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[SOME421] Fulk de Somery (born c.1060).

[SOME431] Ralph de Somery (born c.1100).

[SOME441] John de Somery (born c.1125) married (c.1150) [PAYN372] Hawise (see PAYNEL). John died 1195, and afterwards Hawise married 2. Roger de Berkeley. Hawise died 1209.

[SOME451] Sir Ralph (born c.1151), Lord of Dudley (Worcs) & Dinas Powys [=city of Powys] (Glam), married (c.1181) [MARS372] Margaret FitzGilbert (born c.1160, see PEMBROKE (MARSHAL) EARLDOM). Ralph died at Dinas Powys (29th September 1210), and afterwards Margaret married 2. Maurice de Gant. Margaret died c.1242.

[SOME482] Joan (daughter of Sir Ralph) married (c.1217) [HARD461] Lord Thomas (see BERKELEY BARONY).

[SOME481] Roger (born c.1190, son of Sir Ralph), Lord of Dudley & Dinas Powys, married (c.1225) 1. [ARUN393] Nichole (born c.1210, see ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM), died 1240; then 2. (c.1254) Amabilia de Chaucombe (widow, and daughter & coheir of Robert de Chaucombe). Roger died at Dudley Castle (26th August 1273).

  Dudley Castle
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[SOME492] Margaret (born c.1229, daughter of Roger & Nichole) married 1. Ralph de Cromwell II; then 2. [BASS491] Lord Ralph (see DRAYTON BARONY).

[SOME493] Joan (born 1232, daughter of Roger & Nichole) married 1. Ebulo de Montibus, Lord of Kitton; then 2, [TABL491] Roger d' Eiville (see TABLEY); then 3. John le Strange IV.

[SOME491] Roger de Somery III (born June 1258, son of Roger & Amabilia) married Agnes

[SOME502] Margery de Somery (born c.1286, daughter of Roger III) married [SUTX501] Sir John de Sutton (born 1310, see SUTTON-2).

[SOME503] Joane de Somery (born 1292), Lady of Honesworth, married [BOTE414] Thomas de Botetourt (see BOTETOURT BARONY).