in Stanningley

For earlier history of this family see SMITH in Rutland

[SMTH671] Thomas Smith (born 1839), a labourer, married (at Pilton, 23rd July 1868) [STUB672] Eliza Stubbs (born 1838, see STUBBS), witnessed by John Harris (Eliza's half-brother) and Mary Jane Harris (John's wife).

Eliza was the illegitimate daughter of Mary Stubbs, born in 1838 at (is believed) Oakham. Her mother married George Harris in 1839 but then died in 1841. George almost immediately married again, so that (from the age of 2) Eliza was reared by her step-father and his 2nd wife. At the 1841 Census she was shown as “not born in Northants”, suggesting she was born in Rutland. At the 1851 census George showed his step-daughter Eliza as born at Oakham, Rutland. This information is presumed to have been correct, though it is likely that Eliza herself was never told this. At the 1861 census she was a servant with a family at Seaton, and she said she was born at Harringworth (which would have been the only place she knew from her childhood). In all the later 1871 to 1901 Censuses, she stated she was born at Harringworth. However in the 1911 Census, she stated she was born at Barrowden (see footnotes below).

Eliza in her turn had an illegitimate child before she married, the father of whom was George Goodman, an agricultural labourer of Rockingham who never subsequently married. The child, whilst registered as George Goodman Stubbs, was always referred to as George Smith.

At the 1911 Census it was recorded that Thomas & Eliza had had eight children, of whom 2 had died. The six who had survived, plus Eliza's earlier child were as follows:

There is no way of knowing who the two children were who died young, but possibly twins in 1876.

The family moved from Caldecott to Farnley (c.1872-73), then on to Stanningley in Bramley (1891). Thomas was variously farm labourer and iron foundry labourer.

Eliza died (age 74, of senility, though it is believed she choked while eating dinner on Christmas Day) at Stanningley (25th December 1912, buried at St. Thomas, 28th December 1912).

Funeral card for Eliza


Thomas died (age 76, of bronchitis and heart disease) at Armley Workhouse (5th April 1915, buried at St. Thomas, 7th April 1915).

[SMTH682] Mary Ann Smith (born 1869, daughter of Thomas) married (at Calverley, 4th February 1888) [SHEP681] James Shepherd (born 1868, see SHEPHERD).


Thomas Smith = Eliza Stubbs
1881 Census  4506-118  Farnley, Upper Moor Side
Thomas      SMITH H M 40 boiler maker (steam) Calcott RUT
Eliza       SMITH W M 39                      Harringworth NTH
Mary Ann    Smith D - 12                      Calcott
John Thomas Smith S -  9                      Calcott
Louisa      Smith D -  7                      Farnley
Frederick   Smith S -  2                      Farnley
Sarah E.    Smith D -  5m                     Farnley
1891 Census  3674-148  Stanningley (Bramley), 6 Churchill Street
Thomas      SMITH H M 52 iron riveters lab    Caldecott RUT
Eliza       SMITH W M 50                      Harringworth NTH
John T      Smith S S 19 iron markers app     New Farnley
Louisa      Smith D - 17 wstd twister         New Farnley
Frederick   Smith S - 11 wstd spinner         New Farnley
Sarah E     Smith D - 10 scholar              New Farnley
James       Smith S -  3 scholar              New Farnley
1901 Census  4206-10  Stanningley (Bramley), 6 Church Hill Street
Thomas      SMITH H M 59 farm labourer        Caldecott RUT
Eliza       SMITH W M 58                      Harringworth NTH
Louisa      Smith D S 22 weaver woollen       Farnley
Fred        Smith S S 22 soldier K.R.R.       Farnley
Sarah       Smith D S 20 woollen weaver       Farnley
James       Smith S S 18 labourer in foundry  Farnley
1911 Census          Stanningley, 6 Church Hill Street
Thomas      SMITH H M 72 old age pensioner    Caldecott RUT 
Eliza       SMITH W M 73                      Barrowden RUT  **
Fred        Smith S S 32                      Farnley
James       Smith S S 28                      Farnley

** Being an old age pensioner, did she have to provide a Birth Certificate?
If so, she almost certainly obtained the Birth Certificate for her first-cousin Eliza Stubbs :-

Eliza (daughter of Isaac/Ann) born 3/12/38 Barrowden; buried there 12/7/40 (age 1y6m)

This could also explain her age adjustment by the time of the 1911 census, to agree with a birth around 1838. Unfortunately, it was the wrong Eliza's birth certificate.