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[STEW461] Walter FitzAlan (3rd son of [ARU2431] Alan FitzFlaad, see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM), befriended King David I of Scotland, and became 1st High Steward of Scotland (1150-77). He married Eschyna de Molle of Loudon (widow of Robert Croc, heiress of Uchtred of Molla & Huntlaw, and daughter of Thomas de Loudon & --- de Molle, daughter of Uchtred  de Molle, son of Liulf de Molle). [See also LOUDOUN.] He died 1177 and was buried at Paisley Monastery.

  Paisley Monastery
(8 May 2004)

Afterwards Eschyna married 3. Henry of Molle.

[STEW479] Alan FitzWalter (born 1140, son of Walter, but by unknown mother), 2nd High Steward of Scotland (1177-1204), married 1. Eve Swyensdottir (daughter of Sweyn Thorrson, Lord of Crawford, son of Thorlungus Sweynsson of Crawford, son of Sweyn of Northumbria, son of Leofwine of Northumbria); then 2. [MARR452] Alesta (daughter of Earl Morggan, see MAR EARLDOM). He died 1204.

[STEW482] Avelina FitzWalter Stewart (born c.1171, daughter of Alan FitzWalter & Eve) married [CARR451] Earl Duncan of Carrick (born c.1162, see CARRICK EARLDOM).

[STEW481] Walter II Stewart (eldest son of Alan & Alesta), 3rd High Steward of Scotland (1204-46), Justiciar of Scotland (1230), married [ANGS482] Bethoc [Beatrix] of Angus (born 1184, daughter of Earl Gille Brigte, see ANGUS EARLDOM).

[MENH481] Walter bailloch [=freckled] (born 1225, younger son of Walter II), became Earl of Menteith (1260), and is dealt with under MENTEITH EARLDOM.

[STEW491] Alexander Stewart (born 1214, eldest son of Walter), 4th High Steward of Scotland (1241), joint Regent of Scotland during the minority of King Alexander III, married (c.1243) [BUTE492] Jean MacRory (daughter of Lord MacRory, see BUTE LORDSHIP). Regent of Scotland (1255). He fought at the Battle of Largs (1263), in command of the right wing. He died 1283.

[STEW502] Alice (daughter of Alexander), married [CRAW481] Sir Alexander (see LINDSAY).

[STEW503] Beatrice (daughter of Alexander), married 1. Walter Lindsay; then 2. Alexander Lindsay; then 3. (1290 [ERSK481] William Erskine (see ERSKINE).

[STEW504] Hawise (daughter of Alexander) married [SOUL501] John de Soules (see SOULES).

[STEW501] John Stewart (son of Alexander), married (c.1278) [BONK502] Margaret Bonkyl (daughter & heiress of Sir Alexander Bonkyl, see BONKYL), and became Lord of Bonkyl (Berwickshire) in the right of his wife, and proprietor of Bonkyl Kirk and nearby Castle (see BONKYL for illustrations). Sir John commanded the Scots bowmen at the Battle of Falkirk (22nd July 1298) and was an early casualty.



Water fountain at Falkirk
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the Battle


Sir John's grave in Falkirk Old & St. Modan's kirk-yard has a stone plaque commemorating this event.



Falkirk Parish Church
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Plaque with
Sir John's gravestone



Sir John Stewart gravestone
(7 July 2014)

SIR JOHN STEWART wording on gravestone

The wording on the stone reads:

 Here Lies Scottish HERO SIR JOHN STEWART who was Killed at the Battle of Falkirk 22 July 1298

Afterwards Margaret married 2. (c.1299) Sir David de Brechin.

[STEW512] Isabel (only daughter of John) married Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray (died 20 July 1332).  Earl Thomas and Sir James Douglas fought at the Battle of Myton-on-Swale (12 October 1319), a diversionary tactic ordered by Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) to draw away the besiegers from the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. The resulting massacre of the English, possibly a couple of thousand, split the besieging camp as the English Northerners decided to go back south to defend their homes. The besiege was called off.

[STEW511] Sir Alexander Stewart, Lord of Bonkyl, married Jean FitzJames (born c.1270). He died 1319.

[STEW521] John Stewart, of Bonkyl, married (1328) [NETH522] Margaret (daughter & heiress of Sir Alexander, see ABERNETHY LORDSHIP), became Lord of Abernethy (1328) and 1st Earl of Angus (1329). He was knighted (November 1331), but died two weeks later (9th December 1331).

[STEW531] Thomas Stewart (born c.1331, son of John), 2nd Earl of Angus, married (1353) [SINC502] Margaret Sinclair (daughter of Baron William, see ROSSLYN BARONY). He died 1361.

[STEW542] Margaret Stewart (eldest daughter of Thomas), Countess of Angus, married [MARR501] Earl Thomas of Mar (see MAR EARLDOM, and thereby became also Countess of Mar); but had an illicit relationship with [DOUG501] Earl William (see DOUGLAS EARLDOM). She resigned the earldom (1389), and died 1417-18.