHEPHERD        30 watchman N
Elizabeth  SHEPHERD        30          N
Bella      Shepherd         5          N
John       Shepherd         3          Y
Margaret   Shepherd         9m         Y
Bella      Darwin          60          N
Ann        Garnett         10          N
1851 Census  2313-522  Stanningley (Pudsey), Richardshaw
John       SHEPHERD   H  M 40 night watch               Middleton WES
Elizabeth  SHEPHERD   W  M 41                           Kendal WES
Bella      Shepherd   D  U 18 p.l.w wstd                Kendal
John       Shepherd   S  - 12 woolcomber                Stanningley
Richard    Shepherd   S  -  8 scholar                   Stanningley
Ann        Shepherd   D  -  5 scholar                   Stanningley
William    Shepherd   S  -  4 scholar                   Stanningley
Eliza      Shepherd   D  - 10m                          Stanningley
Ann        Garnitt    Lr U 24 p.l.w wstd                Kendal
1861 Census  3485-985  Stanningley (Pudsey), Barnes Croft
John       SHEPHERD   H  M 50 night watchman            Kendal WES
Elizabeth  SHEPHERD   W  M 51                           Kendal
Richard    Shepherd   S  U 18 wstd overlooker           Stanningley
Ann        Shepherd   D  - 15 w.c.spinner               Stanningley
William    Shepherd   S  - 13 w.c.spinner               Stanningley
James      Shepherd   S  -  8 scholar                   Stanningley
1871 Census  4509-93  Stanningley (Pudsey), Isaac Barne's Croft
John       SHEPHERD   H  M 60 night watchman            Middleton WES
Elizabeth  SHEPHERD   W  M 62                           Kendall WES
James      Shepherd   S  U 18 farm servant              Pudsey
John       Sunderland Lr - 14 w.c.spinner               East Ardsley
Ann        Sunderland Lr - 12 w.c.spinner               East Ardsley
Emily      Sunderland Lr -  5 scholar                   Bradford
1881 Census  4484-129  Stanningley (Pudsey), 37 Barne's Croft
John       SHEPHERD   H  W 70 watchman wstd mill unempl Middleton WES
John Shepherd = Martha Ann Elizabeth Wood
1861 Census  3348-90  Stanningley (Pudsey), Rickardshaw
John       SHEPHERD H M 22 carter                    Stanningley
Ann        SHEPHERD W M 21 wstd spinner              Stanningley
John W     Shepherd S -  1                           Stanningley
1871 Census  4509-54  Stanningley (Pudsey), Primrose Hill
John       SHEPHERD H M 33 lab                       Pudsey
Ann        SHEPHERD W M 32                           Pudsey
John W     Shepherd S - 11 mill operator             Pudsey
Richard    Shepherd S -  9 mill operator             Pudsey
Elizabeth  Shepherd D -  4                           Pudsey !
James      Shepherd S -  2                           Pudsey
Joseph Robinson = Martha Ann Elizabeth Shepherd nee Wood
1881 Census  4484-89  Stanningley (Pudsey), Primrose Hill
Joseph     ROBINSON H  M 38 plasterer's lab          Leeds
M A E      ROBINSON W  M 43 reeler                   Pudsey
J W        Robinson S  U 22 boot riveter             Pudsey
R          Robinson S  U 19 lab  iron works          Pudsey
E          Robinson D  - 15 wstd wvr                 Keighley
J          Robinson S  - 13 wstd spinner             Pudsey
1891 Census  3658-16  Stanningley (Pudsey), 28 Primrose Hill
Joseph     ROBINSON H  M 43 plasterers lab           Leeds
Ann        ROBINSON W  M 52 wstd spinner             Pudsey
1901 Census  4188-114  Stanningley (Pudsey), 42 Primrose Hill
Joseph     ROBINSON H  M 54 mason's labourer         Leeds
Martha A E ROBINSON W  M 64 cotton reeler            Stanningley
1911 Census             Pudsey, Lowtown, Town End
Squire     Ward     H  M 68 land digger              Stanningley
Joseph     ROBINSON Lr W 68 plasterer                Leeds
James Shepherd = Mary Ann Smith
1891 Census  3674-148  Stanningley (Bramley), 7 Churchill Street
James      SHEPHERD H M 22 boot rivetter             Calverley
Mary A     SHEPHERD W M 22 woollen weaver            Caldecott RUT
1901 Census  3829-94  Crompton (LAN), Crompton East, 6 Edmund Street
James      SHEPHERD H M 32 boots & shoes repairer    Stanningley YKS
Mary Ann   SHEPHERD W M 32                           Caldecott RUT
Leonard    Shepherd S -  9                           Stanningley
Percy      Shepherd S -  7                           Stanningley
Harold     Shepherd S -  3                           Stanningley
Florence   Shepherd D -  1                           Stanningley
1911 Census       Leeds, Stanningley, 8 Churchill Street
James      SHEPHERD H M 42 yard man iron foundry     Stanningley
Mary Ann   SHEPHERD W M 42                           Caldecott RUT
Herbert    Shepherd S S  4m                          Stanningley [this child died in 1890!]
Leonard    Shepherd S S 19 air driller               Stanningley
Percy      Shepherd S S 17 cloth finisher            Stanningley
Harold     Shepherd S S 13 worsted doffer            Stanningley
Florence   Shepherd D S 11 school                    Stanningley

Schools attended by James Shepherd:
Primitive Methodist                   -      1880
Stanningley Mixed           23/1/1880 - 13/2/1880